Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Author of The Lethal Dose: Murder By Medicine is No Accident

 Dr. Daniels is a former medical doctor who had her medical license suspended due to not prescribing enough drugs and truly healing her patients. Dr.Daniels is widely considered one of the foremost Alternative Healing Physicians alive today. She graduated from Harvard University with Honors receiving a BA degree. Her education continued at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Medical Degree (MD) and also attended Wharton where she received her MBA in Health Care Administration. She practiced medicine for 10 years as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician where she saw first hand the power of Natural Methods.
She has been coaching clients to successfully heal naturally since 1985. She is the author of the award winning book, Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?

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Show highlights:

Life in Panama:  Inflation ongoing, Ex-pats abound

Trans humanism: Population Control, Controlling the minds of people, Dividing and Conquering

Paleo Diet: Carbs are necessary, unwanted weight loss

These emails were asked and answered during this show:

-I can’t find the less than 50 calorie molasses anywhere.  I found some on Vitacost a month back, but the second time I ordered they gave me the 60 calorie – same thing happened on Amazon as well. Can you find a source and put it in your store? I am so missing having it in my morning coffee

-Why do you get cataracts and what to do to get rid of them.

-I have a birthmark roughly the size of a nickel. I was wondering what is the cause of birthmarks and is there a way of gently removing it over time? I hear they can turn into cancer. Thank you!

-My father has atrial fibrillation and on several meds. His condition slowly seems to be getting worse. He is open to natural approaches. Right now started supplementing with magnesium citrate and eating a few bananas a day for the potassium content hoping to get his electrolytes balanced. Tried a couple of years ago weaning off his meds, but didn’t work out as we lost support of the naturapath we were working with. Curious what Dr. Daniels thoughts are on his condition and what would be the best way to work with her as he probably will need help slowly weaning off his meds?

-What might Dr. Daniels recommend for a person experiencing an intense “gnawing”-burning type pain in their digestive system that hasn’t responded to several months of high amounts of aloe vera, then several months of heavy daily collagen use, and then high doses of potent probiotics for three months straight. They are following a diet of fruits, vegetables and skin-on / bone-in whole chicken, with no grains or dairy for many years. Trying to eat beef liver the B-vitamins or any red meat seems to markedly increase the levels of pain, and using beef tallow for cooking to get vitamins A, D, E and K causes a sensation of being overly-“full” and is causes a loss of appetite for the rest of the day, so they use coconut oil. The sensation only goes away during and right after eating a meal, and slowly returns as the meal passes through – the pain often causes insomnia.

-Recently, you mentioned that even one alcoholic drink per WEEK can ruin a liver. How can someone drinking for decades one drink per DAY repair the said damage? 

-Is there a way to avoid vaccines when traveling outside the US?

-On Dr Daniels last show, she spoke about eating bacon or pork belly for anxiety. Can she explain  1. HOW these fats block adrenaline/toxins that causes anxiety? 2. HOW MUCH bacon per day per day should be consumed?

-Can Dr. Daniels recommend a device for measuring pollution?  My flat/apartment is above 8 lanes of traffic and is busy most of the time.

-For taking turpentine, I have found that powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar works better at absorbing the turpentine and makes it more palatable in the mouth.  Do you see any problem with this? 

-I am a 45 year old man with a long term dull pain (8 years) in my left testicle. At times the pain intensifies. How can I find out what is causing this ? and what could I do to remedy this symptom

-I’ve heard (I think on One Radio) that mammals should have a natural lifespan eight times the age of sexual maturity. That would be about 120 years for humans. Is this accurate…and am I crazy for being determined to live that long, healthfully, especially after fighting multiple health issues in my 40s?

-I don’t have an enlarged prostate, but I have to get up 2-3 times in the night to go to the bathroom. This can happen even if I have stopped fluid intake after 4pm in the afternoon. If I sleep deeper then I tend to get up less. In the daytime sometimes I can urinate and then I have to go again 30 minutes later. What in my physiology might be amiss? Do you have any tips on how I can lessen the urination frequency and perhaps sleep for longer durations?

-Does Dr. Daniels recommend a process for preserving bone broth? Currently, I make a big batch of broth and make soup and freeze some broth, but I heard that I can pressure can it in mason jars. I would like to try that so I can preserve it without the need for refrigeration.

-I emailed you the other day about the Molasses. I called Allied Old English the company that manufactures the Plantation Unsulphured Blackstrap molasses and that used to have a 42 calorie product and they said that they are not making it anymore – only the 60 calories! I told him about Dr. Daniels and said that many consumers will be looking for the less than 50 calorie molasses and that they should continue making it. If you found another source I would very much appreciate a link to purchase

-Recently I have noticed that if I scratch a scab…say from a mosquito bite . .I continue to bleed and bleed with blood continuously dripping . This is new. Whats going on and what do I need to do?

-What can be done to reverse cavities in teeth? 

-I have a family member with a alcoholism issue, would you have any insight as to how curb the urge for alcohol, and any supplements that can aid in the recovery? Thank you.

-What is natural remedy for itchy skin? My grandmother is suffering from a skin allergy and her skin is very itchy. She doesn’t eat dairy or wheat products

-I had a total hysterectomy when I was 39 I have taken bio identical hormones ON and OFF  since then: progesterone,  and the bio-estrogens. What can a person expect with a total hysterectomy as they age? If I did not take hormones to replace after the surgery would I be in trouble?

-Is there ever a time that Dr. Daniels would recommend tinctures? I heard her say that she prefers milk thistle seed over milk thistle tincture, but I was wondering about dandelion or chaga.

-I’ve been eating a lot of cooked millet (like a porridge) lately. Do you think this indicates a mineral deficiency? If so, which mineral(s) is my body wanting?

-What is going on when I eat something and get energy about 30 minutes later? I just keep thinking my body could not process two slices of cheese pizza that fast.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels M.D. answers many, many emails on healing on our own, December 18, 2018

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  1. January 9, 2019 @ 4:54 pm LucyL

    Patrick, we need to know more about the Singularity Dr. Daniels mentioned … who does she read on the subject, and who can you get on the show to educate us?


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