Carolyn Bormann, N.D.,C.M.H.T.


Topics for discussion: Molecular Hydrogen Therapy, Cancer, Energy Medicine; Enzymes & Enzyme Therapy, Immune Therapy, Chronic Infections,  and a new type of Stem Cell Therapy which uses your own blood and when injected, activates with lasers to repair or regenerate tissues.


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Show Highlights


 – We get into the details on Molecular Hydrogen Therapy with Dr. Borman
– The particle size of glutathoine is important to understand
– Circulation and Cryogenic Therapy and Heat Therapy
– Cardiologist and Heart Association lowers the numbers for what they consider high blood pressure
– Prolotherapy and Neurotherapy
– The role of K2-MK7 in the body and calcium absorption in the right places
Dr. Ben Johnson his work he takes on the road healing Cancer
– Benefits of using TMG with Sulfur
– Vitamin C drops low and slow for up to 24 hours in her work in Mexico
– Shark and Human Stem cells


Carolyn’s Website


Carolyn is a California Native. She and her husband Paul are long time residents of the Lake Arrowhead resort area in the beautiful Mountains of Southern California.
She is a Wholistic practitioner and traditional Naturopath and has worked in Medicine and allied health fields over 40 years. She specializing in Medical Hyperthermia for Cancer and Chronic Infections; BioOxidative Medicine (ozone,
hyperbaric oxygen, etc.); Enzyme Therapy, Nutrition, Hormone Balancing. She has been an educator and trainer and Co-developer of the Micro-Kinesiology™ method for Bio-Field information analysis and manipulation for discovery and
self healing.
In addition to having her own company Arrowhead Heaithworks, she is also the US Director/Coordinator
for Europa Institute of Integrated Medicine, a holistic medical clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico since 1989


Carolyn Borman with cool ideas on healing here and in Mexico. November 16, 2017

'Carolyn Borman – Hydrogen – 24 Hour Vitamin C Drips and Much More – November 16, 2017' have 3 comments

  1. November 18, 2017 @ 11:01 am Matt Grantham

    Your guest mentioned the Hydrogen Research Institute being on the west coast but I can only find something in Quebec Canada with that name Any help appreciated


  2. November 22, 2017 @ 5:28 pm Oriana

    Patrick, how were you able to order thyroid-S from Amazon in Canada? When I try it says they won’t ship to the U.S. Is there a trick?


  3. December 9, 2017 @ 11:01 am Matt Grantham

    Here is the link to the K2 supplement she recommended


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