Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman

COVID Truth Warriors and Organizers of The True Healing Conference

Dr. Tom Cowan is an innovative Health Coach who gave up his California medical license after becoming disenchanted with his former profession’s small-mindedness and harmful disinformation. He has served as vice president of the Physicians Association for Anthroposophical Medicine and is a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. He is the author of “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”, “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”, and co-author of “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness”.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is a New York psychiatrist and a prominent voice in exposing the Covid-19 hoax. He has received thousands of views on online video-sharing platforms for exposing the “global agenda” and the “manufactured crisis” of the Great Reset. The American public knew virtually nothing about “exosomes” and extracellular vesicles until Dr. Kaufman gained an ever-growing audience of truth-seekers.

Patrick King in Alberta province got Provincial Health Minister to admit there is no verifiable material evidence that Covid-19 exists.  Court lifted quarantines, contract tracing mandates, and fines.

Register at ORN for Virtual 2021 True Healing Workshop is October 9-10, workshops October 16.  Drs. Cowan, Kaufman, Brogan, David Icke, Sally Fallon Morrell, others.  Workshop will educate on the New Biology – how biological systems work.

What are the surprising properties of water?  Which has a double helix, water or DNA?  Water crystals?

What is the psychology of masks?  Power to change the consciousness of person interacting with a masked person.

How does detox with water work? 

Water knows the truth.  It transduces and receives information.  Can’t game the system with water.

How can medicine use water’s powers?

Higher temperatures melt gels and get the embedded toxins out of the body.

What is mature water and why is it best?  What is wrong with hydrological cycle water?

What are holograms in the blood?

Believe it or not?  The heart is a vortex with small vortices within.

The complexity of the body is beyond our current comprehension.

Emailer Josie asks if there is a safe and effective vaccine?  Why take them if there is no virus?

Is it true viruses are alive and they’re solid?

Are bacteria living?  What is their purpose?

Evan asks about using a blood test to confirm Covid rather than PCR?

Celeste wonders: What about the computer simulation of Covid and the spike protein?

Joy is trying to understand how 3 of her friend group got sick with Covid symptoms if the terrain theory is true.

Delusional thinking around Covid has people agreeing to inflict harm upon themselves.

What is the evidence that China has released something?  Is China a patsy?

Rob asks how there can be a Delta variant of a virus you say doesn’t exist?

What about shedding from the vaccine?  Evidenced only in intimate partners and nursing babies. 

Did Drs. Kaufman and Cowan know about the virus before Stefan Lanka?  Hear Stefan on Freedom Talk 1; he’ll be at the conference.

Why do Drs. Cowan and Kaufman do this?

What is Orgone energy?  To be discussed at the conference.

'Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman – The Delusional Thinking Created By the COVID Era – September 22, 2021' have 3 comments

  1. September 23, 2021 @ 8:00 am John Schmitt

    Thanks for another great interview with Dr. Cowan and Dr. Kaufman!!! Can we please get them to come on more often!!!


  2. September 25, 2021 @ 9:19 am Guyfranke

    Mask wearing continues to disrupt society by causing alienation…even with friends and neighbors as Andrew stated.
    Tom really went abstract this time….whew !!
    Cheers !!


    • September 26, 2021 @ 9:18 am Guyfranke

      Enlightenment starts at 46:00. Excellent. Good job guys.


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