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Dr. Ellie Phillips D.D.S.

The Science of Dental Health


Several weeks ago we spoke with Dr. Phillips about her ongoing research with many people who have great success with healing gum disease, cavities and balancing the mico flora in the mouth with her unconventional  system.


Here’s a link to the the July 31st show


She introduced us to a DNA saliva test that will detail the exact kinds and strengths of potential bad actors in the bacteria world that cause all kinds of damage throughout the body.  Patrick has been doing quite “natural” things like 3% hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and salt etc.  His test results are back and you will hear his first conversation with Dr. Phillips about the test results.


Dr. Ellie says Zellie’s is offering a 15% discount off Zellie’s xylitol products and your Complete Mouth Care System Kit.  Use coupon code ONERADIONETWORK15.  Visit here.  The direct link to the Complete Mouth Care System Kit is here. Valid through September 30, 2017.


-Reverse dental diseases before they become a problem.  Can reverse cavities.

-Dr. Phillips book is “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye”.

-The mouth is an ecosystem that begins with digestive health.  Is influenced by oral health of the mother.

-Eat all the bad things at mealtime.  Sugar, carbs, and acids are bad for your mouth because they erode minerals out of teeth and promote unhealthy biofilm.  Mouth is acidic for an hour after eating.  Plaque buildup is an acidity problem.  Lemons are agony for your teeth – are an acidic challenge.  Kombucha, cider vinegar, fruit sugar – all energize bad bacteria.

Show highlights:

-Find an OralDNA Labs provider.

-Be aware that most dentists will want to put you on an antibiotic.  That recommendation is in the OralDNA Labs report if there are bad bactera.

-Researched patient cases to uncover underlying biochemical reasons for tooth decay and gum disease.  Discovered bacteria transfers from mothers to children.

-Infection originates with opportunistic bacteria gaining access under the gums.  Can have high levels of bad even deadly bacteria yet have no pain.

-No such thing as plaque – it is a thin biofilm of a mesh of proteins that interweave with bacteria.  Can have good or bad biofilm, depending on the bactera.  Biofilm offers protection to what is put in the mouth.

-Majority of dentisty is build on premise of having bad infected biofilm.  If you have cavities or lost teeth, you have an infection.

-Pocket measurements are how far gum has been ripped away from the tooth by bacteria.

-Water Pik irrigation devices won’t resolve pockets because fibers connecting gum to tooth haven’t regrown.  Let nature reattach gum to the tooth by getting rid of the infection.  Irrigate only if biofilm is happy.

-Are 4 really bad pathogens, which are causal for arthritis, dementia, heart problems.  6 types of bacteria are called moderate risk – are less well known.  All are anerobic and different from plaque.  Different types are why she has 3 different rinses.  Get rid of anerobic bacteria with oxygen.

-If you have mouth infections, flossing will allow the bad critters to enter the blood.

-Tested hundreds of eminent dentists belonging to American Academy For Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH).   They could get their teeth cleaned whenever they wanted, got free dental products, flossed.  All had risk pathogens and were below 70%.  Carotid artery plaque of dentists in their 30s was that of people in their 50s and older.  Dr. Ellie had a 98% score and zero carotid artery plaque.  She doesn’t floss.

-Patrick cleaned his toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide, used baking soda and salt with twice daily brushing, flossed.  Pockets mostly 1 and 2.  Yet had 3 bad bacteria on OralDNA test.

-Gerard Judd was a chemist and missed the clinical part of dentistry.

-After learning of her AAOSH test results, a researcher found Dr. Ellie had the widest diversity of bacteria in her mouth of anybody he had tested.

-Let the good guys defend your mouth from the bad guys.  Nature will do a better job.  Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide dissolve the proteins in the biofilm mesh.  Are removing the natural layer of protection.

-Listerine doesn’t destroy biofilm.  It doesn’t cut down on plaque.  It kills the germs that cause plaque.  It’s only the precursor bacteria step mutans it takes care of, which is a little round spore or seed.  Takes them 12 hours to mature into something like a caterpillar, the mature plaque.  Essential oils can only burst the outer coating of the immature seed.  Can’t touch the mature plaque.  If brushing teeth only once a day, plaque develops.  Don’t use Listerine on it’s own.  The acidity promotes mature plaque.  Use Act after Listerine – it works well in an acidic mouth.  Act will put a charge on the tooth, makes it able to hydrate and absorb minerals, will make enamel pliable.

-Listerine named after Joseph Lister.  Used first as a topical skin antiseptic.

-Download Dr. Gerard Judd’s book, “Good Teeth Birth to Death” here.

Dr. Ellis is an anti-fluoridationist.  Doesn’t believe fluoride should be added to water.

-There is no other way if you have damaged teeth than using fluoride.  If you’ve had a drill touch your teeth, you have damaged teeth and the teeth will break off.

-The fluoride in Crest or ACT is a good thing.  Use for 15 seconds is long enough.  Xylitol important too.  Digestive track determines health of immune system so you can rebuild tissues.  Need circulation to bring healing to gums and teeth.  The mouth is an ecosystem.

Download her 5 step program at Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouthcare System eGuide.

-Need 1 minute swish for Closys, which is chlorine dioxide.  Need 30 seconds for it to get activated, 30 seconds to kill the bacteria.

-Use Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste and ACT to protect from the acidity of Listerine.

-Patrick has 3 high risk, 5 moderate risk, 1 low risk bacteria.  He will use Dr. Ellie’s program for 12 weeks, throwing everything at it, and then retest with OralDNA Labs.

-Susie Q wants to know how long it takes a tooth to regenerate.  No chance for natural repair if it’s been filled.  If the tooth has developed a cavity but you have no sensation from it, no prolonged ouch, then it’s far enough away from the root to be able to be repaired.   Limit meals, allow saliva to interact with teeth, xylitol at the end of every meal, don’t drink between meals.  Vinegar and lemon juice will damage the teeth.  End the meal with something good – e.g. celery.  Then xylitol.  No snacks.

-Elke asks for a simplified version of her protocol for a kid.

-Xylitol alkalizes the mouth, feeds good bacteria, helps healthy biofilm develop on teeth.  Most useful for dental health.  If not using gum or mints, use 1/8 tsp of xylitol granules and don’t swish with water.  The granules create a salivary flow that will flood the mouth.

-Lexi wants to know if she can sip on pH 7.4 water all day.  Drinking water dilutes the value of good saliva and it will no longer be supersaturated with calcium and phosphorus.  Want a saliva pH of 7.4.

-Susan is shocked at hearing that Crest, Listerine, and Closys are good things.

Clove oil kills the nerve of a tooth.

-Want a  chemically, biologically, and physically balanced mouth.

-Debbie has used Dr. Ellie’s system for 8 years, perhaps too lax on the xylitol.  No cavities but still gets bleeding gums.  Needs to use more xylitol – it is the only thing that deals with mature plaque.  Her dentist’s advice to floss more is not the answer.

-Biofilm dies when it dries.

-How about using colloidal silver?  Dr. Ellie is not trying to kill anything.  Could unbalance the mouth.  cleaning means you’ve got gum infection.

-Sherry has trigeminal in the sinus/gum area, a rash on her face, and draining sinuses.  Scheduled for a root canal today.  Could she have a form of shingles?

-D asks how and when is the best way to eat limes or lemons?  Beginning or end of a meal.  Eat with a tooth protective food and xylitol.

-Get your fill of water in the morning, when your saliva is generally most acidic.  Test your saliva with pH strips to know when it’s most acidic.

-John in the UK wants to know if her recommended Crest is available there.  Are Peppersmith 100% xylitol gums/mints okay?  See her blog for international guidance on where to get products.

-Nancy wants help with receding gums.  Are created by acidity.  Initial underlying problem is a mouth that was acidic.  Acidity makes the teeth brittle.  Enamel gets crystals at the gum line.  Crystals flake off with acidity.  Grinding or brushing makes dried pieces of enamel come off and create a groove at the gum line.  Nothing for the gum to attach to.  Flossing damages the gums.  Rinse don’t floss.

-Food sticks between teeth because the teeth are damaged.  Try rinsing first, then chewing gum, then doing the complete mouthcare system.

-Question about Dr. Mark Sircus’ recommendation to brush with magnesium chloride flakes and water.

-Maximum mineralization makes teeth look smooth,shiny, reflective, like diamonds.  Which is what makes the teeth appear white.  Artificial whitening is damaging.

-Bridgette has a tooth that has been oozing for maybe a year.  Tooth is dark.  Have it out.

-Natural herbal Listerine – Dr. Ellie’s doesn’t trust it.  The original recipe had 100 years of use.

-D asks if it is safe to use Dr. Ellie’s system with her broken filling/tooth?

-Steve asks about best way to use xylitol.  Best to use chewing gum or mints over xylitol crystals.  Better to use small amounts of xylitol multiple times a day.  Don’t put it in water, you lose the hygroscopic effect.  No benefit being in food.

-Steve wonders if smelling pickle juice would be effective because it makes saliva flow?

-Don’t seal up grooves of the teeth with plastic sealants.

-Is Peelu xylitol gum okay?  Most important thing is to enjoy the product so you use it.

– Dr. Ellie makes Zellies gum and mints.

-Nancy asks about using a Water Pik after meals?  It’s fine if you have a healthy mouth.  If you have pockets, the pressure may be keeping the pockets open so they don’t close up and heal.  May be better off with a mouth rinse.  Water Pik is good for kids with braces.

-Garlic, onion, spices – are good for the mouth.  Supports the immune system.

-Try measuring saliva pH before and 30 minutes after eating something healthy like broccoli.

-Periodontal disease is a shared disease.  Be careful who you kiss.

-No xylitol with dogs.

Visit Dr. Ellie’s Website


Dr. Ellie Phillips D.D.S. Her unique system proven to balance the microbiome in the mouth and body, August 15, 2017

'Dr. Ellie Phillips D.D.S. – Special System to end gum disease, cavities and bad actors in the Mouth – August 15, 2017' have 4 comments

  1. August 15, 2017 @ 3:04 pm Paul

    Missed the broadcast. Did you ask her about aluminum in xylitol stated by Adam Bergstrom on a recent broadcast?


  2. August 15, 2017 @ 8:36 pm RadioGuGu

    To: ”John in the UK wants to know if her recommended Crest is available there.” – we ordered (the recommended) Crest, and the rest (two of four, Ultradex and ACT) on Amazon UK; and today, after the show, Peppersmith directly from P’s site.


  3. October 19, 2017 @ 9:39 am Rose

    In your next interview with Dr. Ellie, could you ask if sealants on children, can be removed without harming the natural healthy bacteria?


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