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Chronological History of Artificial Intelligence X

Amazing Details from the Pyramids to the Bible Prove That Much of What We’ve Been Told Is Wrong

Archaix, or Advanced Research of Chronological History of Artificial Intelligence X is about the history of the human race trapped in the Simulacrum, this False Reality, a copy of a real universe and the tyranny of AI X.  Archaix documents the movements of AI X in the past and reveals what Artificfial Intelligence X will do next.  

The materials offered in Breshears’ books are for those unafraid of the dark, who want the truth undiluted, direct.  The ancient past, behind-the-scenes happenings throughout all time periods, censored histories, the academic cover-ups,  real facts about race, religion, subversive societies and even  psi-based predictive  systems of analysis by which future events can be known beforehand are uncovered and explained. 

The publishing world is filled with books on ancient mysteries all citing the same sources and rehashing the same topics.  Breshears’ research is deeper and penetrates through the layers of deception and unveils whole new concepts and discoveries about the ancient world, its people, beliefs, civilizations and the catastrophes that ended them.

Breshears has authored 17 books and several articles, 10 works available on Amazon. His research bibliography is currently at 1357 nonfiction books read and data mined during a 19 year period, approximately 250,000 pages from many rare works as old as four hundred years, including translations of texts dating as far back as four thousand years. 

His core conclusions, discoveries and observations are organized by volunteers, friends who share his passion for the truth.  As a pen & ink illustrator and graphic artist, most of his book covers and artwork are done by himself.

Breshears is one of the only researchers in the world who specializes in ancient chronological systems, focusing on global antiquities from 4309 BCE to 522 CE, many of his historical discoveries can not be found in any other works. For this reason he was awarded with multiple publishing contracts with Book Tree in San Diego. 

Jason as written seventeen books delving into a wide variety of historical events that we believe to be true that just are not.

He has over 500 videos on his youtube channel.


Jason kicks off the show with an amazing chronicle of what research shows how the New Testament and The Bible as we know it came into reality and it is now what we are told.

Original work of the New Testament was written long before the Bible we “know of” was produced. Around the 4th. Century B.C.

The Phoenix phenomenon happens every 138 years. The last time was 1902, when incredible devastation hit earth. The next cycle is 2040

The World’s Fairs, many of them did not happen as advertised.

Jesus was not crucified as advertised.

We are living in an artificial intelligent world that is not solid.

With the firmament above we can not leave this reality in our body

Everything is a hologram, a simulation

Where is this stationary earth located.

Rockets are just made up.

'Jason Breshears | Amazing Details from the Pyramids to the Bible Prove That Much of What We’ve Been Told Is Wrong | July 3, 2023' have 8 comments

  1. July 5, 2023 @ 9:42 am Rich



  2. July 8, 2023 @ 6:40 pm Lawrence

    Jason Breshears, said that his case of covid was identical to radiation poisonings. I was living in Chicago through the whole covid event. I am also electro-magnetic sensitive.
    all or nearly the houses and building is Chicago have smart meter connected to them. Most of the time at least three. one for the gas, electric and water.
    I noticed that about 2 o’clock in the morning they regularly increase the radiation emitted on these meters. Our rapid transit system for some unknown reason installed a WIFI system on all the local buses and trains.
    during the beginning of the covid period the buses, trains, electric, gas and water smart meters all increased there radiation out put and during so called riots and marches the radiation output was even higher.


    • July 10, 2023 @ 11:35 am Trevor Smith

      Covid/viruses are a myth, so Jason WAS suffering from EMF/EF/RF poisoning. For sure, the perps cranked up smart meters, wi-fi (installed in schools under ‘Covid’ cover), plus the ‘Covid-virus source’ in Wuhan, China, was the first city there to roll out operational 5G. Add-in the propaganda, mania and 24/7 indoctrination 2020-2022, and most people thought they were coming down with Covid: for the slightest ailment or self-detoxification, commonly known as ‘colds/flu’.


    • August 7, 2023 @ 12:54 pm Valerie

      This is what I thought for a long time, I even looked up radiation poisoning symptoms – the same symptoms as C19. My daughter & I were getting sick at least a year before C19 was announced in 2020 (dizzy spells (me), really painful headaches, sore chest/throats & vomiting). I was getting radiation poisoning way back in 2016, now that I think about it when they rolled the 4G in Alberta. It’s the first time I carried a cell phone on me too.


  3. July 9, 2023 @ 2:41 pm Petrus

    Since Breshears occasionally brings up the ancient Rishis as a solid source of wisdom, I will post the following excerpt that I found about them:

    “There is plenty of evidence in Indian scriptures that in ancient times, India was spiritually and technologically highly developed… The ancient Rishis were right on many issues.

    For example the credit for the discovery of the earth going around the sun should be given to the Vedic Rishis and not to Copernicus, who lived only a few hundred years ago. Or the credit for the discovery of the solar spectrum of colours and the cosmic rays should be given to them and not to Newton and Hess respectively. Here are a few samples of what a Vedic pandit had written down:

    Earth goes around the sun – Rg Veda 10. 22. 14. and Yajur Veda 3. 6.
    Sun neither rises nor sets – Atraya Brahman 3’44 and Gopatha Brahman 2’4’10.
    Sun and whole universe are round – Yajur Veda 20. 23
    Moon is enlightened by the sun – Yajur Veda 18, 20.
    There are many suns – Rg Veda 9. 114. 3.
    Seven colours in the sun – Atharva Veda 7. 107. 1.
    Electromagnetic field, conversion of mass and energy – Rg 10. 72.”

    For what it’s worth, especially since electromagnetism has been increasingly discussed as an important element to factor in, but also to challenge the notion of a non-spherical earth. Always good to keep in mind that while we can be correct in many assumptions, we may also be incorrect in just as many. In any case, I will stay tuned — and thanks Patrick for the continued and fresh provocations…


  4. July 9, 2023 @ 7:49 pm Guyfranke

    Excellent question Patrick …. “why lie about it”.
    Anyway, everything is stationary in the universe yet we have seasons and see the sun’s arc change on the horizon and night celestial skies change.
    We have hotter periods called summer and colder periods called winter
    We fear asteroids moving through space and potentially colliding with our planet
    We have satellites in orbit and mega radio telescopes telling us that things and positions do change


  5. August 7, 2023 @ 12:46 pm Valerie

    I was just thinking this morning that the return of Jesus has actually been switched out from the return of the Phoenix. This falsification of the return of Jesus makes sense when Jesus is replaced with the Phoenix.


    • September 1, 2023 @ 7:28 pm "Livin ... Letting Live"

      That’s An Interesting Observation / Proposition. Kind Regards ( 2 Sept. ’23 ) From The “Far East”


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