Hormesis (Homeopathy)

By Atom Bergstrom

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Hormesis is the medical name for homeopathy.

The Bad Men in White Coats will never admit Samuel Hahnemann was right all along.


Daniel P. Hayes (“Nutritional Hormesis and Aging,” Dose-Response, Nov. 16, 2009) wrote …

“Hormesis has been suggested to explain the paradox that plant foods containing carcinogens also protect against cancer with the plant diet bringing together many different toxic chemicals that when ingested at low doses stimulate the chemo-defense system and enhance host resistance (Parsons 2000; Rico 2002). There is also evidence that some synthetic chemical pesticides that enhance tumor formation at high doses may affect a reduction in tumor incidence at lower doses. For example, biphasic dose-responses have been reported in DDT laboratory rat studies (Sukata et al. 2002; Kushida et al. 2005).”


Edward Harris Ruddock, M.D. (The Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine, 1878) wrote …

“Homœopathy does not, however, mean a small dose, as it is often supposed to do. The grand principle — that which forms the basis of the science — is like curing like, irrespective of the quantity of the dose. The law, therefore, as a simple proposition, takes no cognisance of the dose; that was an after discovery — merely a consequence deduced from demonstrations on the principle itself. Hahnemann, after he had discovered the science, employed doses of the usual quantity. Experience and further investigation, however, taught him that smaller doses were not only sufficient, but that they were, when frequently administered, more efficient than large ones. Apart from this, it is a matter of perfect indifference to Homœopathic practitioners whether they administer doses of one or fifty drops each. If doses of fifty drops were more efficient in curing disease than those of one or two drops, Homœopaths would assuredly administer the former rather than the latter. We will suggest two reasons why small doses, administered in strict harmony with the Homœopathic law, are efficient: — First, because they are exactly suited to the exalted susceptibility of the diseased part, and act upon the same class of functions that nature has already called to her aid; and, secondly, because they act directly on the part which requires to be influenced, and not on other parts. Their force is not, therefore, expended on healthy parts.”


Homeopathy has nothing to do with detoxing.

If any homeopathic practitioner suggests a remedy for detoxing, secure your wallet or purse and head for the door.

Consider doing the same if ANY practitioner mentions detoxification.


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