Doggy Door Fable

By Atom Bergstrom

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According to Medical Nemesis (Medically Disabling Professionalism Inc.), the water inside a cell is exactly the same as the water outside the cell.

“A water molecule is a water molecule is a water molecule,” saith the Assassins in White.

Water is a bathing medium, according to these gangsters.

Akin to Ivan Illich, I have no quarrel with medical doctors, only their COMMANDERS and COMMISSARS.


According to Gerald Pollack …

“If you do the arithmetic, more than 99 out of 100 molecules are water molecules, and it makes sense because the water molecule is so small and to amount to two-thirds of the volume of the cell, you need a lot of water molecules, so with 99 out of 100 it’s hard to envision that they do nothing except essentially bathe the more important molecules of life. It really stretches credibility.”


According to Gilbert LIng (1952) …

The “minimum energy needed for the postulated sodium pump is at least four times higher than, or 400% of the maximally available energy to the muscle cell, even if (1) the muscle spends all its energy on pumping sodium, and even if (2) all the essential energy conversion and utilization processes operate at 100% efficiency.”


That stated about an “already-bankrupt sodium pump,” OTHER pumps need to be considered …

calcium pump, magnesium pump, sodium/potassium-couple pump, choline pump, amino acids pump, D-xylose inward pump, D-xylose outward pump, noradrenaline pump, prostaglandins pump, curarine pump, copper pump, aminopterin pump, chlorine inward pump, chlorine outward pump, manganese pump, sugars pump, amino acids pump, tetracycline pump, etc.

What about new pharmaceutical drugs?

Mysteriously, according to Big Villainous Pharma, there’s a new doggy door for every new drug.


According to Gerald Pollack …

“One of my former students who is sort of working in that area told me that it was more like 2,000 pumps, so you got a problem, and it’s also a problem of real estate because where on earth are these pumps located? In the membrane? The membrane has only limited space, so you know you can’t fit more cars in the parking lot than there are spaces available.”


Location! Location! Location! Location is everything!

Don’t ya just love Medical Nemesis fairy tales?


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