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We hear Dr. Ray Peat and Atom Bergstrom speak often of the work of Dr. Emanuel Revici. Dr. August was mentored by Revici. We hear about his work and how she applies it to her own work to prevent and treat all chronic and degenerative disease

Recognized as a pioneer, Dr. A began her pursuit of nutritional, environmental and energy medicine upon graduation from medical school in 1973. By 1978, she was integrating orthomolecular medicine, terrain analysis, whole food nutrition, Ayurveda and sensory integration in her holistic medical practice. A few short years later she was given a copy of Dr. Emanuel Revici’s “book”, Research in Physiopathology as a Basis of Guided Chemotherapy, With a Special Application to Cancer. She boarded a red-eye, met Dr. Revici early the next morning in his Manhattan clinic and began a tutelage that continues to define her life’s work: the critical roles lipids play in the initiation and perpetuation of chronic symptoms and disease.   

Dr. A founded Health Equations and the Blood Test Evaluation (BTE). The BTE is a computerized analysis of a chemistry profile, lipid panel and CBC that assesses the lipid defense and the means to restore it, essential for healing and health. With nearly 40 years of clinical observations and blood and urine testing, and commensurate with decades of biological farming developing ‘therapeutic lipids’, her profoundly transformative multimodal approach has helped thousands.

Dr. A offers her interpretations and applications of Dr. Revici’s profound research at and the Revici Journal. Dr. Revici was arguably fifty to one hundred years ahead of his time in his application of quantum physics to medical sciences. As a once-aspiring physicist, this alone propelled Dr. A to Dr. Revici. As a physician, she felt compelled, and in some palpable way responsible, to understand Dr. Revici’s ability to control pain and achieve remissions in terminal cancer patients with his non-toxic “guided chemotherapy”, even many cancers that conventional therapy failed to control. Most of the time his questions and solutions were as unprecedented as they were effective. While Dr. Revici was primarily focused on cancer, Dr. A’s research and therapeutics to prevent and treat all chronic and degenerative disease can transform 21st century medicine.

Read Revici’s Full Book

What was unique about Dr. Revici’s approach to medicine?  He brought physics into medicine, focused on lipids.

Cancer treatment hasn’t changed much in 40 years.  Has advanced in understanding immunity and focuses on it.

In contrast, Dr. Revici considered lipids an essential part of our defense.

Two kinds of pain.  Pain with acid urine vs. pain with alkaline urine.  Each requires different lipids.

Food doesn’t change lipid defense a lot.  Can’t treat cancer with food. 

Dr. Revici created therapeutic lipids from naturally occurring substances.  Also used therapeutic alcohols.

The cholesterol in LDL and in HDL is the same.  LDL and HDL are packages that carry cholesterol.  LDL delivers cholesterol to liver, HDL picks it up from tissues and brings it back to the liver.

One of cholesterol’s main purpose is regulating fatty acids.  It’s an anti-fatty acid, which is good because we want control of fatty acid.

What can we do day to day?  Sometimes the treatment is to eat cholesterol.

Low cholesterol could mean too many fatty acids.

Dr. August’s ideal LDL is 115.  Over 130 LDL means inflammation. 

Want fatty acids available to burn as fuel, so don’t want too high LDL, which is anaerobic metabolism. 

High or low LDL is a problem.  Statins don’t solve the problem.  Giving statins is like removing a warning light.

No right number for cholesterol.  Multiply LDL/HDL ratio times total cholesterol to get tissue cholesterol.  Should be 300-500.  In that range means lipid defense is working in your favor.

Low WBC counts means too many fatty acids.  Means immune defense working well, but lipid defense not working well enough.  Eat less carbohydrates; too much fruit is problematic.

Dr. August likes to blood test 3-4 hours after a normal meal to see how food is metabolized.

Low fasting blood sugar is usually because it spikes from food and then drops too low. Need to get on a diet balancing carb, fat, and protein.

Dr. August is now on a vegetarian diet.  Eats dairy from sheep.  Lots of lentils and beans.

Should Patrick’s low am fasting blood sugar (50)  be a concern?  Dr. August said to also look at other parameters.

Waking up during the night can be due to low blood sugar at the time.  Need stable blood sugar during day to be stable at night.

If your blood sugar is crazy, swinging high and low, you have too many fatty acids and lipid defense has been triggered.

You get plenty of fatty acids in foods.  She is opposed to eating oils, except olive or coconut oil.  Omega 6 in oils can be inflammatory.  Ghee is good. 

Triglycerides are free fatty acids.  High trigs means too many carbs.  Want non-fasting trigs around 100. 

Downsides from lactic acid buildup.  Causes chronic balances in electrolytes, losing minerals in urine.

Good breakfast is important.  But some people can do okay on one meal a day.

Atherosclerosis is a scar from a tear in the intima.  Can happen even with low cholesterol.  Caused by toxins in the environment.  Insulin is a toxin. 

What are most inflammatory foods? 

Sweating is THE way to reduce toxins.

When is oil vs. animal fat recommended?  Olive oil for someone with higher LDL, butter for someone with lower LDL.

Electrostatic vs. quantum forces.  The fundamental duality of life.

It’s all here, right now.   Healing can happen quickly, or can take time, depending on our state of consciousness.  Dis ease – without ease.

Thich Nhat Hanh beliefs.   Finding it in the body.  Breathing in calms the mind, breathing out calms the body and my body is at ease.

All membranes are made of lipids.  Hierarchical organization in the body.  Entities within entities.  With disease, they are no longer working well together.  Problems in lipid defense causes problems with membranes. 

Each mineral on the periodic chart corresponds to a different level of the body.  Supplements, especially fat-based ones like Vitamin D, affect lipid defense.  Beware.

Homotrophic vs. heterotrophic.  What does molecular hydrogen affect?  There’s nothing on its level.  Hydrogen is heterotrophic.  Helium is homotrophic.

Her therapies are available at

2 kinds of inflammatory fatty acids.  Most damaging is leucotrienes.  Lipid bound sulfur will stop this fatty acid in its tracks, nothing else will.  Used to treat COVID.

Is low cholesterol a problem?  If it’s always been low, leave it alone.

Why do some people not sweat?  Electrolytes are off.  They keep cell membrane charged.  A charged membrane is a healthy cell.

She recommends Selena Naturally Celtic Sea Salt Electrolyte Powder.  Same product coming out with molecular hydrogen in it at

Listener asks: Why does drinking large amounts of almost any liquid turn me alkaline within a matter of minutes?

Dr. August thinks of pH only in terms of lipid balance in the body.

Are Omega 3s negative?  Yes.  Large doses acutely can help heal, but they are toxins and shouldn’t be taken as a supplement.  Better to eat fatty fish.

Dr. August doesn’t practice medicine, gave up her medical license.  Don’t take what she says as medical advice.

Listener gives her lipid numbers.  LDL 145/ HDL 95 =1.52.  Times Tot Chol 278 = 424.  Tissue cholesterol is fine, but a high HDL indicates inflammation, and hers is way too high.  HDL over 70 is suspicious.  60 is perfect.  HDL <40 is probably genetic, with cardiovascular or diabetes in family history. 

Any benefit to a hair analysis?  Absolutely, if you have a skilled interpreter.

If medicine would follow Dr. Revici’s teachings and lead, it would be transformed.

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