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Author of Minerals for the Genetic Code and the soon to be released Minerals for Acupuncture Meridians

Topic: Hair Tests

Many diseases are a result of a mineral deficiency or a mineral toxicity. It’s very easy to have minerals out of balance. Supplementing with calcium for instance, may cause a magnesium deficiency, which in turn can cause heart disease. Too much fluoride can cause an iodine deficiency, which may result in diseases such as hypothyroid and breast cancer. High levels of aluminum can displace boron, and result in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Minerals play a crucial role when it comes to our DNA. Proper genetic expression is impossible if there are too many, or too little of any particular mineral. In other words, you need to have the right minerals in the right balance in order for your genes to produce healthy cells.

Dr. Richard Olree is a brilliant mineral and genetics expert, as well as a sought out chiropractor. He has studied the interactions of minerals for over 30 years, and has made some incredible discoveries. He has found that our genome calls for 64 minerals. If a trace mineral is unavailable to make the amino acid required by the DNA code, the human system will try another way, using a different set of amino acids and minerals. This can have profound impacts on health.

Dr. Olree’s chiropractic office and health food store are in Hillman, Michigan.

Show highlights:

No masks are required for Dr. Olree’s employees or customers at his health food store, and recently vaccinated people are denied chiropractic treatment in his office. Why and for how long following vaccination?

“This is such an unsettled science,” says Dr. Olree, referring to mRNA covid vaccines.

Is aging a comorbidity?

Patrick and Dr. Olree discuss hair mineral analysis and its history, beginning in 1913 with a test for arsenic poisoning.

Do low selenium levels make people more vulnerable to covid? Do shorter telomeres have the same effect?

What are telomeres, and why are they important? Are they the batteries at the ends of your chromosomes? Can they extend life?

Dr. Olree elaborates on the 452 substances in the spinal fluid and the 46 minerals.

Patrick has had high copper levels for years. Dr. Olree lists possible reasons.

Why do people in coal-burning areas have toxic minerals in their hair?

Why are Californians more susceptible to high vanadium levels?

Does water’s acidity or alkalinity make a difference?

What are the benefits of sea kelp for cows? Dr. Olree explains the results of his pilot study.

Does iodine repel flies?

What is the difference between copper(I) and copper(II)? Which one is more absorbable?

What foods are high in copper?

Does glyphosate prevent absorption of minerals?

Do ocean water minerals help the growth of organic plants?

Why does Dr. Olree prefer Redmond Salt from a mine in Redmond, Utah?

Does Morton Salt contain aluminosilicate, and what kind of problems does it cause?

What happens to a person’s aura when they enter another person’s aura? “When a dog goes into heat, it attracts a lot of friends!”

How can telomeres be lengthened?

How do you pull excess vanadium out of the body?

Can borax be diluted to get boron? What foods contain boron?

Richard Olree D.C. with his insights on current “virus” issues and hair analysis, February 23. 2021

'Richard Olree – Hair Mineral Analysis; Selenium Levels; COVID Vaccines, and More – February 23, 2021' have 3 comments

  1. February 24, 2021 @ 11:46 am SeeBee

    I love Dr. Olree, but he did blow me away when he bought into the Covid Panic last year. All due respect to Dr. Olree, I can’t square this with the man whom I find so enlightened about health and the body. But his view of viruses seems just so …. misunderstood.


    • November 21, 2021 @ 3:50 pm GF

      There has been no isolation of SARS-CoV-II from any patient. There have been no autopsies / pathology reports as cause of death. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests cannot detect a virus. I personally knew Dr. Kary Mullis and had a lengthy dinner with him approximately seven years ago where he explained how ‘science’ has miscalculated and misread PCR. There have been no safety tests on this experimental mRNA injection which truly is a bioweapon. There are no human trials. The animal trails were seriously deficient. COVID is an acronym for Certificate of Vaccination ID. This is the biggest deception seen since the days of the inquisition. At present there is no evidence of any so called virus as the causal link to what appears to be a seasonal flu with hypoxia symptoms leading to pneumonia. As to Wuhan it is possible that via University of North Carolina but beginning at Fort Dietrict and biological warfare. Please note that many of the bioweapons developed via the DOD such as SARS-CoV-I, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola and Zika have short half lives as human immunity seems to adapt and adjust to these weapons and essentially burn out. So is it possible that some engineered pathogen has had an impact on respiratory health this is possible but has not been proven or verified. How is it possible that cases of influenza and pneumonia have reached such remarkable lows and been replace by some kind of an invisible nemesis pathogen that somehow replaces these other pathogens that can cause death in well over one hundred thousand cases of each illness and death over the past year and a half. How does that dog hunt? The average age of someone dying of this illness is approximately 80 years of age. There are other factors that can be part of the causal links to said illness. Among them are pollution. Wuhan is the most polluted city in the world. Milan, Madrid, New York and New Orleans are among the most polluted cities in the world. Virtually similar if not nearly identical symptoms of hypoxia are caused by hydrogen cyanide which is a component of fracked fuel power plants. This may be a factor in the Hudson Valley area of New York where so many patients exhibited these symptom. For more than one year a new fracked fuel plant opened and there were numerous complaints of breathing difficulties of people in the surrounding area. In Wuhan, after reviewing x-rays, pulmonologists said what was viewed did not look like a pathogen but something resembling pollution. Another important factor pertains to issues related to aerosol spraying of a multitude of chemical and metallic compounds including aluminum oxide, barium and related polymer toxins to impact weather patterns which gets into the water and food supply and air so exposure to these toxins is happening in some cases daily. There is also the issue of solar minimums which was at the lowest in anyone’s lifetime that is well known to impact health and disease. Some suggest wifi signals and 5G played a factor but associating anywhere beyond Wuhan which may have turned on 5G there is little evidence this has happened on a large scale. So labeling this as a virus may be a misnomer. As to the nearly 100% success of hydroxychloroquine-zinc-azythromicin or ivermectin protocols unless given too late or to elderly folks with co-morbidities with the strong appearance of misdiagnosis something is very wrong here. Some such as Dr. David Martin believe the entire Wuhan story is a cover story which I have been postulating from the beginning but I am not as sure as he is so I am open to greater investigation. The goal here is creating a new species of human that involved AI, biology and programming to induce a transhuman that will be compliant and have a series of components to monitor all aspects of life. Plus there is the issue of eugenics and depopulation that falls under the categories of genocide and democide. Buying the meme of a mysterious invisible virus as being the cause of a highly exaggerated pattern of illness to induce experimental use of mRNA injections is a cover for using biological weaponry against life as we know it. My best. GF


  2. March 3, 2021 @ 6:21 pm Deborah Gray

    I have cattle and would like to put them on Sea Kelp. Where can I find it?


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