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Topic: German New Medicine

Dr. Melissa Sell is a chiropractor and Germanic New Medicine Consultant. She helps people to understand their symptoms from the GNM perspective, guides them in learning to trust their bodies, and teaches them mental shifts for creating a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.

Show highlights:

Dr. Melissa Sell is a Big Bear Lake chiropractor who is an authority on German New Medicine (GNM).

She relates how the originator of GNM, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, developed prostate cancer shortly after his son was shot to death.

This connection led to Dr. Hamer’s creation of German New Medicine.

Dr. Hamer mapped out the entire body, researching how shock is the cause of all “physical” disease.

Is cancer a disease or is it really a restoration process?

Is a breast lump part of a conflict resolution?

Are there different kinds of breast lumps requiring different resolutions?

What about germ theory? Are germs real or are they a psychological way of seeing the world?

Patrick and Dr. Sell discuss the placebo effect.

What allows us to be so afraid? What allows us to feel so separated?

“Our bodies are programmed with the Life Principle,” says Dr. Sell.

GNM is about getting past the fear and separation and realizing the Life Principle.

Our bodies have had great success in survival and reproduction. Our bodies are here to serve us, not kill us.

“People have been conditioned to believe that their bodies are out to get them,” according to Dr. Sell.

Our biology is here to resolve our conflicts and ensure our survival. It’s not here to make us sick and kill us.

“The body is a manifestation of thought.”

The ego is involved in sickness, and as Alan Watts noted, “Ego in a bag of skin.”

“There is no separation. There is no inside and outside.”

“Nothing can harm me because it’s all me.”

Is edema a “ball and chain conflict?” Or could it be a “fish out of water” issue?

How can you get past the idea that “something’s out there to get me”?

Returning to the COVID pandemic, Dr. Sell asserts, “None of this has power over me if I don’t give up my power to invisible boogeyman viruses.”

What’s the first step to take when resolving an issue?

“Who else inspired you besides Alan Watts?” asks Patrick. “Neville Goddard’s work has been transformative in letting me see the deeper truth of the body,” replies Dr. Sell.

Dr. Sells signs off, and Patrick says, “We’ll have her back. She’s got it going on.”

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Dr. Melissa Sell, and fabulous insights to The Soul, Mind, Body experience with German New Medicine, share this one for sure…January 28,2021

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  1. February 3, 2021 @ 4:53 am Jim from Santa Fe

    I would SELL my soul to be with a girl like that. She is the total package!


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