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David Wolfe (b. August 6, 1970) is an author, lecturer, and personality in the fields of natural health, beauty, and nutrition. Wolfe was among the first to bring superfoods such as raw and organic cacao (chocolate) beans/nibs, butter, and powder, goji berries, maca extract, and cold-pressed coconut oil into general distribution in North America. The author of bestselling North Atlantic titles on raw food and healthy lifestyles, Wolfe has given over 1,500 health lectures and seminars worldwide and hosts at least six health, fitness, and adventure retreats each year at various centers around the world. Wolfe is the son of two medical doctors, and holds degrees in law, mechanical and environmental engineering, and political science, as well as a master’s in living-food nutrition. In keeping with his commitment to a sustainable planet and lifestyle, Wolfe is the founder of the non-profit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, whose goal is to plant 18 billion fruit trees on planet Earth. David is a health coach to Hollywood producers and celebrities as well as some of the world’s leading business people and entrepreneurs. In 2004, Wolfe starred as “Avocado” in the reality television show Mad Mad House, which aired on the Science Fiction Channel, and since that time he has become an underground celebrity with inspired and informative clips on YouTube.


Show highlights:

3 Things people believe that aren’t true: 1) Scientism, 2) The minerals you ingest stay as the same mineral throughout your GI tract, 3) Beliefs

Terrain theory maximalists vs. germ theory maximalists.  How do David’s beliefs differ from Drs. Kaufman and Cowan?

Shedding is real, of both spike protein and graphene oxide.

It looks like Covid-19 doesn’t exist.

What is communism?  Has resonance with scientism, is materialistic.  Excludes spiritual, emotional, and the mind as influences.

It may get worse, but one day it will get better than we’ve ever seen.

Is secession in our future?

How did David Wolfe become a flat earther?

How can all map making be 5-10% off?  Nature of reality is part rational and part irrational.  It’s all here and interdimensional.

Are there 2 suns, with one behind the other?  The sun behind the sun is a real object, but the front son can’t be blocked, which makes it a hologram.

Spaced out program is to convince you what goes up doesn’t come down.  It’s an illusion.

Lucifer and Ahriman seek to destroy any ability of independent thought, using technology.  Back and forth swings between materialism and escapism.   How are they perfecting our soul?

Decentralized finance (defi) as a clue things are getting better.

Banksters are the problem; they take the interest we pay and use it to corrode the institutions of freedom. 

Can use crypto and pool them with other people in pancake swaps.   Decentralized crypto berserkers pool the money and lend it to us.  Opportunity for crypto lenders to earn very high interest and for us to take control back from the banksters.

Government wants its own setup. 

Amazon and Facebook are asking for seats at the UN.

1111Iceland.com is David’s film about hypersyncronicity.

How far will they push us?  Now is the time to make a move.

Stars are colonies of intelligences.

Emailer asks what David thinks of Crrow777.

Does David believe the sun is hydrogen?  Hydrogen is the ultimate levitational substance.

Are satellites just balloons?

Why does the body age?

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'David Wolfe – This Is By Far the Biggest Wake Up Call for Humanity – October 6, 2021' have 7 comments

  1. October 8, 2021 @ 1:49 pm Sarah



  2. October 9, 2021 @ 12:57 pm kevin

    How do David’s beliefs differ from Drs. Kaufman and Cowan? If he differs, he does not know what he is talking about.
    David listen to this one please and stop also with that fear-mongering with stuff you do not comprehend :


    Bastille Day Freedom Roundtable Hosted by Dean Braus with Dr. Andy, Dr. Tom Cowan, and Dr. Stefan Lanka.
    July, 14, 2021. (is also a part 4 out from last month= are both two gems)

    And sorry but FE we cannot follow anymore bc there are falling in the same trap whereby they think they are wake but they are still woke. Does anyone is still open & unbiased with proof of 100% or do we shut the door already? What is ego and what is wisdom?

    Here you go…
    proof from 11.00min and YES this is proof of 100% and there is more. Every FE that debates him lose 100%. Is not up for debate honestly and it to see for everyone that still wants to see…

    Just stick to superfoods David bc you are also up against Dr. Lanka and he has his own lab and he sees it with his own eyes just like Jim and is all to listen & to see for yourself…

    Good luck


    • October 10, 2021 @ 10:56 am Star

      Yes, so many are not open to the whole germ theory fraud, and choose to remain in the dark and peddle fear. The freedom talks are available for anyone who wants the knowledge.

      Have you explored the crater earth paradigm, may be of interest.
      godgevlamste channel



  3. October 14, 2021 @ 12:37 pm Brian

    I always enjoy hearing David Wolfe talk. I’m very much in agreement w/ how limiting our public school science curriculum is–to the point where it’s more “scientism” than “science.” I learned more about my body in a 10-day vipassana meditation retreat than I did as 2 years as an anatomy and physiology high school teacher!


  4. October 16, 2021 @ 1:28 pm Joseph

    Thank you for having David Wolfe share his thoughts with us. But David is not laughing wherad Patrick repeatedly is.. evidently the dream nature of these goings on has reached an extremity for which only humor can serve to relieve Patrick’s angst,.. yet the laughter seems misplaced and out of touch with what the guest is actually conveying, which come from the human point of view, it’s quite serious.

    But glad you capable of tears and heartbreak, would that betrays true compassion. Keep up the good empathy.


    • October 16, 2021 @ 1:45 pm patrick

      Well, I don’t have angst joseph. I live in my own reality so I worry not for what goes on “out there.” It just isn’t my reality.

      Come around more, especailly to our Friday shows and you can learn more about the nature of reality and how this all works. I, like you, am just s student here, but
      have been blessed with many out of body experiences…. where I’ve been shown how it works.
      And even though those not in my reality and doing stupid things to themselves… I know we are all connected and hence, yes, I do cry and have compassion for thier fear and misery they are going through.

      So, it works both ways Joseph. We are seperate and create what we want and at the same time we are connected… All Souls everywhere.


  5. November 21, 2021 @ 11:33 am Tom

    Great talk. Like usual David Wolfe has valuable insights and inspiring energy.


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