Dr. Ben Edwards

Thoughtfully identifying the root causes of your symptoms or disease, addressing them comprehensively, and giving your body what it needs to overcome the challenges it is facing

In the months and years since Dr. Edwards learned about “Integrative” of “Functional” medicine (See FAQ for more on what this is) he has seen many cases of fibromyalgia, reflux, diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue, depression, arthritis, obesity, and other “diseases” be resolved by addressing the root causes. It’s now become obvious to him: headaches are not from a deficiency of aspirin, reflux is not caused by your body’s lack of Prilosec, and high cholesterol does not come because of an absence of a Lipitor gland.

There is a root cause to your disease that can often be addressed so that you don’t have to medicate symptoms indefinitely.

This may sound strange or radical in America today because we have been trained to think in terms of the two options (mentioned above). But the following statistics indicate just how much our diet and lifestyle are affecting our heath.

  •  The Pima Indians of southern Arizona had absolutely no recorded cases of Diabetes in their history prior to World War II. Today 50% of that tribe is afflicted with that disease. The primary difference today is that they are eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) instead of their native diet.
  • In Okinawa Japan they don’t even have a word for “osteoporosis” because it doesn’t exist there. But when those same Japanese women come to America, they will, over time, develop that “disease” at the same rate as American women.
  • 40% of kids born in America today have one of the asthma/allergy/eczema “diseases.” In the rest of the world’s kids it’s about 10%. But when those kids from other countries move to America, their rates rise to the same 40%.
  • One out of two Americans today will die from heart disease.
  • One out of three women and one out of two men will get cancer in their lifetimes.
  • The CDC has stated that the generation of kids born after the year 2000 will be the first generation of kids whose lifespan will be less than their parents (for the first time since the American Revolution).
  • Autoimmune immune “diseases” are rising at a rate of 15-30% since 1960. There are now almost 100 autoimmune diseases.
  • Before World War II, Americans were the healthiest people in the world. Now, out of the top fifteen industrialized countries in the world, we rank fifteenth in life expectancy. We are dying younger, going to the doctor more, taking more prescription pharmaceuticals, and being diagnosed with more “diseases” than anyone else.

By any measuring stick, we must, at the very least, start to question the “one symptom, one drug” paradigm.

We will never be able to medicate or operate our way out of a disease we “behaved” ourselves into.

But we have also seen the power and efficacy of the new paradigm that works with the body, removing the causes of disease and strengthening its natural defenses.

We invite you to come explore this new paradigm and the science that validates its legitimacy.

The Root Cause Protocol Program 

-We resonated with Dr. Edwards and feel he’s really on top of his game…worth listening to him

-He walks us though the difference between burning glucose and burning fat

he believe’s the hybridization of the grains is where “We’ went wrong and the cause of digestive disorders.

-He likes good sea salt, magnesium supplementation and beef liver or a good desiccated beef liver for necessary nutrients

-His four pillars of health:  Nutrition, Hydration, Movement, and Peace

-Growing our own food is becoming essential to thrive without supplementation

-The mitochondria of the cells and ATP production is our engine for energy

-Dr. Edwards is beginning to see low thyroids balancing out with proper supplementation and no pig thyroid

Dr. Ben Edwards of Veritas Healing Community with great insights on health, February 21. 2018

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  1. March 18, 2018 @ 10:47 am John

    Great interview, I hope you can have him on again. I liked his take on fixing thyroid problems.


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