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Dr. Gerry Curatola

The Surprising Link Between Gum Disease and Cancer

Brushing and flossing, the universal mantra of dental professionals, is an essential habit for maintaining oral health. However, according to a growing body of scientific research, it may now become a prescription for saving your life.

For years, a link between gum disease and many systemic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke has been well documented. In January 2007, a Harvard University School of Public Health study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, uncovered a strong correlation of advanced gum disease in men to a 63% higher incidence of pancreatic cancer. A recent research report in the prestigious journal, Lancet Oncology, confirmed that cancer risk increases when gum disease is present. Even the presence of moderate gum disease contributed to an overall 14% increased risk of cancer. These include lung, kidney and blood cancers in both smokers and non-smokers.

A British and American research team at Imperial College in London and Harvard University studied the statistical health records of 50,000 patients from data collected over 21 years. There was a 33% increase in the risk of lung cancer, 50% rise in the risk of kidney cancer, and a 30% higher incidence of blood cancers, such as leukemia, among those with gum disease. Chronic advanced gum disease was the most frightening – with an additional fourfold increase in head and neck cancer for each millimeter of related bone loss around teeth.

While the precise cause of this correlation is the subject of extensive ongoing research, much attention is directed at the inflammation process, the oral biofilm, and the competency of the immune response.

Dr. Gerry Curatola is a celebrity dentist with over 30 years experience and the founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry®, a holistic approach to oral and overall health care. Dr. Curatola’s prowess in dentistry combined with his interest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), have led to the birth of an integrative dental care philosophy that considers the connection of the mouth, body, and spirit.

His book is The Mouth-Body Connection.

Show highlights:

-The science of the human microbiome is as big as Copernicus discovering the earth was not the center of the universe.  We are rediscovering what it means to be human.

-The original Hebrew says God took from the slime of the earth and breathed life into it.  We are bacterial in origin.

-We are macro, they are micro.  They are like us.  They even vote – called quorum sensing.   Good guy, bad guy paradigm is not cutting edge science.  In a balanced terrain, what we call disease-causing bacteria are helpful and necessary.  Bad effects are from pissed off bacteria.

-Tea Tree Oil and Triclosan, found in Colgate Total and other toothpastes, are powerful, bad microbials.  We’ve been using Raid in the mouth and wrongly trying to kill all the oral bugs.

-Thick, sticky film we call plaque is an unhealthy expression of an essential film that will always cover your teeth.

-Bacteria in our mouth keep us alive.

-Xylitol keeps plaque from sticking to teeth, cuts down on unhealthy microbes, has no calories.  Said to be made from birch, but 80% is made from GMO corn cobs, whereby a hydrogenation process, catalyzed by nickel, converts it to sugar alcohol.  It’s not absorbed or metabolized by the human body.  It works by disrupting the microbiome.  No safety studies have been done.

-Gum disease is still epidemic and linked to chronic low grade inflammation throughout the body.

-Coconut oil pulling also strips the microbiome.  Will remove hypertrophic plaque, but will lead to root sensitivity and erosion.   Don’t want stripping, want balance.   Rodney Kings’s “Can’t we all just get along” is what we need to understand in relationship between man and microbes.

-Dr. Gerald Judd in his book Good Teeth, Birth to Death, said not to use glycerine.  But Dr. Curatola’s toothpaste Revitin has glycerine in it.  Dr. Judd did no studies on glycerine, there is no science behind his recommendation.  He might have been referring to pure glycerin.  The research behind Revitin says promoting microbial homeostatis remineralizes teeth.  Activated charcoal, bentonite clay, zeolite – all bind to everything, like a vacuum cleaner of the microbes in the mouth.

-4-5 minutes of Reviten on the gums has eliminated bleeding and has reduced gingival inflammation by 50% in 14 days.  Colgate Total took 12 weeks.  Do what the body needs and it has an amazing miraculous ability to heal.

-Weston A. Price was considered a quack and outcast, but he was first to talk about nutrition as the cornerstone of health.  The mouth-body connection is a mirror for what’s going on in the body.

-5 major microbiomes in our body – oral, gut, respiratory, skin, and genitals.

-Dr. Curatola developed a prebiotic toothpaste, Reviten, which has nutrition and pro-microbial ingredients in it: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, cranberry extract and CoQ10.  As a general use, it promotes a balanced ecology in the mouth.

-Dr. Curatola likes the science and the technology of the OralDNA test.  But what levels of microbes are good and what levels are bad?  Bacteria are commensal when they’re in balance.  Only way to study the microbiome in vivo is with very sophisticated tests.  A swab only tests free floating bacteria, which tend to be pathogenic.

-Don’t want to kill h. pylori.  Want to get them back to balanced levels.

-Ozone is good for infection.  But not for prophylactic use.

-Dr. Ellie called in and had an energetic discussion with Dr. Curatola about xylitol and fluoride.  Dr. Curatola used to be pro-xylitol.

-Probiotics don’t work in the mouth.

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Dr. Gerry Curatola on the microbiome of the mouth, September 14, 2017

'Dr. Gerry Curatola – The Microbiome of The Mouth – September 14, 2017' have 5 comments

  1. September 14, 2017 @ 6:04 pm achllea

    This guy thinks he can fool us with his jumping around and never answering a question so you never know what he said. It may work for the audiences of Martha Stewart and Dr Oz but this audience knows too much to fall for this bamboozler. He is always talking about the science but never delineates what it is or where it is, I will stick with Dr Ellie


  2. September 20, 2017 @ 6:58 am Burnet

    Three times he mentioned “new” science. What is that? He also questions xylitol research, yet doesn’t question the bias of his own research. Science deals with data. No emotions, no feelings, no hopes. Just data. Where is his data? Where are his results?


  3. September 20, 2017 @ 3:51 pm LucyL

    Maybe Patrick needs to schedule him again, so we can find out what the”science” is, and what he recommends to heal teeth and prevent decay. From his website: “Chronic infection begins when the bacterial population is not managed or cleared away on a regular basis through brushing and flossing. ” and “If Dr. Curatola sees any cause for concern during your checkups, preventative gum disease treatments, such as scaling and root planing, can be scheduled. ”

    Same-o same-o. Dr. Ellie has presented an alternative to this, and my teeth are “slickery” for the first time in decades. Dr. Curatola is going to have to do better.


  4. October 4, 2017 @ 1:53 pm Tash

    Wow, is this guy trying to push his product or what? His website testimonials are too smooth and scripted. I also found him to be quite rude to the point of condescending to Dr. Ellie.


  5. June 19, 2020 @ 11:56 am AV

    Thank you for this wonderful interview. I am excited to get Revitin having had terrible problems with my gums for years and afraid now of losing teeth. It’s been so disturbing to engage with dentists with zero understanding of the microbiome – or even nutrition! They never even asked me what toothpaste I use. Dr. Gerry Curatola has confirmed so much of what I have learned through trial and error. Xylitol had a disrupting effect on my whole body and the essential oils were too harsh, and oil pulling does get rid of infections but it too has only made the gums worse. The same with colloidal silver – a great first aid assistant, but not long term usage. One thing I have found to be helpful is Calcium Ascorbate, a non-acidic form of Vitamin C


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