You liked him so much a couple of weeks ago, we had him back!!!

Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D

Renowned Nutritional Counselor

Nearly Two hours  with Dr. Peat answering lots and lots of emails and some good old fashioned probing questions by Patrick

Ray Peat acquired his PhD from the University of Oregon with a specialization in physiology. He started his work on hormones in 1968 and wrote his dissertation in 1972 in which he outlined his ideas on progesterone and the hormones closely related to it. His main thesis is that energy and structure are interdependent at every level.

We started the show by asking Dr. Peat how he discerns quality information and research from the fake news stuff

He says the most often asked questions are regarding:  Hair loss and obesity

You will get an interesting history less on Armour Thyroid, desiccated piggie thyroid and why he now prefers synthetic thyroid

We dig into T4, T3, TSH levels and understanding the relationships and the challenges of balancing all the numbers

Body temperature remains a key barometer in thyroid functionality

Here’s the website in Mexico to purchase thyroid drugs without a prescription

We learn more and more why the polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish and other oils are dangerous to consume

How Vitamin C works at the cellular level

Dr. Peat suggests bone broth best made with bones other than marrow as they have an over abundance of iron in the marrow

-Dr. Ray Peat fielded many emails on a wide range of subjects which are below:

-Thank you for having Dr Peat, I love his work! Question: I’ve been eating pretty „peaty” for past 1.5 year (little beef liver, eggs, milk, OJ, bone broth, almost Zero PUFA, good sourdough bread, ripe fruits and cooked root veggies, Swiss and Parmesan  cheese and raw carrot a day. I feel much better, my temps are higher, I sleep better my digestion is better I’ve never had any allergies or food intolerance and non of these foods are new to me. However I get horrible painful acne behind my ears and chin below ears. Even if I back off liver it doesn’t change. What can be causing this acne? Nothing on my face just chin below ears and some on shoulders…

-Hey Patrick. Could you ask Ray Peat if it’s not too late, about the cell membrane and if it us not made of calcium and phospholipids to share what he believes. Does he believe the cell membrane is polarized water?

1.Is it safe to raise cholesterol levels by supplementing with dried cholesterol powder ?

-My second question is about thyroid

2. Is it possible to become thyroid toxic from T4/T3 supplementation. i.e. can the body store too much T4 and cause problems

-People with kidney disease & ammonia overload are being told to avoid potatoes because of excess potassium.Is there anything to this or is it just more mainstream medical mythology?

-Hi Ray and Patrick! Thank you Dr. Peat on all your food wisdom! I want to ask you about ingesting food grade turpentine and the pros vs. cons on doing this? Is there a right way to use this and if so, what do you recommend?
-If I may also ask about most of my life I never really had a menstrual cycle and began in 9th grade. I also despised the idea as my 5th grade introduction about having a period upset me very strongly. I simply decided in my mind not to ever have one! Not sure if this was part of it yet maybe a dozen times I ever had one and I am now 56. I have bloated belly and probably hormone problems with not having them. Also when I lay flat on back my belly has a lump on left and right approximately where ovaries might be. What kind of problems would this create please? Any suggestions to heal this?

1. Dr Peat mentioned on previous show that Hashimoto’s is NOT really an autoimmune condition caused by immune system attacking own thyroid tissue. Could he kindly elaborate on the mechanisms and reasons of why the the body starts producing these antibodies against thyroid?

2. Medical Medium, Anthony William claims that Hashimoto’s immune response is really a body attacking a chronic Epstein-Barr virus hiding in the thyroid. What does Dr. Peat think of this virus theory?

-I consume 325 mg of aspirin right before bed and 625 mg upon waking mainly for joint pain. It helps a lot. How much vitamin K would you suggest I use? Do I need it daily or weekly? Thank you

-What could cause hot flashes to start up again after over 10 years of not having any? Have been taking nature thyroid for several years

-My wife a woman aged 62 had a total hysterectomy  ” all female  ovaries removed” Can she live well without  estrogen ?  She takes Bi Estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid.
I know Ray is kind of anti  Estrogen ?

-Does Dr Peat recommend supplementation with Vitamin B12 – to either meat-eaters or non-meat-eaters, – and if yes, what type of cobalamin/B12 does he recommend?

-What role does water play in regulating body temperature? Can hydration keep my fingers warmer in the winter?

-Do coffee enemas deplete iron or is donating blood the only way to lower excess iron?

-Can you explain the difference between hydrogenated coconut nut oil and extra virgin coconut oil?

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Dr. Ray Peat PhD with a wide ranging show on a wide variety of health topics, February 19, 2019

'Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D – Thyroid Is The Master Gland – PUFA’s, Orange Juice, Sugar and Much More – February 19, 2019' have 6 comments

  1. February 20, 2019 @ 7:00 pm Daniel

    what is the brand of that thyroid medicine from Mexico, that Ray Peat is saying? I can’t figure out how to spell it or find it online. .Zeno Plus or Ceno Plus?


  2. February 23, 2019 @ 10:12 am Antoinette

    It is Cynomel (T-3) and CynoPlus (T-4) and it is currently available from mymexicandrugstore.org


  3. February 23, 2019 @ 10:45 am Antoinette

    Wow – http://www.farmaciadelnino.mx/product_info.php/products_id/491 offers Cynomel 25mcg 100 tablets for a lot less money than mymexicandrugstore.org Good to know!


  4. February 28, 2019 @ 6:25 am Max

    Patrick, what a great show! Would be great if you could invite Dr. Peat still another time. There so many questions we could still ask him. For example, what does he thinks of probiotics? It seems that he does not like foods that breed bacteria in a gut, while milk seems to be highly probiotic. Also would be great to hear his advise on how to stimulate progesterone production. What about teeth and sugary fruit that he advocates?


  5. March 8, 2019 @ 3:33 pm Elliott T.

    It is good to know a little of history about saunas. Patrick ran an ad on infrared sauna. Although sauna is often associated with Scandinavia, there is evidence it was taught to Eric The Red in Canada by First People. An important part of the therapy is rubbing the skin to remove dead skin cells for improved porosity. The Spitz Baths of central Europe are authorized as part of their socialized medicine; but the origin of hot baths was from Roman conquests. Rome was built on a swamp, and they quickly learned that inducing fever through hot spas worked as a therapy for malaria. Gary Null attempted to spread a therapy from Italy at the time of AIDS panic. The therapy involved taking the blood and exposing it through tubes in hot water then returned to the bloodstream as done with kidney dialysis. It is not coincidental that this therapy originated in Italy. (We now know that the AIDS virus was never isolated, and therefore never proven.)


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