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There’s more to this “Carbon Dioxide is Evil” meme than meets the eye.  Dr. Sircus talks about how to make more C02 internally for health and longevity.

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P) (acupuncturist, doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine) is a prolific writer and author of some astounding medical and health-related books. Dr. Sircus’s methods are based on medical science and long years of clinical experience, not only his own but experiences of doctors from around the world who have been practicing brilliant medicine.

His books are heavily referenced, but the layperson finds little difficulty in understanding his presentation of medical topics. For many years Dr. Sircus has been researching into the human condition and into the causes of disease; he has distilled many of the divergent medical systems into a new form of medicine that he has coined Natural Allopathic Medicine.

Natural Allopathic Medicine represents a new therapeutic principle that revolutionizes both allopathic and naturopathic medicine offering a radical shift in medical thought and practice. Dr. Sircus’s protocol addresses foundational physiology. It focuses on pH management, cell voltage, magnesium and iodine medicine, cannabinoid medicine, carbon dioxide medicine, re-mineralization of the body, increasing oxygen transport and oxygenation of the tissues, opening up of blood vessels, saturation and healing of cells with concentrated nutrition via superfoods, breathing retraining, emotional transformation processing, detoxification and removal of heavy metals and radioactive particles.

The exciting part of Dr. Sircus’s protocol is that it is easy to learn and anyone can start implementing it even while being treated by other approaches. Secondly, with a recent medical breakthrough—a legalized form of medical marijuana now available throughout the world—Dr. Sircus’s protocol is entirely legal.

With the publication of Dr. Sircus’s Treatment Essentials book, which actually teaches people to put into practice this medical approach, anyone will now have access to the information that will enable them to take charge of their own health.

Dr. Sircus’s approach is humanitarian because it pays attention to the majority who cannot afford expensive medical treatments or pharmaceutical drugs. With the Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol, people with limited funds can make use of the top three medicinals mentioned above—magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and iodine—to inexpensively treat most health problems. Add breathing retraining, CBD, superfoods, vitamin C, plenty of water good enough to be called a medicine, enough sun, daily magnesium massages and one will improve or cure almost any ailment.

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The Dose makes the poison.

Dr. Sircus is soon to launch an interactive group, that focuses on supporting the body to heal Cancer will cover many aspects that you may want to be part of.  Coming soon and we’ll tell you about it soon.

Dr. Sircus took one year to look into this thing called, man made global warming, now being called Climate Change.  Hear his opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly of this phenomenon.

There’s an interesting connection between the dreaded carbon dioxide and cancer.  Hint more carbon dioxide is not cancer causing

Dr. S suggests with the sun spot activity as it is, more rain and more disruption of agriculture may very well be in our future and food prices will reflect accordingly.

We have a good conversation on Vitamin D, the sun and such

He suggests all could do well with a half teaspoon of good ole’ banking soda every day

The basics:  Sun, Breath and Water are the sacred three to consider

Dr. Marc Sircus likes this product for getting baking soda, magnesium etc.  It is called PH adjust

Using baking soda, Magnesium flakes, Epsom Salts in your bath

Dr. Sircus gives his experience of longtime numbness in toes and feet going away when breathing hydrogen gas from our Aqua Cure device in our store

Dr. S suggests morning drink of Clay.  His favorite is Living Clay

fast breathing is a cause for cancer cells to grow and raise acidity.  He recommends a Frolov device to train us how to breathe slower

Dr. Sircus suggests working towards eight natural slow breaths per minute is a reasonable goal to train towards

He’s a big fan of magnesium supplementation, and has been for years.  Here’s one of his favorites for magnesium

Some emails:

Does Dr. Sircus have any internal and topical recommendations for erasing scar tissue on the surface of the skin, especially the kind created by very slow / non-healing wounds?

Ask Dr. Sircus if placing the biomodulator using patches in a Tesla circuit configuration creates internal H+, with sufficient water hydration….

Do you still use the large oxygen bag and oxygen concentrator now that you use the Hydrogen Aqua cure…….

Hi Dr. Sircus, in your previous December 2017 interview you talked about this in general terms,

could you please explain the details of your (EWOT) Exercise With Oxygen Therapy setup exactly

which models of Hydrogen generator and Oxygen concentrator machines do you use to

inflate your (EWOT) Exercise With Oxygen Therapy 900-Liter Maxx O2 inhalation bag?

What does Dr Sircus think about things like the 4, 7, 8 technique that yesterday’s guest taught us?  What about bueteko breathing? 

I really would love to get more of dr Sircus’ books.
I’m just kinda old fashioned and like a physical book.
Does he have any plans to publish any more physical books. ?? I’m sensitive to reading online. Gives me eye strain and headache.
Thank you… love your work….

Is dr sircus familiar with the Bemer mat for circulation?

D3-K2 740 X 90 Woman in the Sun

Dr. Marc Sircus on a wide variety of topics: Hydrogen, Cancer, Magnesium, Breathing, Vitamin D..and more, August 1, 2019 ONE

Dr. Marc Sircus on a wide variety of topics: Hydrogen, Cancer, Magnesium, Breathing, Vitamin D..and more, August 1, 2019 TWO

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  1. August 3, 2019 @ 10:32 am robert m. cohl, dc ccsp

    I disagree with the climate situation discussed in the beginning of the interview. What is the reason for the 90 degrees throughout Alaska this year? Unseen in 50 years. Greenland, glaciers all of the world are receding at a faster rate in the last 50 years and still accelerating yearly. Yes there are cycles: 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years. The bottom line is the waters throughout the world; ocean, rivers are all being adversely effected.


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