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Nearly everything you’ve heard about human physiology, human nutrition, and human physical performance is probably DEAD WRONG! Prof. Kay recently left academia permanently, because they wanted him to teach falsehoods. As a well published researcher, author, reviewer, lecturer, and consultant, he has developed a passion for putting right the wrongs – join him on the journey of discovery…

25 year professor of human nutrition and physiology.  On Patreon now.

How do you know we are carnivores? 

Why does Bart say human nutrition science doesn’t exist?

Genetic drift of species over generations.  Genes that support are selected, detrimental genes are washed out.

Study what we’ve eaten and how we’ve gained abilities.

Anthropology has found collagen in bones of humans.  We have walked 350,000 years.  All skeletal remains have carbon and nitrogen isotopes.  Tells us what protein they ate while they lived.  Ratios tell us how much of animal vs. plant.  Human beings ate almost entirely ruminant animals.

10,000 years ago, started growing crops.  Cranial capacity reduced, dental health dropped, shape of jaws became smaller and cramped, bones less robust, stature reduced.

Don’t need teeth like a canine to be a carnivore. 

Human don’t have the genes to make our own Vitamin C.

If too much Vitamin C, most gets excreted.  Some is metabolized into oxalates, which combine with calcium to become kidney stones.  Stones can occur anywhere in the body.  Are sharp, spear-like and puncture cells.  Transporter on cells that take up Vitamin C is called GLUT4, the same one involved in taking up carbohydrates.  Remove competition for GLUT4 by removing carbs, need much less Vitamin C. 

Anthropocic principle: Things are as they are because they could not be any other way.

Big Bang is not a good name for the expansion because there was no bang because there was no air.

How did we get to be so complex?  We can’t grasp how long it took us to get to where we are.  3,800 million years of existence.

Bart has been mainly meat-eating for 7.5 years.

Why did Bart leave acadamia?

His changes since being a meat-eater:  15 lbs. lighter without much exercise; severe anxiety, bipolar and agoraphobia has resolved; fibromyalgia, multiple digestive disorders gone; vision improved (along with a supplement). All these maladies had been due to inflammation, largely of brain tissue.

Herbivores have strategies for dealing with plant toxins.  People don’t.  We’re hypercarnivores.

Incredulity in society at thought that vegetables are bad for us.

Want us to believe the propaganda and demonize those who preach against vegetables.

We can survive for a period of time eating just vegetables and fruits.

Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower–come from the wild mustard plant.

Vegetables, chard, spinach – we can’t access the good content, because antinutrients lock the good stuff out. 

Herbivores get nutrition from plants via the huge colonies of microorganisms in their gut.  Bacterial breakdown leads to short chain fatty acids.

Cows chew up grass so digestive bacteria can break it down into fatty acids.  Seeds grass with bacteria from poop to replenish the soil.

Plowing up an acre of land to plant a monocrop kills hundreds of millions of animals.

We don’t need a single gram of plant material that we can’t get from meat.

Too much money in statins to stop the low fat diet advice.

Association and correlation cannot inform causality.  Cholesterol and heart disease studies are based on association.  HD caused by inflammation, not cholesterol.

Inflammation in vascular epithelial beds come from chronically elevated blood pressure.  50% of structural membranes comes from cholesterol.  Cholesterol is responding to heart disease, not causing it.  Plant toxins, lectins, oxalates further damage epithelium.

Atherosclerosis occurs in the arteries, the high pressure side.  Veins do not experience atherosclerosis, even though they carry the same blood as the arteries.  Need damage and inflammation to the cells in the arteries to start atherosclerosis.

If glucose is too high and unable to diffuse into cells, the RBCs and vascular cells are the sacrificial lamb.  It’s not the insulin, it’s the elevated blood glucose that causes the damage.  Insulin resistance is the result of diabetes, of too much glucose in the cells.

Ideal fasting blood glucose level varies.  A good level fasting mid-morning is 80-100.  In the morning, dawn phenomenon dumps the stored glucose in the liver, which causes an increase in insulin.

Can’t get fat eating only meat and animal fat.  Bart grossly overate, nothing but meat and fat for 2 weeks, 6000 calories, lost 15 lbs.  With no plant material, inflammation drops off. 

Requirement for carbs is not one single gram ever.

Richard Rodriguez went carnivore 39 years ago.  Result of excellent physique, no scurvy. 

Easier and smaller bowel movements.  No undigested waste to excrete.

Recommends starting ratio of 66/33 protein/fat.  1/8 fat, 7/8 meat on a plate.

He adds fat to steak because there’s not enough. 

Requirement for organ meats is not 1 gram.  Everything you need is in muscle meat.  Can be okay to add some organ meats.  Risk factors of overdoing liver can be high concentration of retinol, which can be toxic.  Can throw the copper/zinc ratio out of balance and cause problems.

Inuit eat seal blubber and muscle meat, give the innards to the dogs.  Lions eat entrails first, muscle last. 

Humans developed close human-canine relationships.  It wasn’t because dogs could sniff out salads.  Dogs useful in hunting.

Dogs need organs, bones, and muscle meat and fat.

Eggs are great source of nutrition.  Dairy okay if tolerated.

Paul Saladino – used to be totally carnivorous.  Then started eating a lot of organ meat.  Used to be very physically active.  Ate too much fat to protein.  We do need an insulin bump every day.  He should have added more protein, but instead added honey.  His carb intake now up to 400g/day.  Bart predicts future health problems. 

We need no sugar ever.  Your body makes it with gluconeogenesis.  Need a certain concentration of glucose for brain, gonads, and something else.

Need to eat sufficient meat to produce electrolytes.  Need an insulin spike.  If insulin is flatline, kidneys become less able to filter electrolytes back into the blood.  Need a sufficient hit.  Only need one meal a day.

How to know how much to eat?  Brain tells you with feedback mechanisms. 

Leg cramps – imbalance in electrolytes, probably magnesium.  Increase protein intake.  Dissolve epsom salt in water, spray on skin. 

Bart takes a nutraceutical supplement designed to increase release of adult stem cells. 

Don’t touch cod liver oils with a barge pole.  Do not touch oil ever.  No olive oil, no PUFAs, no omega 3 oils and supplements.  Cause serious rancidity.  Oil is proinflammatory, high in aldehydes.

Fish?  Okay in moderation as part of a carnivore diet.  Want 80% beef, balance is lamb, pork, seafood.  Buffalo about same as lamb.

Need less sleep on carnivore diet.  Cortisol not just a stress hormone.

Want 80% upwards grass-fed, grass-finished beef, if it’s available to you easily and within your budget.  If not, slight concern about fatty acid profile of commercial beef.  Better to eat grains filtered through a cow than eating grains directly. 

Antibiotic residue in meat?  Unknown effects.

What is the normal life span?  Comparative anatomists, physiologists, and geneticists say 120-150 years of age, if we get out of our stupid way.  Humans are obligate hypercarnivore.  Need to be active with burst activity and not long sustained activity.

They need us sick and poor so we can be controlled. 

'Prof. Bart Kay | Everything You’ve Heard About Human Physiology, Nutrition, and Physical Performance Is Probably DEAD WRONG! | October 11, 2022' have 4 comments

  1. October 13, 2022 @ 7:02 pm Donna

    I wish I had him as a professor when in grad school for Applied Physiology and Nutrition!


  2. October 14, 2022 @ 7:33 pm Mike

    You are confused Professor


    • October 22, 2022 @ 11:01 am Lionel

      Yes very confused… my god what is happening with people? First the shape of the Earth (proof enough that it is not flat) and now good foods are dangerious.


      • October 22, 2022 @ 11:14 am patrick

        The Truth will set one free, Lionel.


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