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Ingrid Naiman is a long-time student of traditional systems of medicine and ethnobotany.  She is the author of Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment as well as thousands of online and journal articles spanning a considerable range of interests from medical astrology and philosophy to darkfield microscopy.  She has her own line of herbs.  This started with re-creations of historic Native American and Eclectic physician cancer treatments and expanded to include her own formulations for blood parasites, fungal infections, immune enhancement, detoxification, and rejuvenation.  As a specialist in the subtle influences on the endocrine system, her recent work has been directed towards the regeneration of the pineal gland.

     There is a context for understanding why this is important and the story goes back to the early 1970s when she was living in Hawaii and had a long period in which she not only saw auras and chakras but had a kind of x-ray vision.  All her initial studies of health and healing were based on this direct insight for which there was no corroboration in textbooks or any existing system of medicine.  She was fortunate to have had a very close relationship to the late Morrnah Simeona, a kahuna with extraordinary gifts.  Later, when moving to Santa Fe, she studied Ayurveda under a Dr. Shrikrishna Kashyap, a former yogi and healer extraordinaire who repaired a bullet hole in her spine that was carried over from a recent incarnation in Austria that ended abruptly during WWII.

     Ingrid has about 60 web sites and more than 3500 pages online.  In two hours, we will try to explore the causes for the calcification of the pineal gland, how to restore it to normal functioning, and why this is important in terms of understanding our destinies in life.


Show highlights:

-Ayurveda – comprehensive and thorough, everything is taken as one body of knowledge and not compartmentalized.

-Story of how her excruciating back pain was resolved.

-Babies have significant pineal calcification by age 3, which correlates perfectly with fluoridated water.  Fluoride causes calcification.

-Children not drinking fluoridated water have same rate of decline of tooth decay as children drinking fluoridated water.

-Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland, which controls sleep.  People with sleep disorders have pineal gland calcification.

-Fluoride sources are more than toothpaste and water.  The more processed a food, the more likely to have a higher fluoride concentration.  Primary and secondary fluoride sources.  Ingested through the skin and air.

-Pineal gland provides a spiritual connection and registers subtle impressions from the soul.  It is our connection to source.  A calcified pineal is like a radio that doesn’t work anymore.  We’re missing the spiritual light that would reveal everything to us.

-Sodium fluoride, which is added to water supplies, is a deadly poison at one part per million.  It’s a waste product of industrial processes.

-Fluoride is stored in the liver, kidneys, brain, bones, teeth.  Produces bone spurs, and dental fluorosis.

-Yvette asks:  how we can get rid of fluoride?  Eat foods high in magnesium, calcium.  Walnuts, Brazil nuts, cacao, pineapple, tamarind, haritaki, chanca piedra, phyllanthus, ayur decalc- available at ToxicTeeth.

-Cathy asks:  how would she know if she had calcification of the pineal gland or fluoride poisoning?  Brain MRI.  First symptom is fluorosis of teeth.  Osteoporosis.  Sleep disorders.

-Steve asks about using boron to detoxify fluoride.

-D asks what to do for calcification of the spine?  Herbal poultices.  Can’t just loosen toxins, need to eliminate them.  Start with clean fluids.  Coconut water or milk is good.  Add holy basil leaves to fluoridated water.

-Blood floats in liquid (plasma).  Dark field microscopy can show what is wrong.  Body will repair itself if obstacles are removed.

Part 2

-Ancient uses of cancer salves.  Shamans learned about remedies from talking to the plants.

-Juan asks if treatment is different if ailment is from a past life versus this life.

-Our goal is to see things as they really are, not what we feel them to be.  We have fewer accidents if we see clearly.

-We absorb 4 times more fluoride today than when water was first fluoridated.  Fluoride is used as a drug to pacify us.

-Patrick recommends Friends of Water for fluoride filters.

-Linda asks if pine gum spirits turpentine affects the pineal gland.

-Ayurvedic alchemy of treating harmful substances so they become benign or beneficial.

-Kerry in Ecuador asks if a CT scan would show pineal calcification.  Latin America is fluoridating salt.

-Epidemic of heartburn in the US.  Due to incorrect eating and indigestible food.  Person with persistent heartburn may have a constitutional type that doesn’t produce enough acid.  Go to an Indian or Thai restaurant and see if that food is more digestible.  Spices are healing, need to be cooked in.

-Ivan asks about age spots, skin tags, moles, wrinkles and how to have beautiful skin.  Age spots – skin is being used as an eliminatory organ.  Clean the internal eliminatory organs, apply a paste of tumeric and coconut oil.  Spots mostly on the face may be dental toxins.

-The world would transform if we realized who we are.  Important to bring our own mandate into expression.  Recovering pineal gland function is a first step.

 Pineal gland detox products available at 

Toxic Teeth


 One of Ingrid’s more popular books is

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment

Visit her website


Ingrid Naiman on Ayurveda, Fluoride The Pineal Gland, Dark Field Blood Work and More, July 6, 2017 ONE

Ingrid Naiman on Ayurveda, Fluoride The Pineal Gland, Dark Field Blood Work and More, July 6, 2017 TWO

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  1. July 7, 2017 @ 5:36 am Dana

    In Australia, a water filter expert told me that fluoride is a by-product of the alumina industry, that there was a trade agreement with China that they would buy our aluminium but that Australia had to take back the fluoride. Now, where to put the fluoride? In the water supply!


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    how can i fast forward to a section i want to listen to again?


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