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The feedback on Dr. Phillip’s work has been quite amazing.  Patrick has been doing her “unconventional” total mouth healing program since her first appearance here the beginning of August.  It is then when Patrick did the Dental DNA saliva test that showed a good supply of some very “bad actors” in the bacteria department.

Many of you are trying the program and have lots of questions on how it all works and the safety of some of the elements in her program.

So, we’ll dig in once again…going deeper into her research.





Here’s a link to the the our first show with Dr. Ellie


Show highlights:

-Goal of sustainable health and avoiding the need for any dental treatment.

-Teeth strength depend on what you’re doing to your teeth daily.  Are tests to measure the hardness of teeth.

-Acid drinks like kombucha, lemon juice, soda will demineralize teeth.  Healthy saliva at the right pH will go into the teeth and instantly repair the damage from the drink.

-Problems arise from snacking and sipping liquids, even water.  These dilute the saliva.

-End the meal with a tooth protective meal.  Cheese is best, also raw milk or cream, but not fermented, because lactic acid destroys teeth.

-Want to stimulate mineral rich saliva at the end of a meal.  Xylitol generates the flow of alkaline saliva into the teeth.  Is 5-carbon, different than 6-carbon sugar, and feeds all the bacteria in the mouth.   Sugar makes teeth stickier, thicker, produces acids, and feeds the strep mutans.  But strep can’t use the xylitol and with it plaque bacteria becomes slippier and easier to remove.  Rnsing is more important than brushing.

-It’s not about killing, it’s about feeding the good bacteria.

-Teeth and oral health improve with Dr. Ellie’s mouth care system.

-Got started promoting xylitol with 10 employees of her husband’s restaurant business.  After using xylitol, no employee had bad bacteria on OralDNA test except 1 employee had 1 bad bacteria.  He was using a UV disinfectant system, which didn’t totally kill all the bacteria.

-Change toothbrushes more often.  Clean them with Listerine.  Use multiple toothbrushes to allow to dry 24 hours between use.  Have multiple toothbrushes.  Beware of cross-contamination.

-Should get 3 grams of xylitol a day.  Get increasing benefits with more xylitol in a 3-10 grams window, but more than 10 grams a day won’t give any additional oral health benefits.

-Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda destroy the protein biofilm on the tooth.  Patrick used them for years in his mouth care regime and had 9 bad bacteria on his OralDNA test.

-Xylitol makes teeth more slippery.  Food sticks less.  Xylitol gum is best – it picks up the food pieces.  Don’t need to keep chewing gum – remove it after the sweetness is gone.

-Xylitol is the only way to naturally remove plaque on the teeth.

-Bad bacteria don’t proliferate in your mouth until they can find an anerobic place to multiply, such as in a gum pocket.

-Brush gums on the gum line adequately to bring circulation to the tissues of the gums.  Dry brush the gums to bring in the lymphatic troops to eat away the debris and to bring the blood with nutrients to heal the pockets.  Don’t brush aggressively at the gum margin until your enamel has been strengthened – can cause a groove in the teeth.

 Hour 2

-First element in Dr. Ellie’s mouth care system is Closys, which is stabilized chlorine dioxide, TSP, and citric acid.  Turns into oxygen which disrupts the anerobic bacteria.  Give it 60 seconds in your mouth.  Gets rid of lower-down compounds of bacteria in pockets.

-Brushing is a grossly inaccurate method of cleaning.

-Second step is Anti-Cavity Crest toothpaste.  The paste, not the gel.  Contains sodium fluoride and silica in a non-abrasive amount.  Enamel gets worn away by anything with an abrasivity scale over 100.  Because of huge clinical trials run on it in the 1960s, is the only toothpaste which can state on label that it stops cavities before they start.

-Leave toothpaste on teeth to protect the teeth and then vigorously rinse with Listerine for 10 seconds.  Listerine is very acid.  As effective as flossing in removing plaque between teeth.

-Then rise with ACT, a dilute (0.05%) sodium fluoride rinse.  Fluoride is enhanced in an acidic environment; only time you want acidity in your mouth is when using fluoride.

-Ellie’s xylitol is birch-derived.  Xylitol from non-GMO corn is similar.  China is way ahead of us in xylitol use.

-Don’t confuse xylitol with erythritol nor sorbitol.  Most xylitol gum is sorbitol with a tad of xylitol in it.

-Listener says Listerine has alcohol in it, alcohol kills everything in it, and thus it’s misleading to say you’re not killing.  Dr. Ellie says you’re only using Listerine for maybe 10 seconds, it’s at a concentration that’s not destroying biofilm, and it’s not the final rinse.  Listerine is mostly essential oils, eucalyptus, menthol, and thymol.  Don’t want to dry up the saliva with alcohol-containing products as a final rinse.

-Dr. Ellie’s OralDNA test showed no bad bacteria.  A different test showed her great diversity of good oral bacteria.

-Xylitol washes away the mature plaque, Listerine works on immature plaque bacteria.  Listerine might be impeding spirochetes in gums that escape the Closys.

-Don’t want to kill everything in the mouth with Chlorhexadine or Peridex.  Good bacteria turn nitrates in the salivary glands and dorsum of tongue into nitrites and then nitric oxide, which helps you breathe and open up airway tubes and circulation.  They prevent peridontal pathogens and  protect against gum disease.

-Gum pockets are a measure of loss of attachment of the tooth.  The tooth is attached by tiny hairs.  The periodontal disease breaks the hairs with toxins.  The longer the infection is there in the pocket, the more damage occurs.  Want to stimulate regrowth of hairs back again.  Need to let your own body do that, let circulation bring in the nutrients.  The Water Pik can stop the little hairs from growing.  Give up the Water Pik and let the mouth heal.

-Devon likes to use apple cider vinegar for digestion.  How does that play into Dr. Ellie’s system?  Eat and drink whatever you like and then finish with xylitol.  People believe ACV and lemon juice have an alkalizing effect on the body and therefore it won’t hurt the mouth – this is a myth.  It may leave an alkaline ash, but it is acidic and will suck minerals out of the teeth and leave an unhealthy biofilm.  Do it at the beginning of the meal and take xylitol at the end.

-How does effect of paleo diet foods compare to grains?  Grains are sugar and carbs and start digesting in the mouth.  If you have cavities or sealants, by blocking the grooves you’re taking away where the good bacteria live.  It isn’t what you eat, it’s what you absorb, your digestive enzymes, your colon health, your stress level.  Xylitol is fiber for probiotic bacteria, breaks down in colon to healthful butyrate.  Prescribed for osteoporosis.

When the biofilm is happy, is the body protected forom absorbing the bad ingredients in the products used in Dr. Ellie’s mouth care system?

-Patient with a burning mouth had no biofilm.  She changed her diet, got rid of IBS, was healthy, no burning mouth.  Then she had a dental cleaning, and her mouth was burning again.  The cleaning had stripped her mouth again of the biofilm.  Everytime you strip away the biofilm, you lose natural protection.

-The biofilm protects against abrasion, erosion, cavities.  How can you measure your mouth’s health?  We don’t have the means to know now, except if you have disease.

-We want to be turning teeth into diamonds.  Teeth are like glass and can be strengthened.  Chlorine and fluorine can be gasses and liquids, but are also salts.  You don’t want to drink chlorine, but if you don’t have a tiny amount of the salt sodium chloride every day, you will die.  Fluorine is next to chlorine on the atomic table, and you need a tiny amount of fluoride every day.

-Don’t want to exposure yourself to a high amount of fluorine in what we drink.  But all dental treatments have a negative effect.  To have perfect pristine teeth, how to support mouth health?  Use a product that works synergistically with the saliva in your own mouth to remineralize it.  Fluoride used in dental office treatments is 11,000 times stronger than the amount of dilute fluoride in ACT.

Hour 3

-Healthy teeth look white and brighter.  Highly mineralized teeth reflect light, so they look white and have a glow to them.  Tooth whiteners have an acidity in them.  How are they whitening?  They’re etching the glass in the teeth.  Teeth will look white, but they’re getting damaged.  Teeth become more porous, rougher, lose biofilm, get more sensitive, more gum recession, more prone to a cavity.   The inside of the tooth is getting damaged from whitening.

-Do we want to avoid xylitol made from corn?  No difference.  It’s in lots of foods.

-John asks why not to floss?  If you have an infected mouth, you have pathogens in the pockets and you don’t want to push those guys into the blood stream.  If you have swollen, bleeding gum, gum disease, get rid of it, then use floss to get rid of food stuck between your teeth.  Dr. Ellie flosses while she has toothpaste on her teeth.  Pick your floss with care.  You’re not going to improve the ecology of your mouth with a length of string.  See your mouth as a total ecosystem.

-Harry asks how could glycerine be inhibiting remineralization –  it’s in all the toothpastes.  However, do those toothpastes work?  Use her complete mouth care system for 6 weeks, then try going back to your prior system and compare.

-Robert eliminated baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, threw away his glycerine toothpaste, uses Crest Anti-cavity, and can see a glow in his teeth.  But he sees dark areas under crowns by the gums.  Do people with partials need to do anything extra?  You have more risk, use her total system ACT fluoride, keep toothbrushes clean.  Brush partial with toothpaste and Listerine and rinse.

-Alexandra wants to know about doggie teeth.  DO NOT use xylitol with dogs.  Be aware you will share bacteria from a dog’s or partner’s mouth.  Can transfer bacteria among people sharing wind instruments or harmonicas.

-Bridgette has an oozing gum near a particular tooth that doesn’t hurt.   Take an X-ray – does the infection appear to come from the inside of the tooth – does it have a dead center?   Comparing the tooth to an egg, if the “yolk” has died, there’s no way for the infection to get out other than traveling down to the root and exiting into the bone.  If that is the case, get the tooth extracted.  Don’t leave a dead tooth in your mouth.  Can’t bring a dead tooth back to life.  Or, is there some popcorn or floss stuck down there that damaged the gum?  Brush with a clean toothbrush, massage well around the gum area.  Might generate the lymphatic system to start dealing with the infection.   Get your body healthy, eat good food.

-Dentists won’t tell you what you can do for herself.

-Lasers can do amazing things, are more valuable than a scalpel, give better healing.

-Zaneta is using Indian herbs instead of toothpaste, does some oil pulling, has gum recession.  Oil pulling can wipe out all of the bacteria in the mouth.  Testing showed a person who aggressively oil pulled with coconut oil had a clean mouth, not infected, but no biofilm and thus didn’t have the healthy bacteria to maintain an oral microbiome.

-Molars are a place for healthy bacteria to get entrenched.  We need those grooves.  Oil pulling might be helpful.  Sesame oil is best.  Oil pulling can be successful for gum disease but not cavities.  Could cause receding gums.  Receding gums means you lost the protection of the biofilm.  Gum disease is different from receding gums.  50% of 30 year olds have gum disease and they have no idea.  It’s not visible, not painful, don’t necessarily have bleeding.  If you have a family history of diabetes, cardiac problems, dementia, test to see if you’re passing pathogens down the family tree.

-Lee Ostler in Seattle or Portland created a bibliography of all the connections between mouth health and body health.

-Some of the 11 bad bacteria cause an inflammatory response in the gums.  Chronic inflammatory response is to try to get rid of an infection.  Is a response that never goes away.  Happens in the gums and can go on for years.  Dentists aren’t even looking for this.  Chronic inflammation spreads out like a fire in your coronary arteries.  Only takes one other thing to happen and you have a heart attack.  It wasn’t the one little thing that caused the heart attack, it’s that the whole arterial system was on fire for maybe decades.

-Mouth has 900 species of good bacteria.  We’re fighting a dozen.  Solution is to keep the bad ones away.

-Can chewable Vitamin C problems causes acid problems for the teeth?  Yes.  Causes a lot of calculus buildup and recession.

-Any information on regrowing the teeth?  In Switzerland, dentists used to take out teeth extracted for orthodontics and implant them in other people.  In the future, dentists might be taking a root canal tooth and regrowing the capillaries and vascularity in it.

-Need to get rid of the disease that took out a tooth before placing an implant.

-Bits of titanium can flake off an implant when scaling around an implant.

-You don’t need a cleaning in a healthy mouth.

-Mark wants to know Dr. Ellie’s opinion on ozone.  She thinks it’s great because of its oxygenating capability.  Her system will do the same thing.

-What does she think of electric toothbrush?  Get it to massage the gums.  Chose carefully so it’s not too big or too soft to massage gums.  Great for people with arthritis and getting around their mouth.  She uses a manual brush.  How you use it is more important.

-Nancy asks if Dr. Ellie recommends MI Paste.  It was originally made with skim milk powder, which doesn’t remineralize teeth.  Skim milk is too much sugar for the fat content.  They had a surplus of skim milk.  They couldn’t get it to work initially.  The research institute of the American Dental Association owns it and makes money off every tube.   They have now added fluoride and xylitol.  Ask where are the studies, have you seen it work in real life?  Same as strong fluorides and gels – ask dentist if you’ve ever seen it work.

-Leon asks what she thinks of using colloidal silver internally.  Works more like a magnet.  She’s not anti-silver, but we need more testing.

-Is using xylitol a concern for people with candida overgrowth?  Xylitol is antifungal.  Infants have fungal overgrowth with strep mutans.  Xylitol wipes out both.  Especially useful for baby teeth.  Turns to butyrate, so beneficial for colon health.  Xylitol will pull water to itself and can cause loose stools in a porous digestive tract.  Take one mint after a meal, don’t take more than 10 g of xylitol daily.

-Who is really helping you?  Need yelp reviews of peoples’ experiences with using her Complete Mouth Care system.

-Look at Dr. Ellie’s website for her brand of xylitol mints, chewing gum, and products for her Complete Mouth Care System.

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Dr. Ellie’s Tooth Brushing Video


Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS The Complete Proven System to balance the microbiome in the mouth, September 12, 2017 ONE

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS The Complete Proven System to balance the microbiome in the mouth, September 12, 2017 TWO

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS The Complete Proven System to balance the microbiome in the mouth, September 12, 2017 THREE

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  1. September 20, 2017 @ 10:40 am Rose

    Patrick, if you’re not already, I think Dr. Ellie and you should get together. :)


  2. September 25, 2017 @ 6:54 pm Rose

    Dr. Kellie, I am trying the protocol, but I find the alcohol in Listerine extremely painful and burning to my mouth – brings tears to my eyes, so I’m not able to swish it for very long before I have to spit it out. Will this burning eventually go away? Do they make a usable Listerine without alcohol? Is it worth it if I have 3 bridges, several crowns and fillings, and several root canals?
    Thank you, Rose


  3. September 25, 2017 @ 6:57 pm Rose

    Auto correct changed your name to Dr. Kellie. Oops!


  4. November 6, 2017 @ 6:47 pm Karen

    Fascinating interview as always! This lady knows her stuff and although I don’t want to sound too dramatic she has saved my teeth. I wish I could thank her personally as she has saved me further pain and my general health has improved!


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