Edward Curtin

The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law

Educated in the classics, philosophy, literature, theology, and sociology, Mr. Curtin teaches sociology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. His writing on varied topics has appeared widely over many years. He writes as a public intellectual for the general public, not as a specialist for a narrow readership. He believes a non-committal sociology is an impossibility and therefore see all of his work as an effort to enhance human freedom through understanding.


Show highlights:

What was the main motive of the CIA being involved in JFK’s murder?
From the beginning, the CIA wasn’t formed for what the people think it was formed for- it was directly connected to wall street from the start
The CIA is the “main block” of the deep state
Deep state organizations: CIA, the military, the big corporations and super wealthy, NSA, all the intelligence agencies
Big pharma is connected with CIA and deep state
How could the deep state affect us today? And how does the deep state affect what the president says?
Currently 25% of people are unemployed; yet the wealthy elite are profiting off of the current crisis
The federal reserve is owned by the major banks; it is not federally owned
The balance sheet of the federal reserve is over $7 trillion
Every time money is created, it dilutes the value of the dollar
Anthony Fauci said corona will continue to be a nightmare pandemic and we should not implement price controls on those manufacturing a vaccine
Before JFK was assassinated, he said he wanted to get rid of the CIA
Edward Curtin argues the deep state has so much control, they would not allow someone they didn’t want in office
The deep state is programmed to divide the American people and create chaos

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Edward Curtin, digging deep into the deep state, June 10, 2020

'Edward Curtin – The Deep State: Divide and Conquer Is the Name of the Game – June 10, 2020' has 1 comment

  1. June 12, 2020 @ 5:41 am Dave Ratcliffe

    Ed Curtin is engaged with a group of correspondents focusing on the upside down world humanity has recently been condemned to inhabit. Inaugurated in early April, the work and reflections of this group are being presented and archived into the new directory, Pandemic Parallax View: https://ratical.org/PandemicParallaxView/index.html
    The correspondents are networking to share and broadcast vital reporting, analysis, and information being censored, distorted, ignored, denied, and dismissed by Corporate/Foundation/State-sponsored monetized media.


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