Washington DC is the most ruthless, powerful city-state on earth. Our servants are worse thancriminal; Washington DC is criminogenic…our lawless federal servants teach our state, county and city servants to be equally corrupt.Since Woodrow Wilson, eight of the 10 planks of Marx’s Communist Manifesto have been DC policy. American communism is failing in the big cities and on the farm — just as it is in every nation in Europe. And productive America feels powerless to do anything but complain.AmericaAgain! allows the repentant remnant — only half of 1% of the population is sufficient — to finally use Tactical Civics™ in a new chapter of American history. DonaldTrump is the perfect partner for this exciting new way of life; a bold outsider who can make our historic mission bear fruit. To see our immediate ACTION PLAN, click here.We The People are the only legal authority over the Constitution. The three federal branches are our creation under the Constitution. We will now arrest DC organized crime as this website explains. Explore the site, take courage, and JOIN US.