Esoteric Pituitary

By Atom Bergstrom

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Here are some Swami Nitty-Gritty quotes from Butterflies Need No Taxidermist.

I also have Kinko boxes filled with notes that might never see the light of day.


“If the pituitary is functioning too slow, you get a dwarf; too fast, a giant. The pituitary regulates growth, the size of the individual, including physical and physiological growth. The pituitary is an indicator, like a speedometer. It has a way of accelerating to allow us to focus our attention.”

“Beryllium is in the posterior pituitary, and zirconium is in the anterior pituitary. Beryllium backed up in the small intestine to the heart causes heart attacks, so don’t eat spinach, collard greens, cheese, ice cream, or cutlet mixed with melon. Eat spinach, collard greens, and mustard greens raw.”

“The pituitary is the resonance between the two sides of the brain, so meditation is MEDIATION, bio-optic-sonic focusing.”

“Radium stands for RADIONICS [radi-onics]. Black-eyed peas contain radium. Eat black-eyed peas for convex vision. They contain radium, which accentuates the pituitary. Take radium [green] to look at barium [green].”

“Black-eyed peas stabilize the pituitary gland.”

“Eat black-eyed peas for prosperity.”

“Eat black-eyed peas to give you new vision.”

“A breatharian is someone living only by the breathing process. You can become a breatharian at 70 revolutions. You need ten revolutions for each of the seven centers of the body — ten years each for the coccyx, sacral, lumbar, dorsal, cervical, pituitary, and pineal centers, and one year for each finger of both hands.”

“One atom of oxygen can last you forty years. Live by intracellular osmosis.”

“The Ajna [pituitary] center regulates metabolism.”

“The three functions of an endocrine center are positive, negative, and neutral. Health and psychic ability are positive. Illness, or deviation from cellular normalcy, is negative. Health, or adherence to balance or homeostasis, is neutral. The pituitary is the focal point that controls the entire endocrine system. It has two lobes or petals, a frontal and rear lobe.”

“Take copper for communication. Obtain copper from cashews, oysters, chick peas, sunflower seeds, and dark chocolate. You can get it from mung bean threads, carrots, or cactus. Also, eat grasshoppers for copper. Copper is found in the bird’s pituitary.”

“Infuse gold and silver into the skin, not copper. Gold is your bone or skeletal system, and the skin carries the same frequency as the bone. If you should take gold into the body, it will deposit itself in the bone marrow. Gold is in man’s pituitary.”

“Meditation is involuntary tourism, withdrawal to the pituitary gland.”

“Iron is in the anterior pituitary. Magnesium is in the posterior pituitary. The anterior pituitary is the ‘on’ switch — it’s regulated by iron. The posterior pituitary is the ‘off’ switch — it’s regulated by magnesium.”

“The land of milk and honey is the place where the white fluid from the pineal gland meets the yellow viscous fluid from the pituitary gland.”

“Cerebrospinal fluid can affect the breathing mechanism.”

“Iron and magnesium exchange in the heart. More magnesium is in arterial blood, and more iron is in venous blood. Take magnesium to be a big shot. Magnesium is in the posterior portion of the pituitary, and iron is in the anterior portion.”

“An Eskimo’s yellow liver lacks magnesium. A Masai’s yellow liver lacks iron. Eat almonds and black walnuts [in the morning] for calcium and magnesium. Sardines and pineapple [at night] are also good sources.”

“The pineal gland is the beam of light. The hypothalamus is the film, which is oxygenation. The anterior pituitary is the screen.”

“I don’t know of any Third Eye, and I never met one. In all my years of living in this mechanism, I only know one thing about this body — the pineal gland is a LENS that provides me with convex vision so I can see through to the atomic particles minus the use of a microscope or X-ray machine. You may call me a seer if you like. Or you get the machine to back up my description atomically, accurately, and mathematically when I describe it to you without the need of a machine. It’s no magic. But you live with your concave vision and think you’re limited in your society and go looking for people who have the capacity to see into the future, thinking that they’re smarter than you, when in actuality they don’t know what the hell is causing their ability to see. It’s convex vision. It’s not caused by chemistry. It’s the result of the ability to focus the pupils so that the chemistry that is set up by the pineal gland interphases with the pituitary gland to set up the photography.”

“Thirty-six radicals come in through nine openings because of the pituitary. There are four radicals at each of the nine openings, or a total of 36 radicals.”

“Take manganese to stabilize hydrogen. Take potassium and manganese for the elimination of all but iron oxide and manganese oxide. MANGANESE OXIDE was when the man in Cocoon wanted his dead wife back — something for nothing. IRON OXIDE was when he didn’t want to go to Antares — a fixation, LIVING TO DIE. Manganese is in the pituitary. It maintains the form and is located at the door to the pineal.”


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