Dr. August Dunning

Author of The Phoenix Protocol Dry Fasting for Rapid Healing and Radical Life Extension: Functional Immortality

Imagine going seven full days with no food AND no water !

The Phoenix Protocol will explain how to heal illness and radically extend lifespan and maybe even more than that! This book reveals a logical way to restore youth and dramatically extend lifespan by at least 25 years. Recent scientific discoveries in cellular research have produced the data to support this idea. Today stem cell therapy is the buzzword in the anti-aging arena but it requires a costly investment. August Dunning, a former NASA Space Station scientist, will show you a scientifically proven alternative plan to activate and proliferate your own endogenous stem cells and it’s a lot cheaper…It’s free!The Phoenix Protocol is the first book of its kind to scientifically explain the cellular chemistry of dry fasting which has been lifted from the work of the two Russian doctors who perfected and patented it. August Dunning has taken the science of dry fasting in a direction that no one has ever thought possible.This book is not just about dry fasting for healing and life extension, it’s about functional immortality.Sometimes it does take a rocket scientist…

Dr. Dunning is just submitting the second edition files for his book on Amazon with significant additions regarding sirtuins and how they work to fight of viral infections but also how Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is the critical signaling molecule in this issue, but also successful life extension. His work in this arena is in lock-step with the work of Dr. David Sinclair in this field of research but also incorporates Fisetin and a set of neutraceuticals to achieve the goals in the book. He has just gotten a notice from his friends at Raad Fest that one of the products he promotes for his protocol in his book, Fisetin, normally used to get rid of senescent cells, its now proven to cure hashimotos and autoimmune disorders, but its now being used for treating COVID.

Show highlights:

Dry fasting has been practiced in Russia for 80 years

When you stop eating, your body turns on the repair function

What is autophagy?

Ideally, people should be eating a ketogenic diet and stay in ketosis

How can the body last without water?

The body makes the water from the fatty acids

How dry fasting resets the immune system and does away with disease

Would dry fasting be beneficial to autistic kids?

How does dry fasting affect sleep?

The 2 types of fat

and so much more!

August Dunning and his research and experiences with dry fasting for seven days, May 11, 2020

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