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By Atom Bergstrom

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Why does the modern Medical Police State revile Mesmerism?

Why is its documentation almost invisible to the average Joe and Jane?

Because Mesmerism works too well.

Why not practice self-Mesmerism and eliminate the middle man?


Isaac I. Keely (Keely’s Facts and Scientific Miracles, 1856) wrote …

“At Brownsville, Indiana, about 1846, I applied the practice on this principle [see previous blog], to a Mr. Witherson, who had been partially deaf for many years, and his hearing was instantly and completely restored. In a few weeks, I had treated other cases with equal success.

“I then advertised that I would cure deafness, and invited the proper subjects to my lectures. As I only staid [stayed] a few days at a time, in any place, I was not able to bring all that came to me, fully under the magnetic influence, I failed in some cases to do any permanent good. But I soon observed that I cured, by these operations, many troublesome and even dangerous affections, of the very existence of which I knew nothing. I therefore inferred that the treatment must be good for all forms of disease; and, within two or three years, I effected so many cures of the most unpromising cases, that I became fully confirmed in the belief, that all forms of disease arise from, or consist in, derangement of the nervous system; and, therefore, concluded that all could best be cured by equalizing the nervous action, which in my opinion can be done in many cases more promptly and effectually by magnetism, than by all other means known to man.

“These cures were so strange and new to the masses of society, that I deemed it necessary to establish the fact that they were certainly performed. To this end, I requested the crowds of persons in every place, who attended my lectures and asylums, to appoint committees to observe and test them, and report them accordingly. In every place in which I lectured afterward, such committees were formed, and they made favorable reports of my lectures and success, and of the principal cures effected.”

According to the same source …

“I would here, without the least reserve, and with the utmost confidence, recommend to the afflicted, by whatever form of disease, Prof. A. Curtis, M.D., of Cincinnati, Ohio, as fully competent to treat them, with Mental Electricity, according to my system of Mental Electricity.”


Isaac I. Keely trained anyone willing to learn, and Dr. Curtis was one of them.

I haven’t found any historical record of Dr. Curtis in cyberspace … yet.

Isaac I. Keely’s successful Mesmeric treatments were familiar to the well-known Dr. Charles Caldwell (1772-1853), who studied under Dr. Benjamin Rush and started what became the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

Mr. Keely’s Mesmeric successes are also featured in the British journal, The Zoist: A Journal of Cerebral Physiology & Mesmerism, and Their Applications to Human Welfare.

(To Be Continued)


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