Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D

Renowned Nutritional Counselor

Ray Peat acquired his PhD from the University of Oregon with a specialization in physiology. He started his work on hormones in 1968 and wrote his dissertation in 1972 in which he outlined his ideas on progesterone and the hormones closely related to it. His main thesis is that energy and structure are interdependent at every level.

Bathing in a bag filled with carbon dioxide.  Get CO2 from a welder’s shop.

Pure oxygen is the worst thing you can breathe.  Reduces circulation to the brain.  Need to add CO2 (carbogen).  It reduces edema and reduces toxic effects of ammonia.  Used to treat altitude sickness.

Urea part of benefit of urine therapy.

Molecular hydrogen for stroke patients?  It’s anti-inflammatory and prevents clots.

Progest-E for stress or correction of estrogen excess.

Strophanthin is similar to digitalis or estrogen in effect.

In 2018 Dr. Simoncini sent to prison by Italy for 5 ½ years for culpable manslaughter when his patient died after baking soda treatment for cancer.

Atom says orange juice cured his edema. 

Phil asks about shitake or oyster mushrooms.  Oysters mushrooms are great.

How to increase white blood cell count?  Usually sign of stress or infection.

Dysmenorrhea in 45 y.o. woman.  Hypothyroidism is main cause, leading to high estrogen and low progesterone. 

Any bad effects from cascara sagrada?  If very well aged and dark color, It doesn’t have negative stimulating effects.  Intestine secrets more water, decreases inflammation, prevents over dehydration of stool.  Taken off market by FDA, pharmaceutical laxative replacement caused death of the colon.

Slow digestion and low thyroid is primary causes of constipation.  Bulk fiber will stimulate peristalsis and eliminate toxic irritants.  Daily grated carrot with vinegar, salt, olive oil is good fiber.  Bamboo shoots and mushrooms are great.  If intestine is very inflamed, avoid psyllium husks.

Is Progest-E for females anabolic?  If dose is too low, does it become estrogen?  It’s antagonistic to cortisol and aldosterone, anti-catabolic, neutral for muscles.

Does T3 increase inflammation levels? No.  Use anti-histamines and thyroid for overactive bladder.

Cyproheptadine is a safe antihistamine.

Hypothyroidism is cause of high estrogen.

Fatty acid composition charts show PUFA concentration in foods.

PUFAs are not an essential nutrient, per evidence since the 1930s.  Is a hormone disrupter.

Urtica and geroderma involves concentrated mast cells.  Drop in blood sugar.  Antihistamines are first treatment.

How to eliminate cataracts?  Prevention – keep PUFAs low.  Very good living conditions can cause them to slowly fade over decades.

Hydrogen peroxide in bath is bad for the skin.

Chlorine dioxide (MMS) and DMSO both cause problems with thyroid because of their high sulfur.  Flowers of sulfate are good. 

Minimize treatments when pregnant.

Clogging feeling of mucus when swallowing could be from swollen thyroid gland.  Check TSH.

Dysmorphic is misperceiving the amount of fat in the belly.

Pig thyroid vs. prescription kind.  Medicine today wants people to avoid T3, but estrogen inhibits ability to convert T4 to T3, so levothyroxine problematic for women.  Cynoplus is closest to traditional Armour with balanced T4 to T3.  Available from Mexican pharmacy.

Can you get too much progesterone?  What would the symptoms be?  Too much can cause sleepiness.  Can use Progest-E to induce sleepiness.

Long term effects of ivermectin?  Safe if following anti-worm dosing.  Take a few milligrams on a few days.

What is your liver doesn’t convert T4 to T3?  Other organs will also make the conversion.

Arrhythmia of heart –causes are low progesterone, high estrogen, low thyroid leading to high adrenaline, higher clotting.  Increase orange juice and milk intake to stabilize system.

Eye bags can be caused by stress and too much fat.  Puffy can be not enough thyroid.

Receding hair in a 50 year old male?  Hair loss can be starved hair follicle, blocked thyroid function, low vitamin D and calcium.  Get whole metabolism at a higher level. 

Temperature first thing in the morning is important.  Dr. Broda Barnes says should be 97.8-98.2° when waking, 98.6° midday.  Mouth or electronic infrared eardrum are only reliable thermometers.

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  1. February 22, 2022 @ 11:32 pm Guyfranke

    Why all the craze about breathing in CO2 now ? Isn’t that what plant life is supposed to do and not animal life ?
    We’re not born with masks over our mouth and nose nor plastic bags around our body.
    The body is getting too much oxygen now ?? WhaT ? And piss ? Its is an excrement like sweat and bowel movements. Meant to leave the body. Just like the exhaust from the lungs removing what is not supposed to be in the body anymore.
    Algae and trees take the CO2 that we exhaust and convert it back to oxygen into the air.
    Plants exhaust O2 and animals exhaust CO2…the cycle of mutually beneficial symbiotic life here on this planet.
    We have less trees on the planet these days and a growing human population with more CO2 exhausted to go around…that’s a good thing ? Interesting. Maybe to feed the trees and algae ?


    • February 23, 2022 @ 10:19 am patrick

      Retaining more CO2 by not over breathing is highly beneficial. See Buteko Breathing. It’s just a fact of life.

      An example is “anxiety attacks” is simply over breathing because of the mind chasing the mind. Breathing pure oxygen in hospitals is dangerous and started
      abound 1980.
      As far as urine. Urine therapy has been around since forever. Research and you can learn.


      • February 23, 2022 @ 11:40 am Guyfranke

        So the body is operating in error when it naturally “over-breathes” during a mental fight or flight episode called anxiety and we’re supposed to out think its innate survival mechanisms with stopping the over-breathing and contain the CO2 and whatever else is not being allowed to exit the body during its natural response to a mental panic episode aka fear response ?
        I think the stress of a panic episode of fear brings on the fight or flight physiology in the body and a high cellular acidity condition develops from jacking the metabolic burn rate (excitatory) producing a lot of carbonic acid then as CO2 to be expelled via the lung tissues. Happens in exercising as our body naturally ups the respiration rate to exhaust excess acidity. Fear is mental without the physical (exercise) but still producing those chemistries that signal increased respiration rate…done naturally and without having to cognitively “out-think” what the innate intelligence is and has been doing for eons.
        But I know what you say is true Pat about panic attacks being aided by slowing “relaxing” the mind and distracting it by concentrating on breath… slowing down the breath maybe use paper bag technique like for hiccups . And Ray continues to fascinate me with his discoveries. I think I will deep dive this subject of carbon dioxide further. :)
        CHeers !!


  2. February 23, 2022 @ 9:37 am David Clark

    go to an ozone supply place, like Promolife, and you can find full body bags that are used for ozone bagging. You can then use CO2 instead of ozone.


  3. February 23, 2022 @ 9:40 am Rose

    Amazon sells 96 gallon black garbage bags. :)


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