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Jeff Primack, an active student of Qigong since 1996, joined us this morning for an inspirational interview on self healing with Qigong and food. Qigong heals because of its powerful effect on Blood Circulation. Imagine circulating more blood standing still relaxed (barely moving) than from a two mile jog! No other form of exercise can do this. Because the body is relaxed during this profound circulation, blood flow can move into the microcirculation of the brain, intestines and endocrine glands.

Food for healing: Most diseases are reversible with food. However, just eating healthy is not enough. The real secret lies in using “specific foods for specific diseases”. For example, kiwi is quick to help reverse Asthma, which we’ve seen hundreds of our students reverse within 1 week of following the Asthma food protocol.Asthma is a completely unnecessary disease and is nutritionally caused. Other diseases like Arthritis & Diabetes are also frequently reversed with common foods. This information can dramatically change medicine as we know it.

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  1. February 11, 2020 @ 4:20 am guest

    I think it’s not nice Patrick got annoyed by the second called probably because some of his friends are into that whole foods thing.. I too am of the same opinion as the caller. I agree that if you have your own homestead or whatever, then it’s better, still, the ground and the air are contaminated with all these residue chemicals that I do not believe it makes that much difference. Even D. Stetzer said ground is all electricity returning back. I remember a youtube video a guy made – he put current in the bonsai tree pot and over time the trees acquired a more of a freakish stature. Same ground, same electricity organic or not. What works for me though has less to do with foods but more with serene thoughts, smiling at the sun, deep breathing, A LOT of spring water and cardio exercise to make me sweaty.

    This podcast overall was probably one of the more interesting ones. The first caller was also very interesting, you could hear the calm in his voice. Patrick should invite him on his show. I’ll have to check out his book.


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