Charlie Sewell

Uncovering the Hidden Stones of the Constitution

Fourth Amendment is the doorway to all the secured rights in the Bill of Rights.  Added 4 years after the Constitution because of its deficits.

Right of the people vs. right of the citizens. 

What is required for the government to come on your property?

Who can issue warrants?  Not just judges.

State’s Bill of Rights are more powerful than federal Bill of Rights.

Religious exemption is an inferior position to take on an employer.  You should instead ask what gives them the authority for their requirement.

Important ruling in June 2021: Green vs. Alachua by Judge Tanenbaum of Florida Appellate Court..  Supported rights of employee who refused to wear mask.  Explained the 4th Amendment.   [See].

Executive orders of governors (GA, TX, FL) have a severability clause. 

Biden’s executive order violated the 4th Amendment. explains how officials need to put up a bond to ensure constitutional performance of their duties.  Is the best opportunity we have for fighting the fraud.  Provides a remedy at the local level.

Double-crossing by officials.  If you have your foot on their throat, don’t let go.

Conditions imposed (masking, CRT, vax programs without parental knowledge) when school boards accept money.  Is a violation of 4th Amendment and creates a claim against their bond.

People at the top need to be put on notice.

It’s a violation of the 14th Amendment – Equal Protection under the Law – that Costco doesn’t allow unvaxxed to shop the whole store.

Trudeau’s Emergency Powers allows for arrest, seizure of trucks, and seizure of their bank accounts.  It could happen in the US if we don’t fight.

Where is the verified material evidence for Covid restrictions?   There is none, so restrictions violate the Bill of Rights and are a fraud.

Joe asks: Are hospital CEOs under oath and bond?  They must follow state and federal Bill of Rights and have no immunity.

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Look at court rulings that are constitutionally based on the 4th Amendment, Supremacy Clause, Equal Protection clauses 241 and 242.  Courts won’t argue politics.

Find your original declaration of rights for your state.

Does the Declaration of Independence assertion of the right to life, liberty, and happiness. 

Where are the rights of the people reserved?  In your state’s declaration of rights and the federal Bill of Rights.

Will Reiner Fullmich’s lawsuit have an impact?

What is corporate responsibility?   Affidavit to do no harm.

How can they sleep at night?  Fauci is the worst of the worst.

People are looking for something that works.  Staying uninvolved until then.

'Charlie Sewell – Uncovering the Hidden Stones of the Constitution – February 15, 2022' have 2 comments

  1. February 22, 2022 @ 7:06 am SeeBee

    THANK YOU for this guest, topic and conversation! It is probably one of the most important and influential, living (trying to survive) these times. THANK YOU! (Also, I have my work cut out for me….reading and understanding my state constitution/declaration of rights) BLESS YOU!!!!!! Everyone in the USA please listen, absorb and act.


  2. February 23, 2022 @ 8:47 pm John

    Great show! Thank you so much Charlie and Patrick


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