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Minerals for the Genetic Code


Many diseases are a result of a mineral deficiency or a mineral toxicity. It’s very easy to have minerals out of balance. Supplementing with calcium for instance, may cause a magnesium deficiency, which in turn can cause heart disease. Too much fluoride can cause an iodine deficiency, which may result in diseases such as hypothyroid and breast cancer. High levels of aluminum can displace boron, and result in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Minerals play a crucial role when it comes to our DNA. Proper genetic expression is impossible if there are too many, or too little of any particular mineral. In other words, you need to have the right minerals in the right balance in order for your genes to produce healthy cells.

Dr. Richard Olree is a brilliant mineral and genetics expert, as well as a sought out chiropractor. He has studied the interactions of minerals for over 30 years, and has made some incredible discoveries. He has found that our genome calls for 64 minerals. If a trace mineral is unavailable to make the amino acid required by the DNA code, the human system will try another way, using a different set of amino acids and minerals. This can have profound impacts on health.


Show Highlights:

Most of the conventional “Trick or Treat” Candies out there have aluminum in them

Aluminum in food coloring’s are hidden land mines for the brain and Dr. Olree describes the process of how the aluminum messes with brain function.

The spinal fluid, and Dr. Olree is a Chiropractor of 38 years,  has about 50 minerals swirling around at all times

Boron, which appears to be in short supply in humans, is in well grown fruit

The proper probiotics are mission critical to make the vitamins and thus the minerals absorb able and Dr. Olree only uses and recommends Living Streams for himself and patients. .  

He talks quite a bit about hair analysis, urine and stool samples to give true snap shots of health in difficult cases

80% of us human creatures appear to be low on Iodine.  Here’s are favorite from Iodine Source

Lengthening ones telomeres, the ends of of the DNA extends the life of our body

Dr. Olree wrote about Sulfur and longevity

“A new paper came out describing how to regenerate telomeres, and when they release the sequence it was in the language provided by minerals for the genetic code. It only consisted of six letters and when I run it through the program it indicates that chlorine and sulfur are the two most important minerals for regenerating the telomeres after genetic activity.

There’s a place to do an Iodine Loading Test, Dr. Olree talks about during the show.

Dr. Olree makes a great mineral product called The Grand Unified Mineral Complex  Here’s a link to his site and store:

  Dr. Olree’s Grand Unified Mineral Complex

Dr. Richard Olree on minerals, Iodine, Boron, Telomeres…just for starters…October 29, 2018

'Dr. Richard Olree – Minerals are His Specialty and He Knows His Stuff – October 29, 2018' have 2 comments

  1. November 1, 2018 @ 3:06 pm Matt G Rhoads

    Would have been nice to expand on the no gallbladder and HCL levels, how to maintain it without a gallbladder.


  2. December 25, 2019 @ 3:47 pm Betty Sandage

    How can I get rid of cysts on my ovaries and cervix. Is it just something in vitamins that I’m missing


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