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The Fertile Carnivore, MD

Dr. Robert Kiltz is the Founder and Director of CNY Fertility, one of the largest and most innovative fertility practices in the country,  with over 60% of its patients traveling from out of state or overseas to be seen.

Over more than two decades of helping families grow, Dr. Kiltz has developed cutting-edge approaches to fertility grounded in Western medicine and supported by practices of holistic medicine. To treat the whole person—mind, body, and spirit, Dr. Kiltz revolutionized the Fertility industry by providing full-service healing arts centers where patients receive massage, acupuncture, and yoga instruction. This patient-centered approach extends to Dr. Kiltz’s commitment to democratizing access to fertility treatments by pricing most fertility treatments at only 1/3 the cost of the national average.

Dr. Kiltz routinely shares his thoughts on diet, wellness, spirituality, and fertility in his blog and via bi-weekly Facebook and YouTube Lives.

A thought leader in the keto carnivore movement, Dr. Kiltz believes that an animal-based diet dramatically improves mental clarity, fertility, and health, empowering people to live their best lives. In addition to his own media channels, Dr. Kiltz appears regularly on numerous popular blogs and social media outlets, and has shared his views as a speaker at TEDx.

Infertility is related to inflammation.  Poor nutrition is a major cause.

Western medicine is sharing wrong ideas regarding diet.

It took a carnivore diet for his own health problems to disappear.

Paleo – ancient hunter-gatherer diet.  Fatty animals likely were the major source of calories, so ate a high fat diet.

Keto – high fat diet, ketone bodies formed.  Carnivore – eat only animal based.  Herbivore – Plant only.  Omnivore – eat both.

Meat, fat, and protein are best digested foods.

Plants are the predators, we are the prey.  We have zero requirement for fruit and vegetables, which contain poisons.  Humans are carnivores, masters, like lions.  Not like pigs, sheep, which are fed mush, makes them meek.  Fed vegetables, we become domesticated.

Top elimination diet is carnivore.  Women have been made afraid of eating meat and eating fat.

Glycobiome .  Sugar is acquired to protect our glycobiome.  All important proteins must have a sugar added – is called glycosylation.  Our gut gets damaged from eating non-meats, which allows the microbiome to take over.  Microbiome is deadly, takes over because glyobiome is damaged. 

Want fat from an animal to suppress inflammation in gut, keeps fermenting bugs at bay. 

Don’t poop as much with a carnivore diet.  We’re labeling people with diseases which are caused by diet. 

Causes of disease are plant sugar, plant chemicals, plant antigens, fermentation in the GI tract, and excessive exercise.

Sugar is the cause of disease, not fat.

We judge people in medicine.  Stop the diagnostic codes, know patients as people.  Practice human touch, kindness, faith, proper human diet.

Insulin resistance -no such thing.  Our bodies are meant to convert sugars to fat.  Fat is the fuel.

Eat fatty meats, organ meats, bone broth, butter, ghee, cream, bacon, eggs.  Protect the glycobiome.  Occasional non-meats okay but not daily. 

Pork and beef best.  Better than fish or chicken.

5% organ means is sufficient.  Plants chelate – rob bodies of minerals.  No plants means no leaky gut and no chelation.  Plants have phytates, oxalate, hemagglutinins.  

Brain burns fatty acid for energy, not sugar.  Sugar adds glycolate to proteins so they’re usable.

Birth control pill and abortion pill are made from plants.  Male infertility from scar tissue blocking release of sperm, or damage to testicles to prevent formation of sperm.  Happens in utero.  Also damage from soy based formula.  Glycobiome of breasts gets damaged – women can’t breast feed.

No requirement for fruit, fiber, seed, fruit.  Fruit won’t damage unless it’s the one with an antigen that you have a reaction to.  People don’t have allergies to meat. 

Insulin released when eating protein and sugars.  Fat goes to the lymphatics, doesn’t require the liver to metabolize.

Anorexics diet quickly.  They don’t have fatty acid.  Obese patients always have sugar.  Glucose is the cause of cancer.  Diet of sugar is what really kills, not the cancer.

Likes Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s work.

Sugar is not energy for mitochondria, only fat is.  Glycobiome is a Teflon shield when protected.

Simple sugars, which digest in upper GI tract, are better than complex sugars which take longer to digest.

Uncooked vegetables contain the microbes which cause our disease. 

Occasionally eats thin-sliced French fries cooked in duck fat and dipped in sour cream.

Eats once a day, 10-12 oz. of ribeye steak, around 5 pm.  Eating one meal a day or less is best protection for health.  Cook carbs well, minimize spices. 

Tells his patients to use “I Am” thinking, such as “I am a Mom”.  Meditation, prayer, naps, fast, journal.

Dr. Kiltz’s energy went up with carnivore diet.  We need to rest more.  But if awake, get up.

We’re withdrawing from sugar when first going carnivore, so could have withdrawal symptoms.

Colon – is the ring of fire.  Cancers start in the pelvis area.

Join Kiltz’s Mighty Tribe at www.doctorkiltz.com.  See links there for his fertility practice.

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