Dr. Tom Cowan

Everything in my external life seemed to be routine and normal for an American growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s — except that no matter where I turned, science and educational systems just didn’t seem to make sense to me. I set out to find both answers and questions that did make sense, that fit the observations I was experiencing right before my eyes. This seeking became a lifelong quest. I just kept following my ideas, and eventually I learned to follow my heart.

Following my heart led me to a conception of science, medicine and the world at large that was radically different from anything I was taught in school. My ideas, such as the heart is not a pump, blocked arteries are not the main cause of heart attacks, vaccines are ineffective and unsafe, cancer is not a genetic disease, and the “war on cancer” has been an utter failure, have been the subjects of three of my books.Recently, because of current events, I turned my questioning gaze on the widely accepted theory —so accepted that it now lives in our culture as truth — that germs (bacteria and viruses) cause disease.

Through my research, I have come to understand a New Biology that applies to all living things.For example, I have discovered that the electron microscope images of ribosomes are actually gas bubbles, stained with dye, from dead or dying tissue. Human health, and that of all living things, is dictated by the quality of our water and our ability to receive and properly utilize this water. Intent (understanding the role of consciousness) is also important to healing.

I encourage all of us to explore the concepts and ideas that govern our thoughts and even our lives. Subject them to rigorous questioning, keep exploring whether they ring true. My wish is that my work and this website can help guide you in this search.

It is my sincerest wish and expectation that we all will forge a new world together — a world that is clean, safe and governed by joy instead of fear, one that meets the true needs of all living beings. This is the world I want for myself, my children, my grandchildren, all people, animals, plants and microbes. Join me in remembering the way the world can be if we only learn to see clearly. – Tom Cowan

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'Dr. Tom Cowan – The Goal of “Science” Appears to Be More Smoke & Mirrors, and Computer Models to Control Your Body' have 7 comments

  1. November 22, 2021 @ 6:09 pm flatulent

    is tom a flat tard too?


    • November 22, 2021 @ 6:12 pm patrick

      Welcome to the land of the awake and aware.
      may the blessings be,


      • November 27, 2021 @ 2:47 pm Dianthus

        Stupidity! No he is 100% NOT. Flat pancakes. Patrick you will one day now how wrong you really are and good luck with your views bc you still not get it..


        Is this flat to you? Everyone with a good telescope can do this and also you have no knowledge about gravity, circular storms, you own body or are you cells also flat? Jeez man what is happened with you? You will fall hard on your flat head bc it is a 100% psy-op bc people that are waking up and come here and see these nonsense.. you are done, so good job to disabled to wake people up in Wisdom and Truth and this after 40 years. What a shame man.


    • November 22, 2021 @ 10:34 pm Kildare

      I know I sure am!


  2. November 23, 2021 @ 4:07 pm Taylor


    I am not one that usually engages in the comment section of any website; in fact, this is only the second time in my life that I have ever posted and each is here on One Radio Network. Furthermore, I recognize more times than not that the written word easily loses so much of its tone and intention, thus becoming lost in translation. Therefore, I may only speculate as to the objective of your terse comment. A few things came to my mind upon reading it.

    1.) This was an attempt to be funny as perhaps you are, at least, entertaining the geocentric model of cosmology and in a self deprecating manner used the term “flat-tard” to express various revelations you are experiencing while simultaneously applying them to Patrick and Dr. Cowan.


    2.) There was only malicious or demeaning intent behind the comment.

    If it is the latter, then I am curious as to why?

    I can only assume you sought out One Radio Network for information that individuals like Dr. Cowan are providing. Whether or not accuracy reigns supreme in his various assessments, Dr. Cowan is obviously a deep thinker, utilizing evidence and reason for the conclusions he reaches. If someone that was medically trained has come to question all that is being told to us regarding our health, the medical system and biology as a whole, then does it not make good sense that all aspects of “Science” may garner similar skepticism?

    I am under the impression that authentic science in never settled. Yet, this notion or “trust the science” is all we hear from the high priests in a multitude of fields. If questioning is ridiculed and the opportunity for debate is not allowed, then it seems there is no chance for growth in understanding. After all, why are so many aspects of science still considered theories?

    Ultimately, we do not all need to agree (germ versus terrain or heliocentric versus geocentric). However, I do find disparaging comments aimed at someone who has enough courage to state the “emperor has no clothes” to be counterproductive and not at all beneficial to this community of listeners. Patrick provides a wonderful service through this platform and his assortment of guests, including logical gems such as Dr. Tom Cowan. If you don’t agree, then why not simply glean that which is of value to you and leave the rest behind without taking a jab at the host or his guests? I only ask to provide food for thought…nothing more and nothing less.

    From my perspective, we are in a world of hurt because the vast preponderance of us no longer listens to one another and only interjects at every opportunity in an attempt to prove our superior intellect or worth. This is only one of many reasons that immediately enlisting large doses of humility will not only serve us well, but be a primary characteristic as to how humanity comes out on the other side of this nightmare construct that is finally playing its hand in earnest.

    Take Care,


    • November 30, 2021 @ 9:27 pm Suzy

      Extremely well thought out and said, Taylor.
      Thank you.


  3. January 21, 2022 @ 2:23 pm Jen Claybourne

    5G is designed to kill the “vaccinated”. It will agitate the graphene oxide in the shots which will cause massive bleeding. The secret of this technology was revealed by an Austrian scientist who was murdered shortly after revealing his discovery. The graphene is so thin that it acts as a million razors slicing capillaries and everything else it comes into contact with. Dr. Andreas Noawk gave his life to warn millions about the deadly injections.


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