Pure Cod Liver Oil

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

According to FCLO whistleblower Kaayla T. Daniel (Oct. 22, 2015) …

“My brand is The Naughty Nutritionist because I tell the truth that’s too hot to handle, and recently the truth that I was telling was what the evidence is on fermented cod liver oil.”

The evidence has been available for almost two centuries.


According to Rushton, Clark & Co. Chemists (Aug. 15, 1849) …

“At the commencement of our manufacturing the pure Cod-Liver Oil, we met with great opposition, from many whose prejudices and interests were in favor of the dark putrid oil (Tanners’ Oil). But ‘Truth is mighty and will prevail,’ and with few exceptions, the superiority of the fresh light-colored oil, prepared properly from fresh Livers, is now so universally acknowledged, and sought for, as to induce all kinds of spurious imitations as before mentioned: such as mixing lard oil with a little of the genuine oil, or some other oil to flavor it; bleaching the common Tanners’ Oil. Some more bold, but no more unprincipled, put up the Whale or Sperm Oil in its natural purity, and call it PURIFIED COD-LIVER OIL, and several persons are bleaching the common oil for druggists, for a few cents per gallon. As all the tests yet discovered are inadequate to prove the purity of the Cod-Liver Oil, in order to guarantee our customers a genuine article, we have been obliged to put it up with our written signature on each label (as the language and appearance of our label has been copied in many instances), and the oil so put up by us and signed, we will warrant in any particular.”


Ann Marie Michaels (“The Sad State of the Health Blogosphere: RIP Dr. Ron Schmid and Rami Nagel,” Cheeseslave, Aug. 2017) wrote …

“Dr. Ron and Rami are not the only FCLO adherents that lost their lives. One of the reasons Kaayla started investigating FCLO years ago was a rash of pulmonary embolisms in the WAPF community.”

According to the same source …

“There are a number of other WAPFers slash avid FCLO consumers who have gotten sick or seriously injured, and many have died over the years. For example, Katherine Czapp died of cancer at age 56 last October. WAPF honorary board member, Carol Esche, died the same month of metastatic breast cancer.”

Google the blog above. There’s more to this story.


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