Dr. Ellie Phillips D.D.S.

The Science of Dental Health

 Dr. Phillip’s first show  here was on July 31st. of this year.  Patrick was  impressed by her research and credibility with her work in creating a healthy microbiome in the mouth, he immediately took the dental DNA test.  The results showed nine out of the twelve major oral pathogens measured as very high..and five over what they deem “safe limits”  Oops!

Thus, in early August he began here “Unconventional” Total mouth care system and has done it faithfully twice a day ever since.
This past Monday he visited with the dental hygienist for an extensive exam and pathogen measurement and met with his dentist Dr. Stuart Nunnally.

Wednesday we received the results of his follow up second DNA saliva test.

See Dr. Phillip’s system in detail, buy her books and learn about her products


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We start off with a bit of history of dentistry.  Folks used to get their teeth pulled at the Barber Shop.

Infections are the key here with all dental issues.  Infections

How is plaque formed and what to do about it so you don’t have to go to the dentist

Be careful of who you kiss.  Good luck with that

The dental bio film is a delicate yet intricate actual fabric of life

Our saliva is what re mineralizes the teeth, hopefully 24/7..especially during the night


Circulation in the gums is paramount for dental health…learn how to do just that


Dr. Ellie goes in to detail on everyday stains, hardening the surface of teeth and longer lived more difficult staining


Fluoride ingestion in the water and small exposure to sodium fluoride are totally different


If coffee, tea and other foods stain your teeth, it is probably because their surface is soft


How to do the Oral DNA test


What is gum disease


What to do with TMJ issues..an alternative idea


Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS and Total Mouth Care, an alternative view, January 8, 2018, ONE

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS and Total Mouth Care, an alternative view, January 8, 2018, TWO

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