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By Atom Bergstrom

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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Warning to the West, 1975, 1976) wrote …

“This alliance [between our Communist leaders and your capitalists] is not new. The very famous Armand Hammer [1898-1990], who flourishes here today, laid the basis for this when he made the first exploratory trip to the Soviet Union in Lenin’s time, in the very first years of the Revolution. He was extremely successful in this reconnaissance mission and ever since then, for all these fifty years, we see continuous and steady support by the businessmen of the West for the Soviet Communist leaders. The clumsy and awkward Soviet economy, which could never cope with its difficulties on its own, is continually getting material and technological assistance. The major construction projects in the initial five-year plan were built exclusively with American technology and materials. Even [Joseph] Stalin [1878-1953]  recognized that two thirds of what was needed was obtained from the West. And if today the Soviet Union has powerful military and police forces — in a country which is poor by contemporary standards — forces which are used to crush our movement for freedom in the Soviet Union — we have Western capital to thank for this as well.”

According to the same source …

“This is something which is almost incomprehensible to the human mind: a burning greed for profit that goes beyond all reason, all self-control, all conscience, only to get money.

“I must say that [Vladimir] Lenin [1870-1924] predicted this whole process. Lenin, who spent most of his life in the West and not in Russia, who knew the West much better than Russia, always wrote and said that the Western capitalists would do anything to strengthen the economy of the U.S.S.R. They will compete with each other to sell us cheaper goods and sell them quicker, so that the Soviets will buy from one rather than from the other. He said: They will bring us everything themselves without thinking about their future. And, in a different moment, at a party meeting in Moscow, he said: ‘Comrades, don’t panic, when things get very tough for us, we will give the bourgeoisie a rope, and the bourgeoisie will hang itself.'”

“Then Karl Radek, who was a very resourceful wit, said: ‘Vladimir Ilyich, but where are we going to get enough rope to hang the whole bourgeoisie?’

“Lenin effortlessly replied: ‘They will sell it to us themselves.'”


According to Wikipedia …

“In 2021, allegations against [Armie] Hammer [Armand Hammer’s great-grandson] on sexual abuse and cannibalistic fetishism emerged, which included physical harm, nonconsensual BDSM, and emotional abuse. Following the allegations, he dropped out of his various future roles and was dropped by his acting agency and publicist.”


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