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Andrew Gause’s partner and Patrick Timpone are resuming The Real World of Money show. We will be airing this show the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month.


According to The Federal Reserve  Bank of St. Louis, total U.S. Debt is 72 Trillion Dollars which is $220,000 for each person in the U.S.



San Francisco Earth Quakes catapulted the Panic of 1907, which was the perfect first piece in the Hegelian Dialectic of Creating The Federal Reserve System as we know it.

The bankers began stretching out, if you will, the amount of dollars created in relation to owned gold, which initiated The Roaring Twenties

According to Federal Reserve  Bank of St. Louis total U.S. Debt is 72 Trillion Dollars which is $220,000 for each person in the U.S.

There are very good logical reasons why long long ago humans decided that gold was the best substance to utilize for “money”

There’s only so much gold on Planet Earth because gold was randomly part of the substances creating Earth nearly 5 Billion years ago, put there by exploding stars.

Current interest on the Bonded debt in U.S. is $375 Billion a year.

GAO predicting interest rate payments will become the largest line item debt, eclipsing Dept of Defense in 2024

In 1933 President Roosevelt recalled gold, making it illegal for American’s to own bullion gold

Fed Chairman Powell stated that the U.S. rate of debt is “Unsustainable”  

 Definition of  Unsustainable : adjective  “not able to be maintained at the current rate or level.”

We analyse the 2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure plan that both parties are talking up

Marge in Silver City asks if the stock market is in a classic “bubble” what is a good strategy for her…all her holdings in equities

Sean calls in and we discuss real money holding its value in relation to paper notes

Sean also reminds us of the massive amount of money in the various State’s CAFR accounts

Some emails: 

Only the US government and IRS could make possessing money so complex.  If paper gold (such as symbol GLD) is bought and then sold, you must follow the somewhat vague and nebulas associated federal tax code.  The extra time needed to try to understand and comply with the tax code makes it seem not worth the effort.

What are the tax implications of buying and eventually selling physical gold and silver coins?  Even though it is the original Constitutionally specified real money, does it involve the “precious metals” part of the code?

Glad ya got Fred filling in for the Andy Gap.
Please ask Fred when he thinks the gold/silver ratio ( currently about 86:1 ) will come back to a more reasonable level… like maybe 60:1  Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing it back at 45:1 — or even 30:1

In jest you said that they should print the manufacture date on money and a “best if used by” date.  Of course coins do have the date minted, but in fine print the paper notes also have a date of manufacture such as “series 2013”.  Since physical cash only accounts for just a few percent of all financial transactions, the remainder is electronic.  Does that mean that the majority of our money, which is electronic, does not even have a date of manufacture?

Fred Dashevesky and Patrick look at the world of finance today and Fred offers great historical background, May 1, 2019, ONE

Fred Dashevesky and Patrick look at the world of finance today and Fred offers great historical background, May 1, 2019, TWO

'Fred Dashevsky and The Real World of Money – If the “Boys” Want, They Can and If They Can, They Are Doing It – May 1, 2019' have 3 comments

  1. May 3, 2019 @ 10:39 pm Ellen

    When Fred said that they hid the inflation in the housing bubble, did he actually mean that the housing bubble was created, at least in part, deliberately to hide inflation?


  2. May 3, 2019 @ 10:52 pm Ellen

    The shows with Fred have been very listenable. He has a balanced, down-to-earth yet quite erudite, approach that has helped to broaden the understanding of the financial world that I was developing from listening to Andy’s shows. Sort of filling in holes in my understanding that I didn’t realize were there, I guess you could say.


  3. May 5, 2019 @ 2:46 pm Greg

    Terrific show Patrick. Fred, you are doing a great job of carrying on the Real World of Money show. Thanks to you both.


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