Dr. Samantha Bailey

Content creator, medical author & health educator, and co-author of Virus Mania

After training and practicing within the medical system for two decades, she commenced a new phase of understanding and promoting health as a wider concept.

In 2019, Sam launched her YouTube channel exposing the hidden scientific truths about health.

A few years later and after taking the red pill, Bailey’s channel has become a runaway hit with 20+ million views and 300,000+ subscribers to help people understand the simple ways they can take control of their health.

She is the co-author of Virus Mania, which examines how the medical industry continually invents epidemics to make billion-dollar profits at our expense.

Remembering the moment of discovering there is no COVID virus.  Key role of Virus Mania book, now a co-author.

HIV and COVID used same roll-out techniques.  They are a lesson in how people can be tricked.  A mass psychosis. 

Exposing the lies of virology.  There will be another virus coming.

Why did so many people develop symptoms?  Mass psychological torture, isolation, toxins, poor nutrition, germ theory belief.

Is getting cold or flu a detoxification process?

With fever, doctors believe that you have an infection unless proven otherwise. 

In their training, doctors are ridiculed if they don’t believe in germ theory.  They aren’t bad, they just don’t know better and accept dogma.

Watch Dr. Bailey’s videos on Odysee.com.   Videos may be her calling.

Why is it so that important that COVID be isolated well?

Microbes are our friend.

Dr. Bailey Initially refused the COVID jab because there was no long term trial.  Now troubled by the ingredients and taking something for something that doesn’t exist.

No indication for measles vaccinations.  Read Dissolving Illusions and watch The Viral Delusion.It’s all made up.

They want vaccines for everything, not just infections.

They can’t prove that viruses get transmitted.

How did families all get COVID at the same time?  Clustering is bogus.

The Invisible Rainbow shows exposure to the same electromagnetic fields can cause hibernation.


Air pollution in Wuhan and Italy as a cause for COVID outbreaks there.

Autoimmune conditions are said to be the body attacking itself.  A result of thinking something is out to get you.

Parasites have been living with us for eons.  What is the body trying to do with parasite or fungal infections?

Anti-fertility vaccines for population control.  E.g. Tetanus shots in Tanzania laced with sterility ingredients.

COVID scam forced Dr. Bailey to look at life differently, with good consequences despite losing YouTube outlet and medical practice.

Can’t leave New Zealand without a vaccine now.  But future plans for a documentary in Mexico about the contagion myth.

'Dr. Samantha Bailey – Exposing the Lies of Virology;  There Will Be Another Virus Coming – April 5, 2022' have 7 comments

  1. April 7, 2022 @ 7:43 am John Schmitt

    Outstanding interview with great guest!!!! Please bring Dr. Bailey on again soon!!!


  2. April 7, 2022 @ 10:34 am Jenny

    What a wonderful charming authentic guest ! Thank you. Bring her back on. ~


  3. April 7, 2022 @ 2:29 pm Lynn Wright

    What a wonderful woman, I have been watching her videos for quite some time. Nice to hear more of her story. And so you know, you both made me cry. Yes, we are here, now, for a reason. Let us be guided in how we use this opportunity to emlighten others, show them how we came to the truth and have no fear of this unseen boogeyman virus!


  4. April 10, 2022 @ 8:17 pm Guyfranke

    We either confront the lies or continue to live deluded in the lies. Virus theory is just one out there.
    Doctors are trained differently and just don’t know things that are being challenged in the bioscience world ? or cannot challenge a probable fault within the science ?? Wait….so we must pardon them?? Really ? They should be the first to realize the lies WITHIN SCIENCE !! What’s up ? They are complicit to the lies because of the cashflow incentives in their medical/pharmaceutical/biomedical devices world. They look the other way and allow corrupted science to establish medical practice protocols.
    Cheers !!


  5. April 23, 2022 @ 9:17 am Anthony

    I really think Sam Bailey and your listeners should read Toxic Psychiatry by Peter Breggin (I know Peter has been a guest on your show). It’s not just virology that needs to be re-examined, psychiatry needs to be looked at as well and it helps to paint a clearer picture of our current predicament.


    • April 23, 2022 @ 9:22 am patrick

      Thanks, Dr. Bailey talked about the fear component to all of this and we muse about this aspect of this debacle ongoing.


      • April 24, 2022 @ 8:23 am Anthony

        What I mean is that there’s a lot more insight to be gained into the playbook of big pharma by looking at Breggin’s decades worth of research on the subject of psychiatry. Breggin has also published a very comprehensive book on COVID recently.

        I enjoyed the show with Sam Bailey, the virus mania book really is a great source of hidden information.


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