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ALFA VEDIC GARDENS began in 2007 at our site in the remote Mattole River Valley of Humboldt County, California. The property was developed over a 9 year period, and became a destination for visitors and locals alike who enjoyed the serene aesthetics, and impressive diversity of ornamental and medicinal botanical specimens.

The site conformed to both Steiner Biodynamics and Permaculture principles, with zoning strategies accommodating food and medicinal herb production surrounding a central core of living accommodations and commerce, which included a commercial nursery, and facility for the manufacture of herbal-nutritional formulations.

By 2016 the natural evolution of the project outgrew the Mattole property, and after a long search an ideal location was found on Big Flat, a small off-grid community on the south fork of the Smith River in Del Norte County, California. This Spring commences our 4th season of working this raw piece of land, and our stated mission remains consistent; local, sustainable agriculture as a means to preserve the ecology, and welfare of future generations.”

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ORN Dr. Barre Paul Lando show notes 1/18/22

What does permaculture mean? 

Localize your practice to your property.  Every part of the loop supports the next part of the loop.  Doing an ionization analysis on the soil.

How are electrical properties of the soil created?

Strategizing to get tropical produce to grow in northern California.

Transmitting light going through geometric prisms.  Which elements need to be tweaked to allow electrical vectors to travel with least amount of resistance?

Ethers in the atmosphere transmit resonant wave forms.  These determine function and form of every cell in our body. 

Deficiency of one of the inorganic elements means cells can’t manufacture tissue out of organic elements.  Cell salt therapy.

Germ theory as pathogenic vs. Bechamp’s view of bacteria, fungi and microbes cleaning up the bioterrain. 

Proteoids – primitive form before it’s transformed to the particular microorganisms needed to do the cleanup job.

Viruses do not exist.  Antibodies just a theory.  Disease is another fiction.

Measuring cell debris – amount of dead cells.  The debris has genetic components, which interact with live cells in the body and stimulate natural ecological processes that instigate stem cell production or create solvents or exosomes. 

Do we catch anything?  Our spiritual process allows it in.  Nature doesn’t create disease. 

Don’t’ just say I refuse vax because of my rights, go the next step. 

The prism is in our state of consciousness.  Spirit is an electronic over-matrix of our own making.

We have fear engrams planted over lifetimes.  Have to be willing to go inside the fear to know there’s nothing to be afraid of. 

What are the special teas grown at Dr. Lando’s farm?

Surthrival’s colostrum is great stuff.  Early health pioneers such as Dr. Lando and Daniel Vitalis had a passion and have a community. It’s not about getting rich.

What is the bioterrain?

Does Barre work with clients now? 

Does Barre ever want to kill anything (microbes, etc.)?

Functional medicine is to understand and measure different modes of the body.  70% of the nutrition we derive is directly from the atmosphere.  Helpful to supplement with the 12 builder cell salts.

How we get things from the atmosphere?  Hydrogen – fire element.  Nitrogen – air element.  Oxygen.  Fixed elements of water and carbon.

We have more to unlearn than to learn.

Petra asks: Are there any foods that are not the best foods for us?  Find what works for you.  Eat a transitionary diet depending on your current circumstances.

Don’t think we have to be doing certain things.  Need to use a full tool belt and not use just single modalities like chiropractic or acupuncture.

Listener asks about symbiopathic remedies. 

Kali muriaticum (KCL) helps adjust blood viscocity.  Distributes fibrin.

Determining which cell salt is your constitutional remedy depending upon your astrological sign.  Look at 3 month period. 

Our bodies as a temple.  Certain things have been hidden from us, other things were manipulated.  Bodies as capacitors to receive from heaven.  We weren’t supposed to have a school of hard knocks.  We’re entering the third golden age, and it will stick this time.  Certain forces want to dampen our perception, but they’re like a flea on our backs thinking they can control us.

We’re living in a biological false flag now, which was predicted years ago. 

Listener asks: What is cancer?  It’s a biological accommodation working on behalf of our psyche and our biology.

Does every disease have a trauma behind it, ala German New Medicine?

Dee asks for insights on how to approach lymphedema in thoracic areas.

Can allopathy ever be useful? 

Santos Bonacci website that ties cell salts into astrological system  https://cellsalts.wordpress.com/2017/05/02/new-santos-bonacci-chart/.  He uses a slightly different method than Dr. Lando but the results are the same.

Liver gallbladder flushes?  Dr. Lando’s clients cancelled gall bladder surgery after doing them.   He gives his formula for a flush. 

What about traction for kyphosis and lordosis?  Dr. Barre likes a yoga swing, which he demonstrated.

What does Dr. Lando think of grains?  He sprouts einkorn wheat, dehydrates the sprouts, and then grinds them into flour.  Search for sproutable oats and sproutable rice, but you don’t want the outer hull on them.

Alfavedic.com is the commercial arm of Dr. Lando’s permaculture operation.

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  1. January 19, 2022 @ 11:13 am Photomaineac

    One of your best interviews ever Patrick. Such a simple way of explaining our connect to source…what we call “God”!


  2. January 24, 2022 @ 1:13 pm Marilyn Kugler

    The astrological cell salt thing is simple. Its the three months you are not in the womb.


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