Cesare Sacchetti

Italygate: The connection of Italy, the Vatican, NATO and hacking the election computers

Cesare Sacchetti is an Italian journalist who has written for several national Italian newspapers, such as Libero Quotidiano and Il Fatto Quotidiano. His main topics of interest are globalism, the EU, economics, and geopolitics. His blog is The Eye of the Needle (lacrunadellago.net).   Most recently, he has been writing about US politics and how Trump was, and he still is in my opinion, a major obstacle for the NWO’S agenda. The thrust of his investigations is to understand what are the real forces behind general politics, which to him are the globalist and antichristian lobbies.

Investigative journalist Cesare Sacchetti in Rome, Italy, reveals the details behind the international hacking operation against the U.S. election. Hundreds of thousands of votes were switched from Trump to Biden.

Mr. Sacchetti’s focus is globalism, geopolitics, and economics. Most recently, his blog (The Eye of the Needle) is concerned about U.S. politics, and how Trump is the obstacle to the New World Order’s agenda.

Was the Italian Deep State and Leonardo involved in SpyGate in 2016 as well as in ItalyGate in 2020?

Leonardo is a multinational corporation specializing in aerospace, defense, and security, headquartered in Rome.

How was China involved? How was the U.S. Embassy in Italy involved?

How did Leonardo’s satellites affect Dominion voting machines?

Why the Italian connection? Why not keep the voter fraud local?

Was the Vatican involved? Is there any hard evidence either way?

Was Obama involved? What happened during his visit to the Vatican?

What are Obama’s ties to Matteo Renzi, the ex-Prime Minister of Italy (2014-2016).

Who is Barry Johnson? Is this ex-CIA agent a reliable source?

Documents show that Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807, according to Mr. Sacchetti.

Who is Maria Zack? What affidavits did she present to Trump?

Why did ItalyGate “just seem to fall off the radar?”

Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell spoke about the Italian connection, then seemed to drop it.

Part of the U.S. Military is happy with the Biden administration because he will create more wars, and the other part supports Trump, who did not wage any war.

What are Mr. Sacchetti’s thoughts about the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution? It’s paving the way to the World Order, consisting of the collapse of the world economy, shortages of food, creation of new currency, vaccine mandates, and the microchipping of the world population.

Patrick asks Mr. Sacchetti about digital currency. “With cash, we can spend our money the way WE want. With digital currency, we will spend our money the way THEY want.”

“It’s like a John Grisham novel on steroids.” comments Patrick.

The Vatican…Italygate…Dominion Servers….Election Fraud, something for everyone here with Italian investigative reporter, Cesare Sacchetti, February 3, 2021

'Cesare Sacchetti – Italygate, Election Hacking, the Great Reset; It’s Like A John Grisham Novel on Steroids – February 2, 2021' have 2 comments

  1. May 25, 2021 @ 4:06 pm Tim Shey

    Cesare Sacchetti is an excellent investigative journalist. This was a very informative interview. Keep up the great work.


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