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Global Warming: The Great Deception-The Triumph of Dollars and Politics Over Science and Why You Should Care

Global Warming: The Great Deception-The Triumph of Dollars and Politics Over Science and Why You Should Care” is the definitive new work on the subject of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. Guy Mitchell, a businessman with the mind of a scientist, takes a holistic approach and combines scientific analysis with an in-depth review of the political and economic aspects of the subject. He uses proven science and scientific facts to refute every claim of the climate alarmists and proponents of the man-made global warming hypothesis. He exposes the true reasons that the UN, certain politicians and global investment firms promote the global warming fraud. His analysis is an unbiased, scientifically based, insightful, no holds-barred approach to the subject.

There has been no significant warming of the world’s oceans, atmosphere or land mass since accurate satellite measurements were initiated in 1979. The average temperature of the Earth is an abstraction; it is a figment of the imagination of climate scientists, conjured up in an effort to support a fraudulent hypothesis. The concept has no validity in scientific analyses of the Earth’s climate. Increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere does not cause global warming or climate change; the geometry of the Earth’s orbit about the Sun and the Sun-spot cycle are the primary fundamental natural causes. Man has had no measured impact on the Earth’s climate. The melting of polar ice is the result of a natural oceanic cycle and is not affected by man’s activities. Empirical evidence of global warming is the result of local atmospheric conditions that have nothing to do with so-called climate change.

Idea of global warning arose in 1988 with UN Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change – the IPCC.

They’ve tried to prove global warming since then.  But science shows CO2 has no impact on warming.  It’s all about water vapor.

Water vapor absorption spectrum emitted by earth and absorbed by CO2 is much broader and captures photons of higher energy.

Studies show CO2 is not a factor in global warming.

Proponents of global warming have constructed a complicated hypothesis between CO2 and atmosphere and subsequent concentration of water vapor, showing increased radiation of long-form.

Proven facts in science show emissions have a de minimis impact on earth’s surface and on oceans.  Can’t penetrate ocean surface to greater than 100 microns.  Contradicts every thesis of global warmists.

Dr. Richard Lindzen (MIT Sloan professor of meteorology for 30 years) and Dr. William Happer (professor emeritus of physics at Princeton) refute global warming hypothesis, say more CO2 would be beneficial to earth.  They oppose global warming based on fundamental scientific principles.

Pro-global warming funds come from government, NGOs.  Academic suicide to oppose global warming hypothesis.  NGOs – foundations (Gates), non-profit groups.

Many fooled by fraudulent hypothesis.  Need scientific background to understand the fallacy of pseudo-science.

If Green New Deal and other proposals are enacted, it will lead to erosion of personal liberties.  The world has to renounce the war on carbon.

Electric cars are good because they diminish pollution from engines.

It takes a religious fervor to promote global warming.  Based on false premises.

UN IPCC buying into fraudulent hypothesis, as well as western politicians, media.  It’s gaining momentum disproportionate to science underpinning it. 

People get intimidated by opponents saying 97% of scientists support anthropogenic global warming, and debate gets truncated.

Global warming campaign is poster boy for what is wrong with the world today.  Logical extension of war on carbon is significant adverse impact on economy, especially in developing countries, and on national security interest, our standard of living.  People don’t understand logical implications of how war on carbon could affect the world.

We couldn’t get rid of fossil fuels in 10-20 years in the US if we wanted to.  If Biden’s proposals came to be, it would blow up world-wide carbon market.  Can’t replace generating capacity with wind and solar.  Would mandate purchase of carbon credits by power generating companies.

Al Gore, when VP, was proponent of Kyoto 1997 Treaty.  Established carbon credit rates.  He formed Generation Investment Management (GIM) In 2004 to trade carbon credits.  10 billion dollar market then.  In 2019 was a 210 billion dollar market.  From 2005-2012, carbon emissions increased by 33%.  Climate treaties have no effect on co2 emissions, but they enrich companies involved in carbon credit trading.

In oct 2021, GIM formed Just Climate.  Targeted investors who want to invest in projects benefitting the environment, e.g. global warming, social inequalities, reduce carbon footprint.  Is the prime mover of the global warming hypothesis.

How does carbon credit work?  If the gov edicts zero net carbon emissions by a certain time, most manufacturing cannot change operations, must purchase carbon credit offsets.  E.g. a owner of pine forest can offer carbon credit offsets to producers of carbon.  Carbon credit offsets Is largest commodity market in the world.  2019 offset market was 210 billion dollars and rapidly escalating.

4 world databases that track temperatures.  Since 1979, has been no change of troposphere, land mass, or oceans.  No objective data to support global warming hypothesis.

Global warming is the biggest fraudulent hypothesis since Piltdown Man proposed in 1912 in England.

Photos show no change in water level at Statue of Liberty, no increase in hurricanes, no increases in temperatures.

NOAA in 2000 launched robots that deploy 2,000 meters deep in the ocean which measure salinity, current, temperature.  Average temperature changed 0.02 degree C per decade,  Any changes in ocean temperature are related to solar irradiation.

Government operations drying up, so researchers shifting to private companies.  But if you depend on govt funding for climate change research, you will support the opinions of the executive branch in the federal government.  Reinforces the consensus.

Meme shift from global warming to climate change.  What has man done to effect climate change?  If you can’t tie it to manmade activities, why fight carbon? 

Short term changes of weather are hard to explain.  Weather affected by a number of factors.

Are dark forces manipulating the weather? 

Naturally occurring forces, i.e. oceanic cycles, sun cycles and sun spots, and geometry of earth’s orbit, explain variances in weather.

Did Al Gore have it backwards in Inconvenient Truth and did CO2 increase after earth warming occurred?

If temperature of ocean increases, CO2 will be emitted, and vice versa.  3 factors affecting earth’s climate. 

Difficult to say what is causation vs. correlation in explaining CO2 and temperature changes.

Challenged to get his book published.  Had to self-publish.  Book is available on Amazon.

Google won’t allow any info opposing global warming to be published.  Cancel culture at work.

China, Russia, and India aren’t going to destroy their economies under the false pretense of climate change.

Have we done damage with coal-fired plants?  No.  More CO2 is good for the environment.  Photos show earth has greened up since 1980, agricultural production is at world highs.

No health impacts from raised CO2 levels.  Threshold for CO2 in submarines is 10 times higher than CO2 atmospheric levels.

We need to be less willing to accept the pseudo-science that is used by governments to promote their agenda.

John Kerry says climate change is an existential threat.  Will the government impose the same restrictions of liberty we saw with COVID?

Where do carbon credits come from?  Any carbon sink or matter that absorbs CO2.  Requires living plant matter: pine forests, farmers planting crops.

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