Jane M. Orient, MD


Congress and the IRS Have Stranded Patients in SwampCare


The Swamp in Washington, D.C., and its crony capitalist retainers do not want to lose their grip on the trillions of dollars that slosh through the “healthcare” sector—approaching one-fifth of the U.S. economy. The one thing that would cut costs (not just spending), restore sanity, protect the patient-physician relationship, unleash innovation, and encourage excellent care is to put patients in control of their own money. Under the current third-party payment system, made much worse by ObamaCare, a huge part (one-third? one half? who knows?) of the healthcare dollar is diverted to bureaucrats, compliance officers, administrators, CEOs, managed-care profits, middlemen such as pharmacy benefits managers, and other swamp dwellers who contribute nothing to the actual care of patients. Then a goodly share goes to lobbyists and congressmen to keep the racket going.

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Dr. Orient explains how the current health care system works.  How it costs taxpayers 3 Trillion Dollars and how possibly half of that money is wasted on bureaucracy and pure waste

Dollars are literally skimmed off the top of the 3 trillion dollar figure.   By the way, that’s 3,000 Billion Dollars

We go back 50 years to the days of just Blue Shield and the beginning of prices rising because of insurance

LBJ was really the architect of the current model for health care

Obma Care is still in effect and she believes it take an “Act of God” to kill it properly and prices have risen during Obama Care

Dr. Orient recommends finding a cash friendly, direct pay doctor or hospital

Here’s a website to get good information on possible options other than being “In the system”

Dr. Jane Orient M.D. on our very troubled Health Care system, the reasons why it is so, and options, July 31st. 2018

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  1. August 10, 2018 @ 8:09 pm John

    Great interview – eye opening. I knew the system was bad but I didn’t know the story of how it got to be so bad. I hope you can have her on again sometime.


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