Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS

Dr. Ellie Phillips has been involved in oral health education and the prevention of dental disease throughout her long career. She has written books– including Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye and The Power of Xylitol, built numerous websites and blogs, created booklets and articles, and answered thousands of emails and online questions. She has given seminars, coached patients and practiced prevention on her own family – which is why she has strong opinions about fluoride, sealants, wisdom tooth extraction and and other conventional dental practices.

The Science of Dental Health
Dr. Ellie learned a great deal during her early years as a dentist in Switzerland. She learned about implants and also about foods that help skin and bone heal quickly. For three decades she has studied the science of mouth health and is fortunate to have friends who are prominent health educators, and who keep her informed of the latest research in the areas of diet and nutrition for health.

Mouth-Body Connection
About 10 years ago she was a Founding Member of a dental organization called The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). Originally they were just a handful of dental professionals and doctors who shared a passion and belief that mouth health affects body health. Together they seeded this organization, which today has a worldwide membership of dentists, hygienists, preventive cardiologists and physicians. AAOSH is committed to helping patients learn how chronic disease in the mouth can impact general health and contribute to conditions that include cardiovascular disease, arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

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Topics discussed during the show:
Mouth microbiome: tooth repair, tooth remineralization, acidity damage, saliva alkalinity
Sugar, carbs produce bad health: topical acidity in mouth and body, feed the bad bacteria, compromise the microbiome)

Nutrition: food, food pairing, supplements (Importance of food pairing for better absorption, green juicing with oil, vegetables topped with butter, issues with supplements.)

Oral ecosystem: good bacteria versus bad bacteria, proper balance in mouth ecosystem(Do not wipe out the good bacteria with oral care products. Glycerine in toothpaste obstructs remineralization. Halitosis due to over-dominant bad bacteria.)

Stopping acid damage: xylitol mints, alkaline saliva, biofilm, food, water, nitric acid(Fruits, carbs, grains, bread, cookies, vinegar etc strip the protective biofilm. Protect teeth from prolonged exposure to acidity. No snacking. Use vegetables, mushrooms, onion, garlic to control bad breath. Eat and drink at mealtimes, use xylitol to reset saliva to alkalinity for natural tooth repair.)

Toothpaste and fluoride: abrasive agents, fluorosis.(Original Crest is best toothpaste. Avoid triclosan and glycerine. Fluoride and tooth issues in children under 3 and long term effects on health, issues with white spots and brown spots on teeth, endocrine damage, thyroid issues, infertility, spinal fusion etc. Important to know about health issues resulting from cooking with fluoridated water in aluminum pans, non-stick cookware, using tap water in formula, drinking fluoridated tea. Benefits of using Pearlcium.)

Traditional dentistry: mercury fillings, white fillings with BPA, routine cleanings, flossing, brushing, oral rinses, antibiotics, toxic dental offices(Negative impacts of prescribed dental care as the protective biofilms are being stripped off the teeth and gum line. Dr. Ellie Philipp’s book prescribes an oral-care protocol that supports a healthy ecology in the mouth without the harsh assaults of traditional dental procedures. Dangers of spreading mouth infection via flossing and reuse of wet toothbrush within 24 hrs period, dangers of permanent oral acidity during pregnancy, menopause, periods of stress and the use of sauna for an alkaline pH reset.)

Oral health and lifestyle: nutrition, sleep, immunity, meditation, exercise.(Wholistic approach to health. Health starts in the mouth. The digestive system can be reset in 3 months. Important to know the difference between good and bad dental probiotics. Some use Splenda not xylitol. Doc has her own brand available on her website.)

Benefits of chocolate.Toothbrushes that work.

Listeners’ questions: MI paste; silver nitrate; Alaska birch syrup; dental implants)

Hi Patrick:) I want to thank you for Dr Ellie – her information and her system have been one of the most useful hacks I picked up on your show… My teeth are so much better now, and the sensitivity I have been dealing with ever since my misguided vegetarian youth has dissipated…. no products – starting from M-paste and ending all the natural solutions – has ever helped with my problems… Love you both,

Dr. Ellie Phillips D.D.S. 2.5 hour show loaded with great mouth care ideas December 10, 2018

'Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS – and Her New Book “Mouth Care Come Clean” -December 10, 2018' have 3 comments

  1. December 13, 2018 @ 2:14 pm Rose

    I’m half way through the podcast and just got done listening about babies and fluoride addition to food and the damage it causes. Is there a way to repair the white “freckles” on permanent teeth? Or the browning?


  2. January 4, 2019 @ 3:42 pm Sandi

    So glad to listen to another Dr Ellie podcast!

    Is anyone else besides me still doing her protocol?


  3. January 15, 2019 @ 3:45 pm LucyL

    Patrick , you must get Dr. Ellie to talk about sinus health in detail on a show.
    Sandi, I’ve been doing Dr. Ellie’s protocol since late summer 2017, a couple months after Patrick first had her on. It was a godsend as I needed a root canal extracted/implant put in and am going through that process now, with confidence that my mouth is as clean as it can be for the procedures. No intentions of stopping, this is the only thing that has given my middle age post-partum x4 female mouth hope :-) Wish xylitol wasn’t so expensive though.


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