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Fred Dashevsky is from Long Island New York. He attended University of New York at Albany and studied psychology, political science, and economics. Fred started in the coin business in 1984 in Northern New Jersey opening several offices in Southern California in the mid 80s. He returned to the east coast in 1989 and opened Hilton head office for SDL Inc. in 1991 with partner Andrew Gause. He has since opened his own business, U.S. Coin Capitol. Give him a call for your numismatic gold investments 800.878.2646


Fred is busier than ever in his 40 years of numismatic business. 

Supply chain quirks – NGC grading company can’t get the boxes that Fred ships coins in.

Feds getting stringent about bullion because of the money laundering going on.  Regulatory issues for dealers.  Even going after tellers. 

Fred deals in only numismatics because regulators aren’t involved and supply of gold and silver coins is fixed.

Price disparity between paper money and coins is growing.

We’re creating more money than is being accounted for.  Finagling by the Treasury.

Fed claims to be shocked by the rate of inflation, but it’s only an aftereffect of all their money printing.

Quantitative easing helped the big corporations.  Stock market growth based on buying back own stock, not on growth.

Mortgage rates crossed 5% yesterday.  The government also has to pay the rising interest rates. 

The Fed waited too long to increase rates.  Need to raise rates 5-6 times, but this will induce stagflation.

Making cost of borrowing more expensive will slow the economy down.

Does the current administration care about the inflation?  They are complicit to a degree, but most blame lies on prior administrations.

We can’t grow our way out of the debt we created. 

Investors need something that goes up in value to counter inflation.  That’s why numismatics are a store of long-term wealth. 

Where is your wealth stored? 

Inflation now affecting individuals on a day-to-day basis.  What will it look like in the future?

If someone sells Fred bullion, he is required to file a 1099.

Fred predicts reportable transactions in crypto.

The Fed gets a piece of all transactions these days.

Russia removed the VAT from purchases of gold with rubles.  Aligns them better with supporting countries.

Don’t speculate on short-term measures that might change dramatically in the next few weeks.

Dollar will always be around.  Will be worth less but not worthless.  Dollar Inc. is well established.  Anyone poking the bear will bear the brunt.

Does Putin know what he is doing?

Saudi Arabia increased the price of oil.

What does Fred think about the CBDC (central bank digital currency)? 

2 effects of CBDC: 1) We lose all transparency on all the money in our economy.  2) Individual transactions will lose all their privacy.

History suggests abuse by the government having that much info about us.  The selling point is convenience. 

Imagine what we would have thought 20 years ago of providing all the kinds of information we voluntary provide on social media.

What is the demonization of Putin and the oligarchs all about?  Ukraine was a thorn in his side.  Did he think the west would stand up to him?

Does Putin want to take over Ukraine to have more power or to eliminate threat of NATO in Ukraine?

What does Fred think of gold back?

What is the real inflation rate?  Gov says 7.9%, says 15%.

No such thing as government-funded, it’s all taxpayer funded.

Moratorium on student loans.  It just means more money printing.  If giving cuts, who do we give the benefit to?

How long will the inflationary period last?  Fed wants aggressive monetary tightening as early as May.  Counters trying to the reduce the balance sheet.  They can’t do both.  Fed has a horrible history of trying.  2 years minimum for inflation rate to begin to subside.

How about housing?

'Fred Dashevsky – Inflation, Mortgage Rates, Crypto, Gold & More – April 6, 2022' have 5 comments

  1. April 7, 2022 @ 11:15 am Mary Nicometo

    I’m a little confused (ok, maybe a lot). Are current silver dollars only worth a dollar? The actual silver in the dollar isn’t worth more than a dollar? Patrick please feel free to comment to me personally if you have the time. Thanks for the insight, Mary


    • April 7, 2022 @ 4:57 pm patrick

      A silver dollar has .777 ounces of silver and at this writing is worth about $25.00


    • April 8, 2022 @ 10:43 am Brian

      Hi Mary,

      For further clarification, newer silver dollars– meaning ones minted form 1965-1978– are worth a dollar, as they contain no significant silver. For ones minted 1964 and earlier see Patrick’s response.


    • April 18, 2022 @ 4:58 am Greg

      Mary if by current Silver dollars you mean Silver Eagle coins. They are a full troy ounce of .999 silver and although they are marked with One Dollar they are not actually legal tender…..clear as mud right?


  2. April 14, 2022 @ 8:01 am Jiri

    Unbiased view on dollar ink/ruble from Fred. Appreciate that!


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