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Jerry Thomas is an electronics engineer who worked in Silicon Valley for many years and was involved with researching, inventing and developing many “normal” and unusual electronic products.  With a good technical background, he branched into developing innovative and breakthrough technical products.  In 1994, he was inspired to design and build an unusual device that charged up with a mysterious, anomalous form of energy.  The warm energy flowed out of the device, entered his body and healed him in about a minute.  He called his incredible device the Luma Coil.  Healing music is played through the coil and a mysterious energy is generated.  Also, crystals and other minerals are used with the device to enhance the experience.  This is a disclosure.  This kind of breakthrough energetic healing is something that the public needs to know more about and JT is starting to share more about his miraculous healing technology with the public.  JT has continued his quest to develop unusual and breakthrough technology and he met up and worked with many other exotic and esoteric inventors, engineers, scientist and savants.  Early on, JT was a developer of the LED red light healing technology and of course now it is a widely recognized technology for numerous health enhancements.


Show highlights:

-Lost fear of dying after earth-shaking out-of-body experience listening to music in 1987.

-Received telepathic guidance on how to build the Luma Coil.  Had been unknowingly accumulating the parts for years.

-After he plugged the device in to the outlet of a musical device and ran full-length musical passages through the device, he entered a 3-D holographic state.

-After working on the device for many months, he came home unable to speak because of a throat ailment and ran the Luma Coil.  A physical energy came out of the device and healed him in less than a minute.

-This show is the first public revelation of this device.  He had received guidance that it’s time to let the collective consciousness know about the Luma Coil.

-Jerry has allowed a couple of people to experience the Luma Coil.  He’s built 2 versions; one version was built in a box based on the concepts of the biblical Ark of the Covenant.  Had so much energy he nearly passed out.

-How can the God force be manifested in a physical device?

-We are a connected universe.  There is an energetic connection between living and non-living things.  A crystal is an integral part of the Luma Coil and has properties similar to living beings.  Crystals are extraordinary.  They are part of spirit.

-Combining frequencies of sounds with inanimate metals and crystals can power them.

-Experience of UFOs flying soundlessly over him in Sedona less than 100 feet above him, after telepathically giving him prior notice to expect that.  JT had requested the experience.

-How do you know you were working with the good spirits?  Jerry has found them to be always loving and of a high nature.

-JT had contact with John Denver on the other side in a dream vision.  JT was down and wishing that day that he wasn’t here.  He shares on ORN the words John Denver gave him for a song called  “Another Day”.   First public release of those words.

-JT realizes his stories sound like fantasies, but he affirms they’re very real.

-Organic sulfur is not available in capsules.

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Jerry Thomas on cool healing machine and more, July 13, 2017

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    Peace happiness and prosperity and good health to you JT on your upcoming birthday loves Paula and Mike


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