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Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine.
Meridian Grace has over 40 years of experience and worked with thousands of clients. Since she was 14 years old, she knew that high quality life includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Tirelessly researching all these years, she integrates the wisdom of the ancients with the most up to date technology. She continually attends workshops, classes, and seminars to explore new ideas and technology in all aspects of the holistic health field. Meridian greets you with a compassionate listening heart.

Massey and Meridian

Show Highlights:

-Meridian explains her morning detox routine. Takes 1,000 mg. dose niacin, which lyses fats and releases toxins, does 10 minutes of Zaaz machine exercise, then a coffee enema, then into the sauna while listening to good stuff and doing breath of fire with focus on exhaling through nose. Based on Dr. Hu’s protocol.

-Many benefits of C60 charcoal. Take internally to detox and get rid of gas, but drink additional water – need full body weight in ounces. Use topically to relieve bites. Toxin Buster in ORN store is C60 charcoal. Take 1-2 capsules/day. Rats live 43% longer when given C60.

-Healing story using Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine. Client had surgery for colon cancer, found spots on the liver and brain and enlarged lymph nodes. Told him cancer does not spread; 3 spots means there are 3 separate stories the body is trying to tell. Client told all 3 stories. Liver and brain spots were gone and lymph nodes normal.

-Patrick has been saying he wants more muscle. His Ayurvedic doctor said he needs to eat more, like a fat person, and his stomach will eat up his excess acid. The stomach had heard Patrick’s attention and generated lots of acid for the protein it was expecting because he intended to have bigger muscles.

-A couple both went on KetoOS. She lost weight, and the man, who needed to lose weight, didn’t. People of some ancestries, such as Jewish, hold fat at all cost because of prior ancestral ghetto experiences. Some people needed to be small in order to hide – their descendants will be thin. We have to be the living answer of what our ancestors suffered with. Today we need to tell the story and reprogram by handing the feelings back. Some people can gain weight by eating nothing by converting air to water weight. Part of the issue is lack of awareness of our programs.

-TheNeuroLight.com has a flashing light and sound device to increase brain plasticity. Light waves feed the mitochondria of the brain. 3 parts – brain food, brain gym, brain skills. Use meridiangrace@gmail.com as the refer.

-Patrick had a session with Wieteke, who channels Arjun, and had his body scanned by ETs.

-Our biology relives things on anniversaries. When we move, our biology remembers every move our ancestors made in the last 3 generations. Remembering can set us free.

-Protect the brain and male genitalia from sauna heat by covering them with a wet towel. Alternate hot and cold showers 3x after the sauna. Put ice above right ear to stop a heart attack. Ouabain (strophanthine) from teebrasil.com changes lactic acid to pyruvic acid and stops heart attacks. Ouabain also available from Dr. Massey and Meridian. 3-20 drops 3 times a day for heart problems.

-George asks about a meningioma in his brain. 85% are benign. A thickness in the brain means it’s feeling attacked. What is the story of why it’s feeling attacked? Prior attack to the person or an ancestor. Ketogenic diet could be helpful, also release from toxins. Dr. Thomas Seyfried “Cancer As A Metabolic Disease”. Michelle Lamasa-Schrader’s son had a brain tumor that responded to telling the story of an attack.

-Roger in Florida asks about cellulitis in his leg that developed from inflammation after a bruise. Recommendations to soak in tepid pure water with 2% hydrogen peroxide and DMSO, also salt-turpentine pack on point of injury. Homeopathic recommendations. Arnica 200C for pain.

-MMS available from Dr. Massey and Meridian. Also www.wps4sale.com.

-Dr. Jennifer Daniels is best authority on turpentine usage.

-Parasite issues – ask who in my life is the parasite who is draining me?

-Mold can be a death that has not been grieved. Brain is showing that something hasn’t been processed and made into something useful, which is the role of mold and yeast in nature.

-If you criticize something, it just creates more karma with that entity.

-Contemplate is a new template. Contemplate talking to the God or Master.

-Listener asks about an ear issue after a cold. Maybe just needs more time. Is it on the anniversary of a project purpose? As an infant, all senses are attuned to the mother. If a separation event, all can act up. Right ear or left ear? Right ear – an anniversary of being told words didn’t want to hear. Left ear – takes in words we want to hear.

-Susan has spleen and tummy issues. See Dr. Massey/Meridian’s Awakening Health YouTube channel. Bone broth would be warming. Pancreas, stomach, spleen has to do with the color yellow and the earth element.

-Is blood type diet legitimate? Dr. Massey thinks you need to look at 8 antigens. Suggested diet doesn’t matter if you don’t have a leaky gut, no antigens get in the bloodstream. Colostrum, glutamine helps seal gut. Restore helps leaky gut from glyphosate.

-Listener did juice fasting – lost fat in the cheeks and looks gaunt. Juicing is for cleansing. Use a EM Wave – hook up and write a letter to your face. Apply Andreas seed oils or avocado oils to face.

-Is recall healing different from doing Louise Hays affirmations? If not in touch with unconscious mind, use the EM Wave. If it doesn’t turn green, body is not buying the affirmation. Recall healing gets down to where the biological programs live, which were installed at 1 year old. Language doesn’t get to these deep levels. Also ask, why do I know this abandonment issue is clearing? Byron Katie worksheets to reprogram. Our unconscious believes the opposite of the conscious.

-Breathe Easy from Iodine Source for clearing molds and toxins from the lungs.

-Validity of iodine patch test controversial but probably valid for seeing a trend in iodine body stores. People can feel bad from high iodine doses because it kicks out fluoride, bromide, and chloride.

-Thyroid receptors blocked by heavy metals. Sulfur salts to clear them out. Experiment with iodine to see if it changes Broda Barnes’ underarm basal body temperatures – ideal is 97.8-98.2 F. If breathing through mouth at night, mouth will cool air down, whereas underarm is warm during night.

-Itchy shins – could mean separated from pleasure or disconnected from one’s emotions. The legs are the mother. Is this an anniversary or issue with mother?

-Dr. Massey’s supplements really weren’t radioactive. High readings were from background radiation from where they were stored. Has hot spots in his house. Lists the supplements he’s taking. Doing fewer enemas – if I spend all my time cleansing, the universe thinks I enjoy it, and sends more toxins. Spend more time loving and serving instead. Matt Kahn YouTube “The End of the Old Paradigm”. The body has an intelligence and works on things in its order.

-Robert has a heart CT calcium score of 749. Significance depends on symptoms or family history. Vast majority of heart attacks occur in areas where arteries are open, not those that are closed. Collateral circulation is what’s important. High calcium means issues with territory. Not enough Vit K. EDTA Chelation challenge test – if high calcium levels in urine, can do EDTA IVs. Vitamin C and lysine for clearing out the arteries. Testosterone supplements – cream better than shots. Put on at night, when we’re anabolic.

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