Jason Christoff

Physical Limits Fitness

Jason started Physical Limits Fitness in 1994 at the age of 24. He has written over 1000 health articles, with hundreds appearing in many newspapers across Canada. Jason has been interviewed recently by several US radio stations regarding his principles on healthy living. Jason was also invited to speak on health topics on The CBS Morning Show and also appeared briefly on the Dr. Phil Show featuring fitness trainers from across North America. Jason is currently writing a book tabulating the steps that he used to lead a healthy and addiction free life.

Jason specializes in exercise coaching, functional stretching, self sabotage, healthy living principles, overcoming addiction, weight loss, healing while facing a health crisis and small business start up consulting. Jason believes that health is about developing habits based in self love and self respect, as a way to propel one through life in a successful way.

Show highlights:

Why do a lot of people spend their lifetimes not doing what they want to do

How the subconscious mind drives our actions

Why do some people have a problem losing weight? Jason gives an interesting answer that you’ve probably never heard before

The subconscious mind tells us that it’s dangerous to be better than the tribe which is why many stay mediocre

Hacking the mind through hypnosis; listening to messages at night , while sleeping when the mind is the most easily hacked

The reason the censorship is so strong right now is because the rulers know how the subconscious mind works and uses it to their advantage

We ask Jason what he thinks is going on with this COVID-19 crisis; regular death has been documented as irregular; basically, this whole thing has been a big plandemic, existing only inside the television

Humans are batteries and the system doesn’t have a enough battery power so they are tricking us to enslave ourselves, which will eventually kill us. Jason compares the whole psychology to that of a Kamikaze pilot

How alcohol steals your energy

There’s a hole in your face called a mouth – don’t put poisons in it

Jason believes Bill Gates and Fauci are both evil and psychopathic

Jason gives his take on circumcision

TV is like a vampire

Jason Christoff on thinking and acting out of the ego/subconscious mind is a recipe for disaster, May 26, 2020

'Jason Christoff – Why We Get Stuck; Moving Beyond the Mediocre – May 26, 2020' have 2 comments

  1. May 27, 2020 @ 5:53 am Jason Christoff

    This is Jason Christoff – please help us fund the lawsuit against the federal government and Ontario provincial govenrment in Canada. https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/in-the-news/vcc-announces-legal-action/


  2. June 2, 2020 @ 3:17 am Peter

    Very good show this one. Jason has some interesting ideas! Thanks! ….and thank you Patrick for your work in general!


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