Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D

Renowned Nutritional Counselor

Ray Peat acquired his PhD from the University of Oregon with a specialization in physiology. He started his work on hormones in 1968 and wrote his dissertation in 1972 in which he outlined his ideas on progesterone and the hormones closely related to it. His main thesis is that energy and structure are interdependent at every level.

Before Chernobyl, media and science said global cooling was coming.  After Chernobyl, military needed to keep nuclear systems going, and we started seeing propaganda about the climate heating up and demonizing fossil fuels.

What explains the need to pee a lot?

Less undesirable deuterium in beet sugar from the Midwest rather than tropical cane sugar.

Where is the Covid thing going?

Why is someone experiencing face heat after being exposed to vaccinated people?  From nerves and nitric oxide production.  Want to decrease nitric oxide.  Possibly shedding of large molecules and nucleic acids. 

Someone can be identified from skin contact and their exhalation.  We’re always sharing.

Does DNA change?  Do we modify it through our state of consciousness?  What’s the difference between DNA and the gene?  Do genes matter?  What are endosomes and exosomes?

Could extremely low DHEA levels after adrenectomy explain why a guy wouldn’t respond to thyroid supplementation?

What does Dr. Peat think of homeopathy?  Does Gilbert Ling’s work support it?

Was homeopathy the original idea of vaccines?

Our immune system is much more than antibodies.  Paul Ehrlich used extremely toxic chemicals, promoted by drug industry, with staining specificity to win the 1908 Nobel Prize.  These toxic chemicals evolved into antibodies.

Fermented foods can act like antibiotics, but they are extremely variable and can produce carcinogenic effects.

Polio vaccines did nothing to stop polio symptoms caused by pesticides.  The polio vaccination by itself is causing paralysis.

Is small pox in the future of humanity?  Spread more by touch. 

Dr. Thomas Cowan says cells are more like a gel like material.  In the 30s and 40s, membrane theory and sodium pump theory gained ascendancy.  Gilbert Ling in the 50s predicted the outcome of that research.  In 60s those were proven to be impossible fantasies. 

Ling’s bottom line: Processes don’t take energy to survive.  Energy is needed to adapt.  ATP isn’t true.  No blood brain barrier to fat.

Why is coconut oil good?  It’s saturated.  We can get  -9 fat from saturated fat and carbohydrates.  Better to eat saturated fat – butter is best. 

Imbalances of Vitamin D, thyroid, and balance of calcium and phosphate can create an illusion of diabetes.

A 9 year old suddenly can’t swallow.  Check the thyroid and allergic sensitivities.

Recommended TSH is 0.4 and downward.   Those ranges are free of thyroid cancer.

50 Years of Fraud – Peat article on TSH.  TSH is an active factor in the deficiency of thyroid disease.

Why do people have freckles?  They are an irritated, inflammatory reaction.

How to restore gray hair to one’s natural hair color?  Iron and other competing chemicals can displace copper, which is needed for making melanin.

Water from a copper vessel – okay if the water isn’t acidic (want it to be pH 7 or 8).

Can COPD be helped?

Minerals for tooth health?

Do the Covid vaccines have peanuts in them?

What about essential oils like DoTerra?

What about a red, bumpy, skin eruption 3” in diameter?  Usually an allergy, often something that was eaten.

How does a woman know she’s at risk for osteoporosis without x-rays?  Ultrasound is better than x-ray, measures strength rather than just density.

Is Vitamin K2 better to use than Vitamin K1 on a long term basis?

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    FYI on solar cycles from December 2013:



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    Great show Dr Peat and Patrick! I could listen to you for hours. Your deep knowledge is much valued and appreciated


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    Excellent, as usual.


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