Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D

Renowned Nutritional Counselor

Ray Peat acquired his PhD from the University of Oregon with a specialization in physiology. He started his work on hormones in 1968 and wrote his dissertation in 1972 in which he outlined his ideas on progesterone and the hormones closely related to it. His main thesis is that energy and structure are interdependent at every level.

We start off talking about Ray Peat’s soon to be released news letter on progesterone, estrogen and how it relates to so many facets of our health.

Thyroid function is tied into these and Dr. Peat gives dietary and lifestyle ideas and the proper use of progesterone that most every one can benefit froma little dab every day.

He suggests the ways that estrogen is measured today by all doctors, including “natural” doctors is simply not accurate method of knowing estrogen levels.

PUFA’s play a big role in keeping the balance happy and snappy.

Dr. Peat elaborates on the most popular ways to take in progesterone and the best way to do it.

He suggests that a TSH level above 0.4 is telling that Mr. and Mrs. Thyroid is not up to speed and a little piggy thyroid just may help with not much downside.

Dr. Peat suggests that a urine sample most times of the day ideally is about a pH of 6.8 to yield the necessary blood 7.4 pH

He suggest low fat milk offers the best absorption of calcium rather than full fat and explains why. 

A few questions from listeners:

What can I do about SEVERE depression...it's pretty, pretty bad... has no relation to covid-19?
Dear Ray Peat, I have a 38 yo daughter who back in October 2020, decided to have a tubal ligation.  Now she’s experiencing great hormonal changes, PMS symptoms, anxiety, anger issues, night sweats, etc.  What can she do to counteract these symptoms from having the tubal ligation? 

I bought some Progesterone cream 5% 50mg per pump to try before I eat my meals. My question is that my insulin levels are low already. I am at a 2.2 right now. So if I start taking this Progesterone to block some adrenaline because I have all the other symptoms will it have an adverse effect on my already low insulin level?  Or is it just that my insulin is already under control?

What is the highest dose of vitamin D3 in international units that one can supplement daily over the long-term (forever), and what would be the benefits to taking a higher dose of D3 daily over the long-term
Are caffeine pills a good alternative to coffee if they are used with plenty of sugar or milk? They are a much cheaper way to reap the powerful benefits of caffeine, and I plan to use them long-term.

Per your last show, have tried adding orange juice to treat type II diabetes, but it has raised the blood sugar. What is your OJ protocol to use that will begin lowering it?

I get intrusive thoughts and an excited mind within an hour or two every time I eat any food that has any small amount of fiber like raw carrots, sugar apples, sapotes, mangoes etc. But I do very well on lactose free-milk and white rice. What can I do to be better able to tolerate these foods?”

My wife got the mRNA vaccine (I'm not vaccinated and don't plan on getting it) back in May and experienced a period of a month and a half of not getting her period. She finally got it and said it was extremely painful and says it's a genetic thing not because she got the jab. She is also anemic, should we focus on giving her progesterone and supplementing thyroid to help?

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