Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Author of The Lethal Dose: Murder By Medicine is No Accident

 Dr. Daniels is a former medical doctor who had her medical license suspended due to not prescribing enough drugs and truly healing her patients. Dr.Daniels is widely considered one of the foremost Alternative Healing Physicians alive today. She graduated from Harvard University with Honors receiving a BA degree. Her education continued at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Medical Degree (MD) and also attended Wharton where she received her MBA in Health Care Administration. She practiced medicine for 10 years as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician where she saw first hand the power of Natural Methods.
She has been coaching clients to successfully heal naturally since 1985. She is the author of the award winning book, Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?

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Consultation with Dr. Daniels: http://drjenniferdaniels.com/
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Show highlights:

Dr. D says that vaccines she received later in life, in Medical school was the cause for lack of energy and enthusiasm for life

Real clean tobacco is medicinal of sorts, used in gardens for pests and old times used it for parasites

Lance calls in from California and tells of his success with bone on bone knee with ham hocks and other Dr. Daniels recommendations

She says there is not true evidence science proving stem sells of any variety are beneficial

Dr. Jennifer says the H Pylori that showed up on Patrick’s labs is the antigen and not the actual evidence of bacteria

Parasites are often the cause for restless legs

Detoxing colon, liver, gall bladder et al appear to be necessary to ditch parasites as well as  elixirs to stun the little buggers

 Coffee enemas do, in fact, assist in better liver function

-Email from a listener: Please ask Dr. Daniels what causes reflux in newborns. What can I do to help my baby feel better? He also has a hard time sleeping and suffers from cradle cap and acne. I’m curious if these things are intertwined with the reflux as well

-Email from a listener: Hello Jennifer and Patrick, Owing to a poor dental solution, namely a computerized generated crown instead of a regular filling replacement when the old one fell out, the crown caused abrasion to both the cheek and the tongue leading to leucoplakia, the official diagnosis.

-Email from a listener:18 months ago the skin on the right side of my stomach and right side  became very sensitive. . I went for a private blood test  last week and they said I had an infection somewhere in my body. I’m  guessing the infection is in the above-mentioned area as that’s the only  problem I’ve got. Is there anything I could take for this instead of antibiotics? 

-Email from a listener: While my friend is working on what she had previously mentioned about eating ham-hocks to rebuild knee joint cartilage (from a “bone-on-bone” conventional diagnosis) what has Dr Jennifer Daniels seen to really help relieve serious knee pain very effectively in the mean time? 

-Thoughts concerning ( human stem cells ) for knee degeneration 

-Email from a listener: Please ask Jennifer why I feel like little bugs or whatever are crawling around my ankles or up my leg at times

-Email from a listener: I am 55 y.o. male in pretty good shape, I walk every day, I weigh 175 lbs, and drink 90 oz of water everyday as well. The last 4 nights I’ve been awoken by a rapid heartbeat of 145/100, typical rate is 120/75. Any thoughts, and take no medications. Thanks

-Email from a listener: My good friend is having trouble gaining weight. Her Dr. told her to drink whole milk and cream. So far it’s not working. Could it be all those additives? What would you recommend? Thank you both, Carole in Washington

Dr Daniels to talks about what she recommends for rebuilding the myelin sheath and get rid of autoimmune peripheral neuropathy muscle wasting and muscle weakness

-The brand of small willow flower tincture that she recommends.

-Updated Liver Flush (turpentine + olive oil) protocol how-to details

Dr. Jennifer Daniels M.D. takes a no holds barred attitude when dealing with the medical industrial complex, July 23, 2019 ONE

Dr. Jennifer Daniels M.D. takes a no holds barred attitude when dealing with the medical industrial complex, July 23, 2019 TWO

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  1. July 26, 2019 @ 6:16 pm Jeff

    Hi Patrick,
    Have you done Morley Robbins’ Full Monty with A&D blood test?

    Mag-Zinc-Copper Panel with Iron Panel + Vitamin A & D (10% off through July, 2019)

    Are you open to it? You can get your Full Monty blood work, and then you can have Morley on your show again to discuss it. He’s uncovered a lot of ceruloplasm related research since you last talked to him. For example, it was used in the 1950’s to end schizophrenia in 26 out of 30 patients. Poof – gone! It was also used to put an end to LSD trips in rhesus monkeys. It put an end to histamine problems, too. The result? It’s use was criminalized outside of very specific research projects.
    Do you know your magnesium RBC level? Is it around 6.5 or higher, or is it close to the around 5.0 or lower?


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