Jenna Shaputis and Brien Bennett

History of Terra Preta

Biochar & Organic Gardening

Jenna is Lithuanian and has always had her hands in the soil and textiles, off the beaten path. Brien has been and independent arborist for 35 years and has a vast collection of gas engines, farming equipment including a portable sawmill. 

They dig traditional methods of small scale farming and land stewardship. They discovered the biochar solution, along the way, with history of Terre Prete. The Secret Of Eldorado – TERRA PRETA

Jenna and Brien have always questioned conventional thinking and history, seeing the relationship of communitarian ethos permeating the world by law, commerce, health, and academia and it’s obfuscated.

They see the results of U.N sustainable mandates changing all society.

What is Biochar and why and how do we use it to juice up our vegetables.

The material has a great deal of value as it sucks up toxins from land and water

Thee are 55 uses for BioChar and as such is a valuable commodity

There are weather manipulators and Biochar can be used to thrive during these times

Biochar is calcified carbon and keeps nutrients and moisture in the soil

The recommend we watch “The secret of Terra Preta”

And how this technology is used in the Amazon and the Secret of Eldorado

Less water is needed when charcoal is used as a medium to have a place for the roots to hang onto

This process can bring more minerals  into the vegetables by adding urine, sea minerals and azomate, green sand,

Urine is loaded with all sorts goodies that inoculates the BioChar for all kinds of benefits for soil an vegetables.

One can use a refractometer to prove and quantify quality in the vegetables.

What is the Communitarianism nightmare that is currently in vogue

Brien explains what Communitarianism form of global governance is where the world is going and RFK Jr. is promoting this

One World Government is where this movement is driving toward.

There’s some really spooky stuff going on with influencing Presidents for crony capitalism

'Jenna Shaputis and Brien Bennett | The History of Biochar and It’s Amazing Benefits in Gardening | May 29, 2023' has 1 comment

  1. June 1, 2023 @ 8:38 pm Eric

    When I make my charcoal, AKA biochar for soil conditioning, not water filtration. I keep in mind the burn density value is important… When my coals are just right, generally when 20% of my original fire pieces are 20% Ash and 80% reddish/orange/ white fired coal…
    I extinguish them into a vat of rainwater that I have predisolved what I want in there…. One good solution I use, a whole day’s worth of heavy eating and drinking of healthy things… Saving all the liquids from the hose end, wink wink, Shilajit, sea salt, a forms of nitrogen potassium and phosphorus and I take the 20% wood ash and use that for potash makes a gooden.


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