Dorte Bredgaard, DDS

Author of Teeth Don’t Lie

Understanding the Emotions Behind Dental Diseases

Dorte Bredgaard is a former dentist. For 25 years she worked as a traditional dentist, but something changed her view on things. As she had a lot of questions that science couldn’t provide the answer for, she set out to find answers that would make sense. Dorte discovered that our whole body is massively influenced by our feelings and emotions – including our teeth. Teeth respond in a bad way to words not being spoken. If we bite our tongue instead of speaking up for ourselves, different diseases will occur.

In 2005, she began to research the connection between teeth, communication and diseases and in 2012 I released her first book called: “Can you bite back – without teeth?” (only available as an e-book.). In 2016, she wrote her second book and in 2017 this was translated into English. It’s available as an e-book as well as a paperback.

She worked as a holistic dentist for some years but in 2010  had an accident where her left hand was injured and she discontinued to practice. Since that time her focus has been entirely spiritual and thus finding causes instead of treating symptoms. Masking symptoms, you might call it, because if you listen to your teeth, they will guide you to a better life. They can only guide you if you accept their help.

Dorte has seen diseases disappear spontaneously once the cause has been addressed. Diseases/symptoms are like a good friend telling you to change course and when you listen, this good friend will stop correcting you.


Show Highlights


All Diseases are Spiritual in nature  –  The bacterial in the mouth hear the thoughts, emotions etc. of Soul and react accordingly in a positive or negative manner.

Dr. Bredgaard agrees with past guest Dr. Ellie Phillips that carpet bombing the bacteria disrupts the natural process and causes problems.

Disease is a wake up call for us to change – She has seen patients heal their dental issues when they change their state of consciousness.

She’s found that not speaking our Truth is a sure way to cause dental issues. – Erosion of the teeth is a poor self image.

Dr. Bredgard suggests that real attention should be given orthodontic work, especially with the younger Souls as when the mouth changes drastically in appearance there’s often a disconnect emotionally and spiritually.

Lots of questions were asked, such as:  What is bone loss a symptom of spiritually?  What emotional imbalance causes a dark tooth?  Why does a tooth die and need a root canal?

A listener asks, “Is there a natural way to whiten teeth rather than bleaching with the dentist?”

What’s the significance of the lower and upper jaw regarding relationships?


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Dr. Dorte Bredgaard D.D.S. and Your teeth do not lie, the spiritual aspects of dental health, October 30, 2017

'Dorte Bredgaard DDS – Teeth Don’t Lie – Understanding the Emotions Behind Dental Diseases – October 30, 2017' have 2 comments

  1. October 31, 2017 @ 1:32 pm Joanne Miyao

    Very interesting and enlightening. I guess that there are many places in the body that can reveal emotions. Unfortunately,
    I just had a root canal. However, it seems that I can still protect my health by working with the emotional impact that caused this condition. Will make it a little more difficult. Thank you for finding this dentist and putting her on your show.


  2. May 20, 2019 @ 10:58 am Elaida

    Dr. Bredgaard seems so interesting, but the interviewer was quite ineffective and frankly lame. He did not seem insightful enough to seek elaborations, clarifications or expansions on her answers. He would just go “hmmmm” or “wow” and let the topic die. Therefore, I feel I did not get full answers from this intelligent, insightful woman. I am going to try to find other interviews with this doctor, where the interviewers actually listen and have a conversation.


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