Dave Murphy

Cosmology Truther and Lost History Expert

A physics approach to 911 woke Dave up, and his thinking cascaded from there.

What is in the consciousness of the world that we believe this stuff?  TV is hypnosis, designed to give us forced realities.

We produce bacteria and “viruses” ourselves as we decompose.  Vaccines have never worked. 

Is Ukraine a big lie too?  Is Putin one of the club?

Per book of Enoch, angels had sex with women and created human hybrids (Nephilim ) with characteristics of white skin, blue eyes, giantism, extra vertebrae.

In Ben Franklin’s 1751 essay, he observed the number of purely white people in the world was proportionately very small.

Lost History of Flat Earth 5 hour video – email Patrick for the links.

Our earth is only a part of a greater earth.  We’re a puddle in a greater lake.  Sun goes around a magnetic center and melts out a different puddle as it moves around.  New continents emerge from under the ice.  Discovering old cities submerged under ground.  

Chicago World’s Fair was a found city, dug out, supposedly built for the World’s Fair.  Baby incubator building found there where babies had vastly accelerated growth.  At same time, Orphan Trains transported 250,00 orphans NYC.  UK had thousands of orphans shipped around the world.  Russia had even more orphans being shipped around Russia and Europe.  All the orphans were white.  Went from very few white people in to millions everywhere.

Contrast with countries now in serious population decline.  E.g. Italy, Japan

750 orphanages in Ukraine.  Center of surrogate motherhood.  Center of child trafficking.

During WW2, Hitler had program of lebensraum.  Bred blonde, blue eyed, tall women and men to create Ubermensch.  Trying to get back to the pure Nephilim.

After WW2, Nazi scientists brought to US in Operation Paper Clip, also to Russia.  7000 Nazi scientists (prob. the eugenicists) taken to Ukraine.  “Neo-Nazis” are actual Nazis;  SS headquarters in Ukraine.

When Nephilim die, they’re stuck here, they can’t go anywhere.  Need bodies created to be hosts of the Nephilim.  Lebensraum was transferred to Ukraine.  Propagating idea that Ukrainian orphans need homes in the west.  Ireland, Canada taking unlimited numbers of these orphans.  Vaccinated population will die off in 3 years, and these orphans will be part of the surviving 500,000.  See Dave’s Bitchute and YouTube at DMurphy25 The Return of the Nephilim? – YouTube

Nephilim were giants.  Could only mix with humanity to propagate.  Archeological finds of huge doors, huge steps, giant skeletons. 

Noah’s flood was to get rid of everyone but Noah and his family.  Noah was the only pure one left with no Nephilim blood.  Noah’s ark found in the foothills of Mr. Ararat.  But Nephilim got in through Noah’s wife and sons.

Isaac had 2 twin boys, Esau and Jacob.  Nephilim bloodline was concentrated in Esau, the oldest son.  Isaac broke custom and gave the younger Jacob the blessing, birthright and inheritance of the earth.  Esau got a temporary blessing, the luxuries of the world, but would live by the sword.  Today’s 12 elite Illuminati bloodlines come from Esau.  They’re in control now, but their reign of the last 500 years is now ending.

Vaccines were designed to wipe out Jacob’s bloodline.

Second Esdras was taken out of the Old Testament.  Gave the whole story in chapter 7.  It’s been corrupted, hard to find genuine version.  Whole point of life is you are in a test against yourself.  Which part are you going to take, righteous or wicked part?  How are you going to play the game?   Doesn’t matter if you’ve been dealt a bad hand, it’s how you play the game.

Old testament says Moses had everything dictated to him.  Upon return from Babylon, all Israeli sacred writings had been lost.   Ezra has book of remembrance dictated to him.

This life is not it.  Our years here are not the important part.

Julie asks, how did they keep all this lost history from us, if it’s true?  The last 500 years they have been removing knowledge and overlaying their religions.  We’re being fed a version of reality.

How can religion be about love when the worst atrocities have been committed in the name of Christianity>

Ezra prophesied a 3 headed eagle (a bloodline).  We have Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman, German, American eagles.  The 3 heads are the 3 power centers, which are unique city-states: Vatican, London, and Washington D.C.  Each has an obelisk, same architecture.  Vatican is religious control,  London is financial, Washington  DC is military control.  They fight each other, but get together and fight opposition when necessary.

What is their goal?  Eliminate their twin brother who was promised the earth.  Putin is one actor, the “useful idiot”, a player, following orders.  Everything in history is theater.

What’s the point of promoting a spinning globe cosmology?  To remove the idea of personal sovereignity.  Promote accidental evolution, you’re a nothing, no creator needed, submit yourself to powerful people.  Started 500 years ago.  Early proponents of global idea were Freemasons, Jesuits.

Are the ice walls around Antarctica real?  Absolutely.  They’re protected by warships.  Boundaries of Antarctica are moving, it’s not a solid place. 

If there was a newly discovered continent, would they tell us?

Dave’s flat earth epiphany moment was when calculating curvature of earth, which is 8 inches per mile squared.  Shouldn’t have been able to see a lighthouse 12 miles away, but he could see even beyond it.

Charlie says – so we have no idea of how big the earth is?  Based on Captain Cook, it’s 20,000 miles across.

How high is the alleged firmament?  There is a nonphysical barrier around 75 miles out.  Seems to also be a nonphysical barrier very deep underwater.

NASA is biggest user of helium.  Balloons still attached to helium crashed in Africa.  Satellites attached to balloons in northern and southern jet streams – “sateloons”.

Pilots are coming out saying the earth is flat.

Why are they going to crash and burn?  Dave gives them just a few years more.  America will disappear in or around 2024 because the land will be inhabitable.  See Prophecy and Judgment video on his AllegedlyDave.com website.

On 8/1/2017, we had big sign in the sky, the Great American Solar Eclipse, which started in Salem, Oregon and hovered a few seconds longer in New Madrid, MO.  5 years another eclipse came from the east, a total lunar eclipse, which also hovered at New Madrid, MO.  New Madrid is connected to Yellowstone fault line. In 2018 Yellowstone volcano started waking up.  The middle head of Eagle (US)  will disappear without a fight.  Is DC.  Eclipses are a warning.  America will disappear under lava.  Will also see other amazing events before then.

Julia asks how high the sun and moon are, and are they solid?  Sun is 3,100 miles up.  Firmament is even higher up.

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  1. May 25, 2022 @ 6:11 pm walter

    Great investigating. The middle head of the eagle as he states is Washington but isn’t it the third head? Vatican being number one because everything starts as a thought and spirit. Then the finance being the city of London and then the force being Washington. He even list it off that way.
    And Washington was the last city created.


  2. May 28, 2022 @ 5:07 am Kate

    Wasn’t polio linked to spreading fertiliser and insect repellant?


  3. May 28, 2022 @ 1:58 pm Karen

    Dave’s flat earth epiphany moment was when calculating curvature of earth, which is 8 inches per mile squared. Shouldn’t have been able to see a lighthouse 12 miles away, but he could see even beyond it.

    Only the name Truther says it all and let the C-word before it go bc you have no clue what you are talking about! If you do not follow the Electric Universe people, that have made their own Sun in a lab, but yeah you are right and they are wrong…

    This has nothing to do with truth and this statement above is so simple to debunk. Just go to the sea where big ships are and then follow them and zoom in with a good camera and what will you see then truther my…? Right, ships ‘sink’ in the ocean= earth is round. point and period. People these days are so nutter and think they can research and calc all on their lazy a.. Go into the REAL world and do REAL research for the love of god what is wrong with people these days and then complaining all day how we are in this situation. Dumb & lazy I tell ya


    • May 30, 2022 @ 1:06 pm Taylor

      Good Day Karen,

      I don’t know that you will see or read this, but here is to hoping.

      First, I appreciate that you point to the electric universe and can only assume you are referring to the Thunderbolts Project or a similar such group. Their work, along with individuals like Ken Wheeler, has been monumental in providing observable, testable, measurable and repeatable examples of how the universe functions with electromagnetism as the “force” holding together that which has been long attributed to gravity. I like the concepts a lot and they make tremendous sense.

      One thing to consider within the electric universe is the testable negative charge of the Earth (anode) and the increasing positive charge we see within the atmosphere. In this model, it is incredibly plausible that if the Thunderbolts Project were to place a lid (the firmament) on their hypothesis, then they too would possess the necessary cathode for a fully functioning battery or electrical system.

      As for the perceived negativity towards Dave Murphy or the topic of “Flat Earth” cosmology, the globe necessitates a physical horizon due to the radius value of 3959 miles as established by mainstream science; this is how the 8” / miles squared formula is derived. While it eventually goes way off course, the measurements are incredibly accurate for the first +/- 1000 miles. The following 11 minute video is a well done example of why we see “ships disappear over the horizon.”


      I would contend that there is an optical horizon as opposed to one that is physical based on numerous observations like the one above.

      Finally, the topic of fluid statics is the primary sticking point for me when it comes to any universe that places us on an oblate spheroid. In nature, I have yet to observe the resource allegedly covering 70+ percent of the Earth’s surface, when at rest (fluid statics), possessing the ability to bend. From a drinking glass to the largest lakes, the surface of water finds level. Furthermore, in order for a body of water to collect, lateral tension / pressure is required in the form of a container.

      For example, if a bathtub were filled and a hole were to be punctured below the water level, then the contents would flow out until below the cavity. At this point, the water would again come to rest at its new level. This is demonstrable with any large body of water, but we are expected to believe that this physical principle of fluids somehow does not apply to the world’s oceans. I don’t know, but that seems a bit nutty from my perspective.

      I’m not here to debate or upset the ORN listening community, but do want to engage in thoughtfully considered processes before completely dismissing any concept as “dumb and lazy.”

      With Gratitude,


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