Frazer Bailey

Director of Root Cause

There are 25 Million root canals performed in the United States each year.  Root Canals are dead, dangerous, (peer reviewed studies), and disrupt the immune system by distributing very harmful bacteria as well as their by products all over the body.

Root Canals have been proven links to all sorts of human “diseases” the most easily proven is breast cancer

Listen to this show…buy the Documentary (Links below) and share this with all the you care about.  Critical Stuff Indeed

Root Cause is an explosive documentary set to unravel one of the biggest cover-ups in the dental industry. After seeing this documentary no one will ever see Root Canals in the same way again.

Despite what some dentists will claim, root canals actually began as cosmetic procedures, and are now one of the root causes of cancer, heart disease and chronic illness. The American Dental Association has known for years that root canals are detrimental and dangerous procedures, yet dentists still perform over 25 million a year in the US alone. “Root Cause” clearly and effectively explains the cause and effect relationship between root canals and chronic disease, exposing a truth the ADA have kept secret for decades.

“Root Cause” is based on one man’s incredible true story – a 10 year long journey to find the root cause of his chronic fatigue syndrome, with symptoms including panic attacks, anxiety, agitation, insomnia and fatigue. The interviews provide astonishing insight into how an infected root canal can affect so many other health functions of the body, while the narrative story that runs parallel is as action-packed as it is heart wrenching.

Featuring some of the worlds most cutting edge Doctors including Dr. Mercola, Dr. Thomas Rau, Dr Minkoff, Dr Thomas Levy, Dr. Dawn Ewing and Dr. Jerry Tennant and also starring established Australian actor Ben Purser in the lead role, the round the world search for answers is one moment tear jerking, and laugh out loud funny the next.

Directed by Frazer Bailey and produced by Justin Lyons “Root Cause” is an extraordinary and intimate journey of self-discovery, set to send ripples through the dental and medical professions, exposing perhaps one of the world’s greatest medical industry cover-ups.

Justin Lyons has produced television series and documentaries for NBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and the Travel Channel, including “The Crocodile Hunter” phenomenom starring Steve Irwin. Frazer Bailey is a highly awarded film director with entries in some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. After months of evidence based research for “Root Cause” Lyons determined, “Every root canal is infected, and if dentist’s think they can get away with an infected, toxic tooth and not have a systemic consequence in the body, they’re deluding themselves. This is something the world needs to know.” Driven by interviews with world leading health professionals including doctors, cardiologists, chronic disease specialists, toxicologists and dentists; “Root Cause” will change how we teach our future doctors and dentists to treat people forever. This film is destined to change the way humanity thinks about their health and wellbeing forever.

“Root Cause” is available for pre-order via stream or download from iTunes Stores worldwide:

Root Cause writer, Director and his real life story of healing from getting his root canal and cavitations out, Frazer Bailey, September 13, 2018

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  1. January 20, 2019 @ 11:45 pm Joy

    Just watched on Netflix, changed my life…going to call about a Cone Beam CT, just ordered the books written by Dr. Levy, and Dr. Ewing …called all my friends that are sick or have cancer to see if they had root canals…I had 4 and have been getting sicker and sicker for 25 years….tried everything….no quality of life…I believe this is the answer….amazing documentary.,.I will recommended to everyone


    • September 2, 2020 @ 10:59 am Pau

      Hi Joy, did you get surgery to get read of hidden infections? Are you feeling healthier?


  2. January 21, 2019 @ 4:27 pm Dr. Curtis R. Kuhn

    Loved “Root Cause”……movie goes into the Autonomic Nervous System, which is the basis of Metabolic Nutritional Science. I have guested on Patrick’s show and am trying to reach Frazer, as we are about to start filming “Metabolic Mission,” which is based on my 3rd book, telling my story of overcoming Liver Cancer, Diabetes, Polycythemia and related metabolic disorders. If you can contact me with this info, I would greatly appreciate it. I also would enjoy guesting again on your show…….anytime.
    Curtis R. Kuhn
    C.M.T. – E.L.A.
    A.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.


    • January 29, 2019 @ 9:44 pm Caroline Manuel

      I find it interesting that we harvest undifferentiated stem cells from the dental pulp to help heal other organs. On another note I’m not at all surprised that these same cells can cause disease in other tissues.
      On another note, is there any correlation to elevated C-reactive protein?
      Another thing to consider: cancer is not a disease, rather a faulty inflammatory process. RCT is not riding the body of the disease but rather hosting a lifelong inflammatory process.


    • January 29, 2019 @ 9:54 pm Caroline Manuel

      I find it interesting that we harvest undifferentiated stem cells from the dental pulp to help heal other organs. On another note I’m not at all surprised that these same cells can cause disease in other tissues. We are shoving these cells into the bloodstream.
      On another note, is there any correlation to elevated C-reactive protein?
      Another thing to consider: cancer is not a disease, rather a faulty inflammatory process. RCT is not riding the body of the disease but rather hosting a lifelong inflammatory process.


    • June 25, 2019 @ 5:29 am SABAH

      I am French and I am a victims of a dentist who did very painful treatments on many healthy teeth misusing the composite products. The glue went inside my body and I really don’t know how I am alive…. I have been suffering so much breathing the products, burning my mouth, my lungs, nerves injuries many others complications…. I have many proofs and I am in a trial but in France the dentist organisation which is supposed to protect patients and take actions against this kind of practices protect the dentist and their jobs…. I even contacted the manufacturer of the products Ivoclar Vivadent told me if I wanted to bring them to court to take a lawyer…. The problem is that most of the products they use are that toxic. I am tired to fight, they have broken my life for 3 years now. I spent my time going to dentists and doctors and nobody was listening to me. It was like I was transparent or crazy…. The toxicology is a real problem, all these products when they go inside our body are toxic for nerves, muscles, all our body is affected. 5 months after putting the composite on my healthy teeth as nobody was helping me because they do not want people to know the dangers… a dentist told me to rinse my mouth with Elmex and I had so much acid and toxics in my mouth making gases with the heat that I had an explosion in my mouth which went all over my neck and body like electrocuted ! I was shacking, this has broken some of my teeth, I started sweating and it lasted for months…. The fluor + the acid = fluorhydric acid went all through the parotid gland in the saliva and then all away my neck, chest, arm, leg, ribs, back ! electrocuted on the left side ! the acid absorbs calcium, magnesium… provocating muscles and nerves damages and even a heart attack. I should be dead ! 9 months later I was like dying, suffering so much that I distributed papers to find other victims and the dentist complained for defamation with the complicity of the dentist organization and experts…. A dentist finally took the glue away but the injuries on my body are here to stay and the damages have been done, I have even lost part of the taste. He wrote me a paper to help in my trial. This dentist has been very brave but even with his testimony the dentist organization is like a mafia ! I need the press. I have an important file with all medical exams, some testimonies and scientific documents on all I say. They should be in jail and the dentist forbidden to exercice but she just left her office and went 50km away…. She has stolen the social security, the expert did not respect the law, the dentist organization have prevented the investigation the social security was supposed to make…. I have been arrested while I was suffering a lot. From the police station, I was in such a poor condition that they sent me to a psychiatric hospital where they gave me drugs ! I have been living a nightmare ! I NEED HELP BECAUSE I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ALL THIS. When you have those products in your mouth, everything burns, hurts a lot, you have pressures on your teeth, they say this does not come from the products but of course it comes…. they send people to consult psychiatric doctors…..and you go crazy and when you keep on brushing your teeth with dental paste, as they all contain fluor it is just worse….and you never get rid of it and little by little you loose your teeth and you have all kind of problems : face paralysis….headache….They have invented that you have an electric battery in your mouth because of an incompatibility of different metals like the old ones with the composite. This is a HUGE LIE. THE ELECTRIC BATTERY IS THE ACID ! She damaged 4 molar which were healthy and all my mouth was burning. I have not seen the documentary of Frazer Bailey, someone just told me about it. I want people to know about the danger of the products, when they are well used they can already provocate cancer and are dangerous anyway. Many dentist kill our teeth on purpose and the consequences are a drama ! Help me please so that all I have been going through serves other people. People like me are either dead or in a psychiatric hospital and I know I am not alone but I am sure few people know all I have learnt. For more than 3 years I could not work… well, I would be soooo happy to make a documentary and talk to Frazer Bailey, on all I have been going through and all I learnt. I am going to watch asap his documentary because I know he is right…. root infections cause all king of diseases like all it happened to me. The products are too close from blood and they are toxic, it’s not only a dead tooth ! I am a 54 years old woman, living between France and Spain. I am fluent in Spanish just in case…thanks for your attention. Sabah


      • September 2, 2020 @ 11:02 am Pau

        Hi Sabah, are you now feeling better? Have you been able to consult a holistic dentist? there is one in France, in Saint Louis (Haut Rhin). He is going to address my hidden infections. There is also a facebook support group about NICOs and root canals, people write reviews about competent holistic dentists.


  3. January 23, 2019 @ 5:44 pm Vicente Castillo

    Son puras pendejadas para vender medicina alternativa y el famoso ozono..
    Los tubulos dentinales se secan despues de una endodoncia es por eso que la pieza se fija fuertemente al hueso alveolar haciendo muy dificil su quedace tejido pulpar dentro de la pieza en este caso habria movilidad por la descompcicion de la pulpa..Dejen de meterle estupideces a los de por si se creen cualquier estupides que les digas..La puta Zirconia es relativamente nueva y carisima y no hay manera de que un puente de este material funcione de la manera tan estupida como dice ese Documentontos..Van a poner en riesgo la salud de miles de estupidos sajones tratsndo de extraer dientes calcificados al hueso..Yo se que nesecitan el pinche dinero..pero no sean hijos de su puta madre.


  4. January 23, 2019 @ 8:03 pm Yadilloh

    “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. The entire premise of this junk movie that pretends to be science is incorrect. The safety and efficacy of root canals abounds in real studies and scientific literature. Do yourself a favor and do your due diligence with credible sources before drawing any conclusions from this trash, This is put forward by people with an agenda that have previously put forward conspiracies resulting in surrendered licenses and rebuke.


    • January 24, 2019 @ 9:50 am patrick

      Thank you, but you are simply wrong about “junk science.” The real credible science on the dangers of root canals is extremely solid. The only ones not on board is the American Dental Association. Check out our archives under the dental section and I think you will change your “opinion.”

      My dentist, Stuart Nunnally, for example did an extensive peer reviewed rigorous study on the bad actors in all root canals and proved this premise clearly. Peer reviewed studies are quite careful in the way they are performed and verified.


      • February 19, 2019 @ 4:42 pm Oscar

        Please provide more specific information about the name of the study and the publication that did the peer-review. I was unable to find any studies by Dr. Nunnally in any scientific publication. Please abstain from providing alternative medicine sources or references from your own archive.


        • February 19, 2019 @ 4:49 pm patrick

          Yes. I think easiest if you will email Dr. Nunnally’s Office in Texas and I suspect they can lead you to this study.

          And Oscar, here is a link we did in 2012 with Dr. Nunnally on this peer reviewed study


          • February 20, 2019 @ 3:37 pm Grant

            Neither of these links direct to any literature. I think where the critics are coming from on this stuff is that when making claims of very serious nature, such as those in this documentary, they should be supported with legitimate scientific data. The hallmark of scientific writing is citing your sources as you make your points so that the reader can easily find the evidence you’re referencing. When this is not done, it implies that the author either has weak or no real evidence to back up their conclusions and instead resorts to hyperbole and/or expert opinion…

          • February 20, 2019 @ 6:55 pm patrick

            The Dr. Nunnally Show fleshes out his Peer Reviewed Study he did on Root Canals.

            You may find this link helpful:

            Over ten years doing this show we’ve had many, many folks who improved their health getting these bad boys out. The ADA, just like the
            AMA and vaccines, will never say they are harmful. It is up to each person to decide what is best.

  5. January 24, 2019 @ 12:51 am Mike Wilson

    [email protected]

    Wow… Just, wow….


  6. January 24, 2019 @ 2:42 am Kelly Adkison

    I have been dealing with chronic illness for over a year a few months. It all started a few days after my root canal. I had a weird “charley horse” like cramp in my right calf. Over a few days it had moved up further to my knee, then hip and eventually it settled in my whole right abdominal area. I have been to over 60 doctors in the last year and 4 months and went to Mayo twice. I was shut down by almost every professional when I asked them if this could be due to my tooth. After watching this documentary, it solidified the hundreds of hours of reading clinical journals and reputable medical websites just trying to get someone to listen. I finally went to a new Endodontics office last week and had them do a 3D cone beam. That showed a periapical cyst right above tooth #13! I knew it all along. I see a biological dentist tomorrow. I believe I have most of the symptoms of Endocartitis. I look healthy so people aren’t taking me seriously and I’m 36 and thin. I can’t thank you guys enough for making this documentary. Spread the knowledge!!!!


    • February 3, 2019 @ 11:46 am Don

      I had a Root Canal (1st one ever), in September of 2018. It was on #30 bottom molar. Exactly one month later I went to the emergency room for a severe pain in my lower abdomen. I thought I was having an appendicitis attack. They did an MRI on my lower abdomen, took blood work, and a urine sample. They tossed me out of the hospital after all the tests came back, and said your are CRAZY get out of here, all blood work is perfect. That was a $10,000 dollar visit and they never told me what the problem was. My lower abdomen still has pain, and my #30 molar still is sensitive to floss after 4 months. I think I’m going to get it pulled.


      • February 3, 2019 @ 5:22 pm patrick

        Don, we hear these kinds of stories often. Check out #30 on the tooth/organ chart.
        I’ll give you a link to the chart, but so others can see…there’s a direct connection to number 30 and
        Lung and Large Intestines.


      • March 19, 2020 @ 10:58 am Judy

        Don, How did you make out?


  7. January 25, 2019 @ 9:37 am patrick

    Well Vic, if you would come with an open mind and heart and do some of your own independent research I know you will find that this work is not a waste of time at all. There are peer reviewed studies proving these root canals are quite dangerous. So, if you choose just to believe your dentist, which perform millions of root canals every day, well it is your right.

    And, if you believe vaccines are not an issue my brother, you are just not paying attention to the reality of life and wellness. Let us know if we can help. Go into our archives with various subjects and a whole new world will open up for you. Glad you found us nonetheless.


  8. January 27, 2019 @ 12:01 am Kathy

    Just watched on Netflix and I am very interested in looking into this. I have two root canals and suffer fibromyalgia, chronic back problems and due depression & anxiety. I have had several teeth out going way back to the early eighties and I bet they never took the periodontal ligament out with the tooth back then. It was only a few years after my 1st teeth were removed that I began suffering with back problems. Very good documentary, I noticed it was filmed on the Gold Coast and would like to know who are the dentists there that practice this service please.


  9. January 28, 2019 @ 11:38 am Patricia

    What was the test called that he had done with the antennas and blood work ?


  10. February 1, 2019 @ 2:09 am Neyda

    Simply loved it! I learned about this in 2005 and will continue to pass this info as long as I can. Thank you for the great work!


  11. February 3, 2019 @ 11:54 am Melissa Cozry

    I’m shocked that root canals are still being performed after this information.
    My health has been slipping over years after root canals And crowns! I’m at the point of being terrified. Please where can I go living on a very tight budget in Toronto for help?
    Thank you


    • February 3, 2019 @ 4:57 pm patrick

      Melissa…We’ve learned from reliable sources and peer reviewed studies these Root Canals are quite dangerous. I believe there are a few very good
      dentists on the Mexican border that are worth investigating.
      While I’m not certain, I believe the folks at Dr. Hal Huggins’ original website may have leads for you in Mexico.

      This is a good resource for all of you to find a dentist that learned “The Huggins Protocol”, the best in our opinion.

      My dentist, Dr. Stuart Nunnally, is in Marble Falls, Texas…less than an hour from the Austin airport. They are all set up for out of town patients, and folks come to him from around the World. He was a dear friend and colleague of Dr. Huggins. Dr. Nunnally has been on our show many times, find his shows and lots more dental shows here:

      Here’s Dr. Nunnally’s contact information:


  12. February 11, 2019 @ 1:49 pm don frazer

    I just saw Root Cause last night on Netflix, watching it again tonight, I just had a root canal done 2 weeks ago, had a few done, as well as wisdom teeth removed, I’m looking into getting one of those 3d scans. This scared the crap out of me, I’ve posted this movie on my facebook page, getting the word out, great work, eh!

    Don Frazer
    Bowden, Alberta,
    Canada. eh!


    • February 11, 2019 @ 1:58 pm patrick

      Don, I can say that with more than ten years of interviewing lots of respected Dr’s M.D.’s and D.D.S. folks this is real and these
      babies are dangerous in my opinion. I don’t do medical advice, but do your research.
      Did into our dental archives from our site, and, do pass this information on to everyone that you care about. In my opinion, and only opinion,
      there’s no such thing as a good, solid, safe root canal. Just bad medicine.

      thank you


  13. February 12, 2019 @ 4:26 pm brown

    What was the alecra antenna device that tested Frasers blood pathogens and toxins in the chart
    and which identified the source of Frasers root canal issue ?
    What was that device exactly? What kind of testing is that called?


  14. February 19, 2019 @ 6:46 pm Daniela

    I watched the documentary and was very concerned for my dental situation. I have two root canals and they do not hurt at all. I went to a holistic dentist Dr. Teresa Scott here in Houston area Texas. I had a 3D X-ray done and also individual xrays of my whole mouth. Sure enough both my root canals are harvesting bacteria. One is so bad it has ruptured into my sinuses. Dr. Scott sent me to Dr. Dawn Ewing from your documentary and I had the meridian testing done. Dr Scott required also allergy testing to be done for compatible materials to use in my mouth. I will have both root canals extracted and fixed with not sure yet, either bridges or maybe nothing. I can’t thank you enough for this documentary. I am also taking advantage to have a whole health biological blood panel done by dr. Ewing because our regular general practitioners don’t take full panels, yet they determine what’s needed based on a simple none complete blood examination. This is so scary, I wish more people were aware of this very important information your film Root Cause has given us public. I am very thankful.


  15. February 20, 2019 @ 4:20 pm Grant

    I find it a little troubling that the documentary fails to differentiate between “root canal” and “root canal treated (RCT)” teeth, however not surprising.

    All teeth in everyone, excluding those with genetic anomalies, have root canals. Root canals themselves are anatomical and care the conduits through with the cardiovascular, nervous and lymphatic systems communicate with the inside of the tooth. The dentist does not “give” you a root canal, they treat the root canal. Those with root canal treatment are the target of this documentary.

    I’m scrolling through the evidence provided and it appears to be a photocopy of abstracts from peer-reviewed, legitimate journals which is a great first step. The only issue here is that these are not examining “root canals” as the documentary suggests. These are dental infections however they’re untreated. These are the ramifications of what occurs should dental infections go untreated. If anything, this is strong evidence for root canal therapy because it removes the bacteria found in these studies.

    I’m scrolling down, I see a lot of articles about periodontitis which I’m not sure is applicable for this discussion. In fact, I think this site has accidentally supported root canal therapy with these articles. All of these photocopied, seemingly at random, abstracts support the treatment of endodontic/dental/root canal infections (these are all the same thing, I reiterate).

    Once you get into the ‘biological’ authored stuff, you can start to see why these guys get no respect. I pulled up an article by one of their guys Thomas Levy, MD. I’ll add the link here so anyone else can see it:

    What’s funny is that these holistic scientists are trying to use lab equipment and technical language to seem legitimate but they miss the point. This article in particular is funny af. First off, this study is uncontrolled. This a big no-no. They show a very dramatic change in electrophoresis gel (large, diverse band in the before sample then a simple band in the after sample). Sure would’ve been nice to see a control. This is the first reason you all get no respect.

    Secondly, the sample size is only 4 subjects. That is a hilariously small study population. There is this thing in science (listen closely) called “bias” and you want to minimize it.

    Third, no one talked about these bands they saw in their gels. Who says “lots of bands” is better than “just one band”? Super hard to say when you don’t even address what these bands represent. What if those bands are representative of normal proteins in CSF and you removing the amalgam completely decimated them by removing the amalgams?

    Fourth, I will end with a commendation as a freebie to show they did do something right. The authors did not conclude that amalgam has anything to do with CP and only called for more research. This is technically correct.

    Please please please, if you’re reading this, think before you take this documentary or these people at face value. There is a reason a handful of their experts have lost their license to practice. Junk science is dangerous. They have a link for you to find dentists in their club on the webpage. That should be telling.



  16. February 24, 2019 @ 6:00 pm Gary Adams

    The documentary should not have been taken down from Netflix. Too bad they caved to the pressure. Check out this page about how to properly remove root canals:


    • March 1, 2019 @ 2:47 pm Grant

      It’s hard to go against science. Charlatans and quacks have an uphill battle in this regard. I guess I admire their perseverance in the face of a literal mountain of evidence. Same with flat-earthers but still you have to admire their passion.


  17. March 1, 2019 @ 3:20 pm patrick

    The science you are talking about is from the ADA and the FDA, the same science that says glyphosates and vaccines are safe and effective. All we can do is wish you well, Sir.


    • March 4, 2019 @ 5:43 pm Grant

      Well, the science is not “from” the ADA but it is supported by the ADA. No one is stopping the anti-RCT crowd or the anti-vax crowd from doing their own research. The only issue that they run into is that they don’t know how to do research and can’t reproduce results to support their beliefs. Scientists aren’t evil, they’re job is to understand and reveal the natural world using the scientific method. They don’t discriminate; if there is validity to your theory, produce evidence and they will respect it. Only issue is the “research” you’ve produced is childish in nature at best.

      But maybe we just to recognize that a certain segment of our population will cling to their beliefs no matter how much they are presented evidence to the contrary. After all, we have a vocal group that insists that we are floating through space on a flat disc and not a globe.

      I will spot blowing up your chat board after this one but I wanted to leave a parting thought… hasn’t anyone thought that maybe this is all just conspiracy about a root canal conspiracy to sell expensive and unnecessary biological dentistry to ignorant people? I don’t have any evidence of this but that has never bothered this crowd. Something to think about.


      • March 4, 2019 @ 7:16 pm patrick

        Grant. Maybe you will look into exactly what peer reviewed studies are. They are real science. How does the ADA determine if these things are successful? Do the keep tabs on the patent and do year cone beam x rays to look at what is going on. Do they follow up with root canal recipients (15 million per year in U.S) to see if they have chronic health issues?

        The ADA says if they don’t hurt they are “good”. Talk to some dentists who have pulled these things out looking at real x rays, not by any pain, and the stores we’ve heard over the years are many and troubling. Puss, black stuff, bacteria eating away…for that is why they are there..and they poop and all this finds it’s way into the blood stream.

        So, credible doctors have said to us that all root canals are infected from day one. The model is flawed, they must infect. You can’t have a dead thing in the body, bacteria have to eat away at it. It’s the way God designed the system.

        I suspect you have one or two is why you are arguing this point. They are all infected, but they don’t all hurt the patient. Many have strong immune systems and go for many years with out it affecting the body. So, if you and others have a root canal and don’t want it out…take special care to keep the immune system strong and happy. we’ve done many, many shows on this and it is possible, and doable for anyone who wants to be pain and disease free. I hope you find some shows, (we have over 2,500), that will keep you strong and healthy for a long time to come.

        And it is not a conspiracy that One Radio Network supports you in being the best that you can be and live a long and healthy life. We are at your service


        • November 13, 2019 @ 3:56 pm Mel

          Hi, I opted out of having root canal therapy on a tooth and now I have another tooth I opted out of RCT. What my dentist is telling me is that implants are about 98% effective. I question that percentile. I have talked to numerous friends with issues around the procedure to at least want more information. I am looking at a Maryland bridge and a plain bridge. The first removed tooth I got a removable appliance that I don’t care to wear for long periods. I may consider Mexico if I can be assured the cost is worth the trip to Mexico and the work is dependable. Implants are really being put out as the procedure de jeur. Are there other methods, besides bridges and implants, for infected teeth being developed that are promising?


  18. March 1, 2019 @ 6:48 pm Mark

    Thank you Frazier Bailey for making the effort in exposing this condition. I saw the documentary and a giant light bulb lit up, as I have been ill for 10 years with immune system illness that closely parallel the symptoms described in the video. I’d been trying to solve this mystery based on the assumption that my gastrointestinal problems, along with the chronic fatigue, ear-aches (on the same side as my previously root canaled tooth), sleep dysfunction, food sensitivity, were the cause and not a symptom.
    To see that someone else had gone through the suffering associated with this condition was such a relief. All the supposed healthcare practitioners that I’ve been to missed it, because they are invested in a set of beliefs that promote root canals as an accepted form of dentistry, while denying the link between dental health and the immune system response. I assume they do this simply because it’s good business, while abdicating any responsibility for the outcome of their inaction.
    If I could take back the years of suffering, and the frustration of wasting time and money with gastroenterologists, my clueless dentist and periodontist, allergist, and all the other pseudo-healthcare providers, I would. Western medicine is based on a set of beliefs that these people buy into and hold on to, despite evidence to the contrary.
    While my case is not absolutely conclusive at this point, I have an implant at the site of my formerly infected root canaled site, and have an appointment with a dental surgeon in one week to have it removed.
    Thank you for your effort. Whether I am able to regain my health or not, your work here has given me hope when I had run out of options. I can’t thank you enough!
    Mark, 63 YO male, NYC


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